What to do if water gets in the ears: how to remove and get rid of it, if it comes out

What to do if ear is exposed to water?

In the summer, when the season of swimming in lakes or ponds, often in the ear canal gets water. This factor can happen when regular maintenance of hygiene in the bathroom. If water gets in your ear and not out please accept urgent measures, and in extreme cases, consult a doctor.

If the fluid is not timely removed, it can stagnate in the ear passage and trigger a favourable flora for the development and reproduction of bacteria. So, what to do if water gets in the ears, serious question. This will absolutely lead to otitis media or other severe ear infections.

Fluid in the ears

Understand that the ear is exposed to water can be based on several factors. Usually at this time, patients are tormented by nasal congestion, sudden hearing loss and feeling of gurgling in the ear canal.

If water is not eliminated immediately, in the future, patients begin to complain of sharp shooting pain and discomfort in the head and also there is an increase in body temperature and the appearance of extraneous sounds.

At this time, it is necessary to take urgent measures. The hearing aid person is in close proximity to the brain and other vital organs.

Dysfunction of the ear apparatus from the patient can begin a serious health problems and adaptation in the modern world.

It is known that fluid from the outer passage most often emerges by itself, but if moisture gets into the ear canal or to the middle area, there is a serious risk of complications. But this case can only occur with perforation of the tympanic membrane, and also due to the anatomical features of the body.

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In other cases, the water freely leaves the ear apparatus itself.

How to get rid of water in ear

As from the ear to remove water in the home without harm for health? If the water in the ears can not leave the ear alone, you must do some exercise that will contribute to a favorable outcome.

  1. To start a dry cloth, wipe the ear and the external part of the ear canal.
  2. Then you need to take a deep breath and exhale.
  3. Then repeat the procedure, only with a closed mouth.

With the right moves you will hear a click in the ear and recovery of hearing acuity.

Massage for getting rid of moisture

If this method proved to be ineffective, tilt your head to one side and make rotational movements with the hand on the outside shell. Thus, you will provoke the appearance of pressure, which will push the liquid from the ear canal.

However, the easiest way is the following method:

  1. Stand on one leg and put your head to the side.
  2. Make a few jumps.

Important rule: if the water in the right ear, jump on the right foot if the left side change the leg.

Yawning and other gymnastics

If for some reason you cannot jump, lie on one side, and under the head lay a towel.

In this position, you must do an imitation of chewing, followed by a deep yawn. Water with such manipulation quickly leaves the ear.

How to remove water from the ear medicine

If these methods prove ineffective, then try the next option. First, you need to tilt your head to one side, the ear in which water is present on top.

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It is preliminary necessary to warm up a few drops of boric alcohol.

If this ingredient was not at home, replace the drug medical alcohol.

Drip alcohol-containing substance in the ears and keep the posture for five minutes.

When combining alcohol and moisture, water will evaporate within a few minutes.

For improved effect, after this procedure, enter into the ear turunda soaked in tea tree oil. In the absence of this ingredient, replace the oil in the olive oil.

If you implement the above procedures you feel pain, probably, in the ears formed cerumen. When in contact with water it swells and fills more than fifty percent of the ear canal.

In this case, it is recommended to wash the ear or to purchase Remo-wax or cerumen And. These drops will help to dissolve the sulfur deposits and to withdraw water.


Do not leave water in my ears for a long time. Therefore, when planning a beach holiday take a turundy soaked in olive oil. Enter them in the ears after each bath.

It is especially important to follow this rule when bathing the kids because children especially often dive under the water.

With a strong immune system the water in the ears can cause serious complications, but it is better to anticipate than to continue to undergo prolonged courses of treatment.