When cold and toothache: why it hurts and what to do

What if the common cold sore teeth?

Many people know firsthand about the pain in my teeth for colds. Usually the pain appears while receiving cold fluid, in the wind, drafty, with long walks in the cold period of the year, in the case of swimming in the cool water. Discomfort in teeth may occur as an independent inflammation, but with a cold pain mouth feels much sharper.

To get rid of unpleasant and sensitive reactions, you can use anti-inflammatory and pain medications. But if the patient hurts and sharp throbbing sensations, first we need to figure out why my teeth hurt in the cold.

Can hurt a tooth from the cold

The feeling of pain in teeth with cold familiar to many people. Unpleasant and itching sensation may occur after walking during the cool season or contact of the teeth with cold food. Sometimes the reason for pain is to walk in wet shoes or in connection with bathing in too cold water.

Such signs can enhance the pain with a cold or become the underlying cause of the disease. Regardless of the factors of formation of unpleasant sensations, the patient should contact the dentist. If tooth sensitivity seen as a result of a viral or infectious lesions of the body, the patient is assigned a drug treatment with antivirals, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The reason for the increase sensitivity of the teeth with an infectious or viral inflammation lies in the immune system of the patient. If it is weakened, the patient should raise the level of protective functions by means of vitamins and mineral complexes.

Inflammation of ternary nerve

Another cause of pain in the teeth lies in the defeat of a ternary nerve. This disease is usually formed on the background of viral inflammation. The first symptom of the disease is the pain and discomfort in the jaw, and also feeling aches in the lower part of the face.

Often the disease is accompanied by swelling of the face and swelling from the inflammatory process. Any attempts of taking food or liquid are accompanied by terrible pain.

Remember! When inflammation of ternary nerve the patient feels pain when you laugh or try to yawn.

Infection of the paranasal sinuses

Prolonged rhinitis in a patient may occur the lesion of the maxillary sinuses. During the development of the disease the pain in the teeth occurs only as one of the symptoms. In addition, the patient complains of a feeling of pressure between the eyebrows, swelling of the mucosa, pain when eating, shooting sensations in the head.

Infection of the paranasal sinuses can cause discomfort throughout the jaw. Often when this inflammation the patient are severe congestions which aggravate the root of the tooth.

If left untreated, the patient may form an abscess, a cyst, pulpitis. In this case, treatment involves surgical intervention.

How to cure inflammation in the maxillary sinuses here.

Respiratory disease

Catarrhal inflammation cause discomfort throughout the respiratory system. Primarily affects the sinuses and the mucous membrane of the nasal passages. Mucosa covered part a large amount of viscous secretion, which disrupts breathing through the nose and causes nasal congestion.

Accumulation of fluid in the nasal pathways causing the pressure in the cavity of the organ of respiration. This symptom causes pain in the teeth, which the patients complain of discomfort and itching in the upper jaw.

Other reasons

In some cases, pain occurring against a background of non-communicable diseases. Such reasons include dryness in the mouth. It can appear as a result of illness or due to excessively dry air in the living room.

In addition, the patient may breathe through the mouth because of nasal congestion the nasal passages. This process also causes the pathological process which causes pain.

Lack of moisture in the oral cavity leads to the fact that food, including sugar and acid are deposited on the surface of the teeth. The process causes the destruction of the integrity of the tooth and severe pain.

Remember! To get rid of unpleasant symptoms after drinking a glass of warm water or tea without sugar.

Another reason to include signs of severe intoxication. The effects of a cold or flu is dangerous to the health of the patient. They lead to the formation of the patient in the amount of acid in the stomach that goes up the esophagus. To get rid of it is possible only through vomiting.

The rest of the acid in the mouth can erode the enamel surface, which becomes the main reason for the unkempt feeling. Therefore, in the long cold need daily rinse your mouth with plain water or a solution of salt and baking soda.

Violation of the rules of hygiene

With long-term rhinitis and colds the patient is very tired and exhausted. Therefore, some rules of hygiene can be violated, which is a big mistake each patient.

Lack of cleanliness in the oral cavity causes a number of unpleasant and painful sensations. So don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day.


To get rid of a toothache, the patient should determine the cause of its formation. At the time of determining factors in the formation of the disease should stick to some recommendations.

Pain in teeth with cold indicate an insufficient amount of vitamin C. Therefore, if you have question, what if the common cold sore teeth, first take care of oral hygiene and the intake of vitamin complexes.

During treatment, exclude the acceptance of aggressive liquids, including acidic and sugary drinks. In addition, the patient should not be taken too cold or too hot meals.

The treatment of ternary nerve

When inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, the doctor will prescribe antibiotic therapy and a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. At the same time it is useful to treatment with physiotherapy, in particular, by using electrophoresis and UHF procedures.

The most popular drug for the treatment of inflamed ternary nerve – Carbamazepine.

How is the treatment UHF-therapy, find out here.

In case of violation of functions of a joint of the patient is prohibited to use any method of alternative medicine, to warm the affected area, and is a long time in the cold.

Therapy in purulent secretions

When purulent accumulations, which became the main cause of pain teeth therapy directed at the underlying cause.

  1. For starters, the patient is prescribed daily rinsing with the following drugs: «Aqualor», «Aqua Maris», «Humer», «Marimer», «no-Sol», «Dolphin» and others.
  2. After the reorganization of the nasal passages in the nose should be drip vasoconstrictor drops «Naphazoline», «Nazivin», «Glycine», «Otrivin», and others.
  3. To ensure nasal breathing and reduce symptoms of inflammation, your doctor may prescribe a combination of drops – «Izofra», «Polideksa», «Bioparoks».
  4. To speed up the healing process, the patient hormones as needed – «Flixonase», «almost four years», «Nasonex», «Nasobek» and others.
  5. In the course of treatment includes antihistamines – «Allergodil», «Levocabastine», «Bromgeksin», «Sanorin»
  6. To neutralize the pain will help pain relief tablets «Dipyrone, «Ketanov», «Nise».

These drugs should be used within seven days. If after one week the patient feels better, the pus removed by surgery.

Treatment of inflammation with formation of purulent accumulations is as follows:

  1. First we need to excise the affected tissue.
  2. The doctor then cleans the mouth and removes all the accumulated pathogenic liquid.
  3. Then installed drainage, which will reduce pain.

Count on the fact that purulent sacs will dissolve on their own do not have to, so take measures immediately after of ill health.

Medicines to improve the health

During treatment it is important to strengthen the immune system. To do this, doctors prescribe the following drugs – «Imudon», «IRS-19», «Ribomunyl», «Likopid».

Until relieved, the patient should monitor their diet and take lot of warm water.

Daily caress the nose and mouth with fibrestore.

To reduce the pain the patient should use pain-relieving medications – «Allergy», «Analgin», «no-Spa». Pain relief tablets are best taken at night.

When pain in the teeth due to cold, you can apply compresses on the basis of «Lidocaine». If the drug was not use lotions. To do this, apply cold to the tooth for a few minutes. After that, the affected area should be administered swab dipped in tincture or Valerian calendula.

For reference! To get rid of pain fast, try to dissolve mints.


It is important to understand that the unpleasant sensations in the mouth for a cold – it is a dependent disease. Therefore, the whole course of treatment should be directed at the root cause of the formation of the disease.

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