What to douche with erosion of the cervix: tips and recipes

Many modern women have heard about the benefits of vaginal douches in the treatment of various gynecological diseases. Douching is a mechanical method of introducing into the cavity of the vagina, the special medical preparations or decoctions of herbs, resulting in internal cleansing of the genitals, the normalization condition of the mucous surface of the uterus and its cervix. That is why medicinal douching is recommended to include in the main course of treatment for many gynecological diseases such as cervical erosion.

Cervical erosion – this diagnosis is almost every third woman of childbearing age, who came to the reception to the gynecologist. Most often pathology develops without any pronounced symptoms and are diagnosed accidentally, so many women may not even be aware of the inflammatory process in pelvic organs.

What is a cervical erosion? This pathological deformity of the mucosa that covers the surface of the cervix. The basis of the erosive process is the pathological change in the epithelium in the vaginal part of the cervix, which is accompanied by tissue growth cervical canal. The mucous surfaces are formed painful, bleeding wounds and ulcers that increase in size and can lead to loss of reproductive organs its main function.

Despite the fact that cervical erosion refers to benign processes, this disease can lead to serious fertility problems, as well as to provoke the emergence of malignant neoplasms. Therefore, erosion of the uterus necessarily need to be treated. Traditional medicine offers many recipes and methods of treatment of gynecological diseases, one of which is medicinal douching with cervical erosion. What is best to douche with erosion of the uterus?

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Douching washes and soda in of cervical erosion

  1. Folk medicine recommends to women to douche calendula. This medicinal plant has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing effect, promoting rapid healing of wounds and ulcers on the mucosal surface of the cervix. For irrigation it is necessary to pour a Cup of boiling water 4 tablespoons of calendula flowers, freshly picked, give a means to infuse under the lid for at least an hour, then use a calendula infusion daily for douching.
  2. An effect has the drug tea and alcohol tincture of propolis. Preparing a remedy for douching is very simple – you need to mix 3 tablespoons of flowers plants and the same amount of alcohol tinctures of propolis, and then pour the thoroughly mixed components two cups of boiling water. After the mixture rises, it is used for douching.
  3. Also folk medicine recommends to mix in an enamel or glass pot 2 – 3 tablespoons of freshly picked and pre-crushed marigold flowers with 500 ml of vodka. Then the mixture must be left in a dark and dry place for two weeks to draw. Before use in the infusion it is recommended to pour boiled water at room temperature in a ratio of 1:7. To use for everyday douches.
  4. For effective treatment of cervical erosion, you can use not only fresh calendula, but also alcohol tincture of this plant, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. One teaspoon of alcohol tinctures to be poured into a glass of cool boiled water and apply the mixture to conduct douching.
  5. Not less than a simple but extremely effective way of helping to accelerate the treatment of cervical erosion – douching soda. It should be noted that the opinions of gynecologists regarding douching with baking soda is quite controversial, but many of them believe that the soda treatment is effectiveness and efficiency. For preparation of a medical solution we need to dissolve one teaspoon of ordinary baking soda in a liter of boiling water, and after the mixture has cooled slightly, it can be used for vaginal douching. Douching with baking soda have excellent antibacterial effect, and prevent the penetration of infection in the affected tissue erosion.
  6. To treat even advanced forms of cervical erosion folk medicine recommends to take a course of soda-saline douching. To do this in one liter of boiled water to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of regular table salt. After cooling, a solution of salt and soda is used for douching.
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Effective douching in the treatment of erosion

No less effective folk remedy in the fight against this gynecological disease is considered a broad-leaved saxifrage. For the preparation of medicinal decoction will require the roots of the plants that you need to carefully grind through the grinder. Two tablespoons of chopped root broad-leaved bergenia should be placed in a pot with 200 ml of hot water for 30 minutes to simmer. After cooling, the decoction is used as a medicinal solution for douching. Similarly, preparing a decoction of wormwood, or celandine, which are common for the treatment of cervical erosion.

In advanced stages of the erosive process is recommended to be treated by douches of bedstraw. Tear the plant, rinse it under running water, chop the stems and flowers, then place 4 tablespoons of bedstraw in a container with 400 ml of boiling water. Let the mix steep for at least 5 – 6 hours, after which it is filtered and used for daily douching. The duration of treatment is 10 to 14 days.

Natural honey has been famous for its unique healing properties, thus found wide application in the treatment of many gynecological diseases. Was no exception and cervical erosion. Dissolve a tablespoon of quality honey in a Cup of boiling water, and after the honey water has cooled to room temperature, printouts it.

For the treatment of many diseases of the female genitalia used pine buds. You’ll need freshly harvested pine buds in the amount of one tablespoon, which must be placed in a pot with a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath. The pine broth should be writing a rolling boil no more than 5 minutes, after which it should be filtered from the kidneys and use for douching.

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