White and thick snot in infants: a treatment of the newborn

How to treat thick snot in infants?

To cure white snot in the newborn quite difficult, despite the fact that this is one of the most common diseases in childhood. Young mothers often complain of profuse discharge from the nose, but do not know how to treat thick snot in infants. First we need to establish the cause of the disease. There are many precipitating factors that can cause disease in the nasal cavity of the baby. Therefore, the formation of such a problem, consult the pediatrician.

Rhinitis the baby becomes a big problem. An adult patient can blow his nose and apply any vasoconstrictor. However, for the treatment of infants, such methods are not suitable. Due to the development of the disease and lack of treatment, the patient may form a number of complications. In most cases, they are dangerous to the health of the newborn. To avoid the risk of inflammation of more serious illnesses, start treatment thick mucus in infants in a timely manner.

Why are the allocation of the baby

The reasons for the formation rhinitis baby may be set. Often mucus formed as a result of the beginning of work of the salivary glands. With the abundance of secretions in the oral cavity, they often go into the nasal mucosa. To recognize this process is not difficult, but it is important to monitor the health of the baby. If the discharge accompanied by fever and an unwell, seek medical advice.

In addition, rhinitis in infants can appear for the following reasons:

  • viral disease;
  • acute respiratory inflammation;
  • bacterial lesion of the mucous membrane;
  • the allergic nature of the disease;
  • excessively dry indoor air;
  • the dust;
  • congenital curvature of the nasal septum;
  • the appearance of the first tooth;
  • penetration into the nasal cavity of dust or dirt;
  • ingestion of the nasal cavity foreign object.
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When chronicity of a number of reasons the child may form an acute disease of the mucous membrane. It is important not to miss the beginning of the inflammatory process and in time to make the necessary arrangements.

Necessary treatment

To get rid of transparent mucus in infants it is important to establish the cause of the disease. It is impossible to use drugs without examination of the nasal cavity by the attending physician. Remember that many medications banned for the treatment of children. They can aggressively affect the mucous membrane and cause the addiction.

First aid

During the examination of the nasal cavity of the baby, you cannot take any medicines. To alleviate the condition of the babies doctors advise to use the following methods:

  1. Spend damp cleaning twice a day.
  2. Watch the temperature of the air in the room. It should not be above 22 degrees Celsius.
  3. Purchase and install a humidifier. The humidity in the bedroom should not be less than sixty percent.
  4. In the absence of the ability to buy a humidifier, set in the room of vases with clean water. Periodically they should be changed.
  5. If the child has no temperature, there’s a lot more time to hang out with the baby.
  6. Do not go outside if it’s cold or windy.
  7. Rinse nasal passages of the child solutions for children.
  8. Remove accumulations of mucus extractor.
  9. When rhinitis with fever exclude bathing of the child. To maintain the hygiene wipe of the legs and groin area baby wipes.
  10. Ensure that the child took a large amount of water. Remember that mother’s milk is not the liquid, and food.
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While maintaining these rules you will notice an improvement in the health of the baby.

Medication assistance

After receiving the tests and accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes medication.

In the course of treatment includes the following medications:

  1. With viral nature of the disease, the child is assigned to a local drop of the antiviral action. It is best to use such drugs as «Grippferon» or «Interferon».
  2. To improve the function of the nasal cavities and help you breathe easier baby needs vasoconstrictor drops «Collargol», «Nazivin» or «Otrivin». Do not use these drugs more than three days.
  3. When very thick and white discharge use anti-inflammatory ointment «has experienced an unexpected side effect».
  4. During treatment keep the immune system. Doctors advise to use drugs that can increase the immune system. These include drops of «Derinat» and candles «Genferon®».
  5. Don’t forget to rinse the nasal passages with antiseptic pharmaceuticals «Miramistin», «Sulfacetamide» or «Protargol».
  6. In bacterial disease development can not do without antibiotics. At the initial stage, the doctor may prescribe a local antibiotic therapy with the application of drops «Izofra», «Polideksa» or «Bioparox». In the case of aggravation of the disease assigned to systemic antibiotics.
  7. To improve the health of the patient assigned drops of seawater or ocean water. Well established «Aqua Maris», «Aqualor», «Physiomer», «Marimer».
  8. In allergic reactions the kid are assigned an antihistamine nose drops. Considered to be the most harmless drops Vibrocil.
  9. Strong body temperature of the child should be given antipyretics first generation — «Phenylbutazone», «Movimed», «Indomethacin», «Diklak», «Diclofenac», «Naproxen», «Nurofen» or «Ibuprofen».
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Remember that in the treatment of children up to twelve months, you cannot use nasal sprays. Nasal tool introduce with a pipette. Otherwise there is a risk of penetration of the medication into the ears, that will trigger the formation of acute otitis media.

Important! Don’t forget to moisturize nasal passages of the baby. To do this, lubricate the nostrils of the child with tea tree oil or any other means. Verify that the baby was not allergic reactions to the chosen medication.


When the disease of a young child it is important to take action. However, it is important that the treatment was correct. Do not use alternative therapies without a doctor’s prescription. Sometimes medicinal plants can trigger allergies that will cause deterioration of health.

It is important to observe the rules of hygiene, to monitor the child’s diet, spend more time outdoors.