Whistling nose when breathing in adults and children: causes and how to treat

How to treat a whistling nose when you exhale?

Inflammatory processes in the bronchi and lungs affect the respiratory system. With the passage of the air flow you can hear extraneous sounds in the form of a whistling or wheezing.

Consider the main causes and treatments in children and adults.

Causes of whistling when exhaling

There are several factors that can cause wheezing breath.

Bronchial asthma

The disease leads to spasm of the Airways. The patient in the breathing process there is a characteristic sound. To help the patient may need hospitalization.

Anaphylactic shock

When hit in the respiratory tract of certain substances, a person may experience an allergic reaction.

Anaphylactic shock develops quite quickly.

The disease is accompanied by swelling of the mucous membranes.

A violent reaction can start because of the bite of poisonous snakes or insects.

Severe swelling of the larynx represents a danger to humans. In severe cases can occur asphyxia.

Getting into the respiratory system foreign objects

Causes of whistling in the nose when breathing may threaten the patient’s life. Often find foreign objects in the respiratory tract of kids. Curious children learn surrounding objects, and can push them in the nasopharynx.

The overlap of the respiratory tract may cause death of the patient. We must act quickly to save man.

Important! Do not torture yourself to get a foreign object stuck in the nose and throat of the baby. This can lead to serious consequences. Leave the foreign body removal professionals.

Injury to the lungs

Whistling when breathing starts after lung injury. The cause of the injury can be an accident in the workplace, inhalation of fumes of the acid, mechanical impact on the internal organs. A patient with these symptoms needs emergency medical care.


The appearance of the extraneous noise may be due to infection by viruses and bacteria. During the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in a patient swollen mucous membranes. This limits the flow of air into the bronchi.

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There are acute and chronic bronchitis. Patients have bouts of dry cough.


The lower respiratory tract can cause whistling while breathing. The inflammatory process not only affects the trachea. The patient affects the bronchi and the larynx.

When examining patients quite often show signs of pharyngitis. In the throat of the patient starts to accumulate mucus, which makes breathing difficult.

Lung cancer

The tumor in the lung as growths can block the access of air to the bronchi. The person becomes difficult to breathe.

A patient suffering from cancer, is forced to make efforts in the respiration process. The emergence of a whistle – a symptom that may indicate the development of tumors in the respiratory system of the patient.

Whooping cough

Whooping cough in humans in the respiratory tract begins to accumulate mucus. It makes breathing difficult, as it narrows the lumen in which the body enters the air. To recognize the disease by convulsive cough due to violations of the structure of tissues.

Bad habits

Heavy smokers in airway mucus is produced. With a cough they are trying to get rid of viscous secretions containing large amounts of toxic substances.

Because of the constant Smoking affects the structure of the tissues of the nasopharynx. The emergence of the whistle indicates the presence of mucus, which complicates breathing.


To make an accurate diagnosis of a patient referred for a chest x-ray. To assess the condition of the tissues after the passage of spirography and pneumotachometry. Experts are studying the composition of a smear from the pharynx of the patient for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

The examination is blood and urine of the patient. If necessary, you may need a procedure computed tomography.

How to cure wheezing in children

For a start, a sick child is sent for diagnosis to determine the cause of the disease. The child whistling in the nose can be a sign of pulmonary edema.

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Get rid of the constant whistle with the help of inhalation. In particularly difficult cases may require artificial supply of oxygen.

When hit in respiratory ways of the kid foreign objects do not attempt to pull them yourself. Such actions can cause injury to the respiratory system. The child should as quickly as possible to get to a hospital.

Antibiotics at this age can lead to side effects. The baby disrupted the digestive system, as a means not only destroys harmful microorganisms. Antibiotics can cause dysbiosis.

Toddlers have not yet fully formed immune system. To speed recovery it is recommended that kids make the immunomodulators.

Be sure to consider the likelihood of allergies to the substances included in the composition of medicinal products.

The treatment of the disease in adult patients

How to treat a whistling nose when breathing in an adult? You can highlight several factors that can cause whistling while breathing:

  1. The presence of asthma and bronchitis.
  2. Injury to the respiratory system.
  3. Swelling of mucous because of allergies to substances present in the air.
  4. The fascination of bad habits that disturb the respiratory system.

To eliminate the symptoms of allergies through antihistamines (claritin, Zyrtec). To enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs is recommended to make inhalations. When the whistle patients need to give up bad habits.

In case of detection of bacterial infection the patient was prescribed antibiotics. To eliminate a virus need to take anti-viral drugs. From the whistle can be cured with antifungal remedies.

If the throat hit a foreign body need as quickly as possible to remove it from the respiratory tract of the patient. To this end, the doctor uses laryngoscope or bronchoscope.

The procedure is performed under General anesthesia. Due to the special tools, the technician removes the foreign object from the airway of the victim with minimal damage to mucous membranes.

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Cause extraneous noise when breathing in could be the presence of tumors. After the diagnosis of a patient’s tumor is sent for the operation. For the treatment of cancer pathologies can be used chemotherapy.

Treatment of patients who received chest trauma depends on the severity of the damage. The victims have swelling of the lungs, which may require emergency treatment.

The attack of asthma is accompanied by breathlessness. To alleviate the condition of the patient to ventilate the room. Restore breathing by using Salbutamol. This drug can be used during the inhalation.

To relieve symptoms of breathlessness paramedics administered patient injection Zofillia. If necessary, can be used corticosteroids (Dexamethasone, Prednisone).


The choice of treatment depends on the cause of the whistling during breathing. To deal with bacterial infection patients are prescribed antibiotics. To get rid of allergies through antihistamines.

To improve the discharge of phlegm that accumulates in the throat, you need to take mucolytics. The cause of the whistle may be the presence of tumors in the lungs of the patient. When treating such patients, surgical methods are used.