What to do if you have sinusitis: how to treat if the inflammation begins

Than starting to treat sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a disease in the region of the paranasal sinuses. The disease develops on the background of acute respiratory inflammation due to hypothermia or to infections of sinusitis. To notice the beginning of the inflammatory process by characteristic symptoms. In the first days of the disease patients complain of heavy mucous and sticky discharge, headaches, loss of appetite, fever, congestion in the nasal passages and other symptoms.

In this process it is important to know what to do, if you begin a sinus infection and the timely initiation of treatment. If the patient ignores the first signs of the disease, the disease of the maxillary sinuses can cause the formation of more serious processes. Sinusitis can cause meningitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the head, loss of memory or hearing.

Causes and symptoms of sinusitis

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is considered to be one of the most common ailments in the world. Sinusitis starts in the background goes untreated rhinitis or due to penetration of virus in the upper respiratory tract.

Unwanted processes can occur due to anatomical congenital disorders of nasal structures or due to the formation of benign tumors, including polyps, cysts, or tumors.

Remember! Often sinusitis occurs against a background of allergic reactions to flowering, animal hair or prolonged use of medications.

In addition, the cause of the disease may lie in the complication after the recent infectious disease or due to the weakening of the immune system.

Sinusitis usually makes itself known pronounced symptoms. At first the patient can torment severe signs of intoxication:

  • loss of smell;
  • pain in the head;
  • a feeling of pressure in the bridge of the nose;
  • swelling of mucous membrane;
  • discomfort inside the nose;
  • watery eyes;
  • many selection;
  • purulent accumulations.


At the initial stage of inflammation of sinusitis, the patient notes a painful symptoms. During their education, you must try to complete the diagnosis. To obtain the tests you can’t take any medication. Doctors advise to perform the following procedures:

  1. Ventilate the room every hour.
  2. Set in a residential location a humidifier or vases with clean water.
  3. Hold wet cleaning in the house every day.
  4. Remove from the sleeping area and all items that may accumulate dust.
  5. If the apartment Pets give to their relatives or friends.
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Such methods will not save you from disease, but will help you feel better.


If inflammation of the sinusitis, but the opportunity to visit a doctor in the near future, you can carry out the treatment at home. In the treatment you need to reduce swelling, to remove mucus, suppress all signs of inflammation.

For improvement of outflow discharge at the initial stage can use the heat of the sinuses. This method can be forbidden during the acute stage of sinusitis, but if you notice the first symptoms and immediately used the heat treatment, you can expect a good result.

To warm the nasal path only in the dry way. That is, as a lotion it is best to use admixtures of salt, flour or grains. In addition, moxibustion can hold eggs.

Important! Another way to influence the disease – blue light. It is believed that this method can save the patient from sinusitis at the earliest stages.

For a speedy recovery to swipe at least three of the procedure within thirty minutes.

Cleansing the nasal passages

To rid the nasal passages from accumulations of mucus and dirt, the patient should wash the nose every three hours. This method will allow to deduce the pathogenic flora of the sinuses and to stop the beginning of the inflammatory process.

For the rehabilitation of sinus use the following medication «other means», «Dolphin», «no-Sol», «Aqua Maris», «Humer» and others. But ready means for washing, you can use decoctions of herbs or salt solutions.

Irrigation of the sinuses should be carried out before full recovery.


At the initial stage, doctors can advise to hold the inhalation. Inhalation of medicinal decoctions will help to improve the flow of mucus and clear the airway.

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As an ingredient it is best to use flower, chamomile, mother and stepmother, mint, St. John’s wort, the roots of raspberries, pour oak. When conducting inhalation to choose a drug must be based on the characteristics of the organism and possible allergic reactions.

The liquefy secretions

At the beginning of the disease the patient is tormented by a feeling of pressure in the nose. This symptom indicates the accumulation of mucous secretion in the sinus okolonosovyh. To thin out and print selection, you need to use special drugs.

In this case, doctors recommend the use of mucolytics — «Rinofluimutsil» and «Fluimucil». They will reduce the viscosity of secretions and facilitate prompt removal of mucus.

In addition, it is important to establish permanent drainage. Use the medication plant-based – «Sinuforte». The drug normalizes the allocation and eliminate edema in the mucosa.

The outflow of mucous secretions

In addition to washing, frequent bismarckiana and inhalation, the patient must help the nasal pathways to restore functions of the mucous membrane. Find out what to treat sinusitis beginning in this case:

  • «Nazivin»;
  • «Otrivin»;
  • «Sanorin»;
  • «Naphazoline»;
  • «Glycine».

They will improve the patency of the pathways and remove mucus. But to use such medications only three days. Therefore, the continuing education of the secretions is necessary to pass diagnostics.

Immunostimulatory drugs

After the removal of mucus and cleanse the sinus pathways, it is important to strengthen the immune system of the patient. It is not enough to eat fruits and vegetables. In addition to changing the diet, the patient is assigned immunostimulatory drugs.

Agents of animal origin enhance the immunity, improve the functions of the nasal passages and increase the protective functions of the organism.

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The most effective means considered «Milayf», «Derinat», «Tonsilgon», «Echinacea Geksal».

Further treatment

If these methods above do not help, and the patient’s condition is deteriorating, you should pay attention to the color selections. In the formation of green or yellow snot, it is important to urgently develop a more comprehensive treatment, such as symptom signals the start of bacterial development.

  1. In bacterial lesions of the paranasal sinuses patients need broad-spectrum antibiotics. In this case, doctors prescribe medicines penicillin and drugs of the cephalosporin and macrolides.
  2. In some cases, doctors prefer a more gentle remedies and prescribed a combination of drops «Izofra», «Bioparox» or «Polideksa».
  3. In viral disease treatment involves only the intake of antiviral medications – «Anaferon», «he needs therapy with valtrex», «Viferon», «Grippferon», and others.
  4. In the case of fungal infection the patient is prescribed «Nystatin», «Levorin», «Pimafucin», «Amphotericin b», «Ketoconazole».

If the treatment proved ineffective, the patient can assign surgery.

Prevention of sinusitis

To sinusitis you walked side, the patient needs to strengthen the immune system of the body. To do this, watch your diet, try is more time in the fresh air, plenty of rest, exercise.

One should be wary of hypothermia, in a timely manner to treat acute respiratory diseases, to take vitamins and supplements.