What to drink with a yeast infection in women?

Today, there are so many different drugs for the treatment of thrush. There are more and more antifungal pills, creams, gels and suppositories. But what funds to choose, if so many of them? You need to know the names of the medications of thrush and to understand how they are made.

What are the cure for thrush?

Of drugs against of thrush a lot, so you need to understand which groups of drugs exist and how they affect the body.

Antifungal agents of yeast infection are distributed into 2 groups depending on ways of use:

  • Local medications of thrush is the creams, pills, suppositories and suppositories. Local tools have their advantages: they are safe, they do not appear to be addictive, they can create a high concentration of active substances that have little adverse reactions. But the disadvantages are also available. For example, if the localization of the fungus found in the gastrointestinal tract, local antifungal agents will be ineffective. Medicines such effect (cream, gel, suppositories and tablets) to be injected deeply in the lying position into the vagina 1 a day preferably before bedtime. If the designated use of the drug 2 times a day, the procedure is performed in the morning and before bed. The treatment lasts around 7 days, in chronic form, the treatment takes a longer period. Usually, the mild form of candidiasis local treatment is enough.
  • System tools against candidiasis is the medications for thrush that you need to take into tablets (capsules). Active enzymes are absorbed and dissolved in the blood. The benefits of such drugs – the impact spreads to other infection (GIT) as well as for fungi that are on the mucous tissues of the vagina. The drawbacks are that they have many adverse reactions and have high toxicity, and hepatotoxicity. Typically, these drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. An exception may be low-toxic, but ineffective Pimafucin. Systemic medications are used if local treatment doesn’t work, or candidiasis is recurrent in nature and appears more frequently than 4 times a year.

The effect on pathogenic fungi antifungal medicines are:

  • fungicidal effects directly affect the fungus and provoke their death. Often this drug of local character, in their application there is a high concentration of the drug and this is enough to destroy the fungi.
  • fungistatic effects – suppress active replication of the fungus, disrupting the synthesis of their individual substances, which is necessary for the formation of cell membranes. New fungi will not be formed, but existing ones are not lost.
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The most appropriate treatment is a complex medical event.

Local drugs to treat candidiasis

Topical antifungal drugs are divided into 5 groups.

Antifungal drugs – azoles

They are able to block the synthesis of ergosterol – the main component of the cell membrane of the fungus. Without it, violated her integrity, and fungi are killed.

These include:

  • Butokonazol;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Fenticonazole;
  • The isoconazole;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • Miconazole.

These drugs have the identical mechanism of action and have approximately the same performance.

Polyene antibiotics

For treatment is rarely used, they are ineffective.

These include:

  • Natamycin;
  • Nystatin (in modern times used rarely – is not productive).


A compound of iodine. Contraindications – pregnancy and violations of thyroid gland function. Can affect the formation of the thyroid gland in the fetus.

Drugs the combined type, which contain antibiotics and hormones

These include:

  • Klion D;
  • Terginan;
  • Poliginaks.

To take antibiotics for thrush is not recommended, as they affect the normal microflora of the vagina.

Borax in glycerol 5-10%

It is an ineffective cure for yeast infection in women.

Systemic medications of candidiasis

Antifungal drugs systemic exposure to are divided into 3 groups.

The azoles systemic effects

  • Fluconazole. If the form of candidiasis is light, enough to drink fluconazole 150 milligrams 2 times a day with a break of 3 days. When recurrent yeast infection after 2-fold reception of assign 150 mg 1 times per 7 days for six months. There is another scheme: you need to drink 150 milligrams 2 weeks 1 every 3 days.
  • Ketoconazole. Dosage: 200 milligrams a day or 400 milligrams 1 time per day during meals. The course of therapy is 7 days. Tablets have only fungistaticeski effect, but local therapy gel, cream and suppositories create a concentration of 1% is enough to cope with the disease.
  • Intrakonazol – cure thrush in women. You need to drink 200 milligrams 2 times 1 day or 200 milligrams 1 time per day for 3 days. In chronic candidiasis — 200 mg 2 times a day for 7 days and then for 6 cycles — 200 milligrams on the first day of menstruation.
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Polyene antibiotics

  • Natamycin – low performance;
  • Nystatin is ineffective;
  • Amphotericin b is an effective remedy for thrush is only used when a very dangerous fungal infection is considered to be very toxic.

When you use these drugs to take care of the protection of the liver from their toxic effects.

Candida Clear (Caprylic acid)

It belongs to the group of fatty acids. Caprylic acid inhibits the multiplication of yeast fungi and supports healthy flora in the digestive tract. Means non-toxic.

Schema therapy candidiasis in women

Common treatment depends on the course and causes of disease.

  • First appeared candidiasis and its lightweight form. In such cases, as a rule, drugs help local impact: gel, creams, suppositories, tablets ketokonazolom. For example: If (vaginal tablets) 400 mg – 1 suppository a day for 5 days. Pimafucin — 1 suppository for 7 days. Possible occasional reception of Fluconazole inside. Sometimes you need to repeat after 3 days. Do not forget about the toxicity of the drug.
  • Recurrent candidiasis that occurs more than 4 times per year. In this case, applied a complex treatment. Cure yeast infection in women local influence – a gel, cream, tablets and candles. They administered 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Together with local therapy prescribed systemic medications: pills fluconazole inside for 10 days, then 1 capsule a week for six months. For example, If (for vaginal tablets of 400 milligrams) applied to 1 candle 2 times a day for 10 days. In parallel, prescribed fluconazole, the scheme described above.

A comprehensive treatment of both partners

If one of the partners of candidiasis treatment is recommended both in the prevention. If a woman discovered recurrent candidiasis, a man should be evaluated. In the presence of the fungus should undergo treatment.

For treatment pairs prescribed: both fluconazole — 150 milligrams, man, one, woman, after 3 days, repeat the reception. It is also necessary to use local medicines. Suppositories (clotrimazole) is a woman. Cream, gel clotrimazole — man. The duration of therapy depends on the form of thrush. During treatment it is better to refuse from intimacy, the therapy will really help.

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What you need to pay attention before the treatment of candidiasis

Before starting treatment with drugs of yeast infection you need to remember about the contraindications and adverse reactions, take care about the protection of the liver and kidneys from the effects of drugs. Sometimes reception of such drugs is unreasonable or impractical, so you should compare the possible risks.

Before you start your treatment from the thrush, you need to consider:

  • Do not take any woman recently anti-bacterial tablets or hormones or contraceptives? They can cause a decrease in immune functions and disrupt the normal microflora of the vagina.
  • Not too many woman consume carbohydrates that have a positive effect on active growth of the fungus?
  • Not does a woman’s too frequent douching? It helps to wash away good bacteria from the vagina.
  • Do not exceed normal levels the blood sugar? You need to take the test. Often indicates a yeast infection at the early stage of diabetes. Proper nutrition and diet can positively affect the treatment process.

Remember that the medications of yeast infection in women should appoint a doctor who matches all «for» and «against», as well as the effectiveness of the chosen drug. He will explain exactly at what time and in what doses to take medicine. Dear women, remember that only the right treatment will help to permanently eliminate the problem.