White snot in the child and adult: causes and how to treat

How to treat thick white snot?

The appearance of white mucus indicates a bacterial or viral infection. A distinctive shade of mucus give dead specimens of pathogenic micro-organisms.

To understand the causes of the disease takes the samples of mucus from the patient. Highlight examined for the presence of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Causes in adults

We can identify several factors that provoke the change secret in the nasal sinuses:

  1. Sinusitis is accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes. The disease affects the maxillary and frontal sinuses. Chronic inflammation leads to discoloration of secretions.
  2. The formation of white mucus may be associated with the development of adenoids. The patient inflamed pharyngeal tonsil.
  3. The mucus runs down the throat and the person starts the inflammatory process.
  4. Allergies – another reason to change the hue of nasal secretions.
  5. The mucus is milky color appears due to an allergic reaction to pet dander, the presence in the room a lot of dust or pollen.
  6. White snot can indicate active replication of cytomegalovirus infection.
  7. Change of shade of secret can occur in people with inflamed gums.

Causes of white snot in the adult can be determined only after the passage of diagnostic and laboratory tests.

Why snot white color are formed in a person suffering from tooth decay? Reason for change the color of the discharge is that infection affects the surrounding tissue. From the mouth it can get into the sinuses of the person.

Causes of in infants

Mothers often ask doctors what white snot that constantly stand out from a baby’s nose?

The cause of white discharge from the nose may be a physiological cold. It usually resolves on its own in approximately 2 months. No treatment in this case is not required. To eliminate the possibility of serious pathologies need to show the baby the doctor.

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The concern for parents should call cheesy mucus in large quantity is secreted from the nose of the baby.

Important! Thick transparent snot indicate fungal lesions of the mucous membranes.

And white film is formed not only in the nose. It affects the tongue and the oral cavity of the child. The baby can be infected by pathogenic fungi during passage through the birth canal.

The child’s immune system is not yet ready to fight infection. In such conditions, the fungi quickly enough to hit the entire nasal passages of the baby and her nose begins to secrete mucus cheesy white color. For the destruction of fungi used antifungal drugs.

White discharge from the nose in bismarkian can appear on the baby during teething. At this point, the child has a decreased level of immunity, and the pathogen often invades the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.

How to determine the cause of the disease consistency

Liquid discharge of white color indicate the development of SARS. The appearance of foam in the nozzle indicates that the inflammatory process moved into a chronic form. White stringy mucus is formed in people suffering from allergic rhinitis.

Features of treatment of adult patients

In bacterial infection of the sinuses, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics (Bioparox, Polideksa). To relieve inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx, nasal corticosteroids are used (almost four years, Nasonex).

The patient is advised to rinse the nasal passages with antiseptic solutions. If necessary, patients referred for a procedure called «cuckoo».

Snot white color in an adult can occur due to allergic reactions. To eliminate the symptoms of allergies, taking antihistamines (Suprastin, Tavegil).

Treatment kids

Consider methods of treatment for various types of rhinitis in children.

Allergic rhinitis

To avoid excessive drying of the nasal mucosa it is necessary to monitor parameters of humidity of the air in the room where the baby spends most of the time.

Non-observance of temperature regime and low humidity lead to mucus in the nose. In this way the child’s body tries to protect itself against adverse factors.

Unusual discharge may appear due to an allergic reaction to household chemicals.

To irritating factors may include particles of wool Pets, which are scattered throughout the apartment.

Strong allergen may be present in animal feed or food products.

Pay special attention to the diet. Children are sensitive to the ingredients contained in the dishes. To determine the cause of allergies with Allergy tests.

Komarovsky advises to keep in the nursery a temperature in the range 20-22 degrees. Humidity should be around 45-60%.

To get rid of mucus that contain irritating components, you can use the saline. Doctors prescribe baby drops on the basis of sea water (Aqua Maris, and other means).

Be sure to buy at the pharmacy aspirator to restore nasal breathing in babies. Using this device can gently remove the pus from the nose, without damaging the mucosa.

Important! The choice of tool depends on the age of the child. To reduce the number of side-effects it is necessary to use solutions with a reduced concentration of the active substance.

Bacterial rhinitis

How to treat thick white snot in the child, if the disease is infectious in nature? Antibiotics are prescribed only in cases where in the mucus of the baby revealed harmful bacteria.

The solutions Miramistin and Chlorhexidine has a strong bactericidal action.

They are administered to patients suffering from infectious diseases of the nasopharynx.

Viscous snot bright white shade at kids older than 2 years can be a sign of the development of adenoids. To help children the doctor prescribes a nasal corticosteroid.

Parents are advised to regularly carry out the procedure of nasal wash saline solutions. In severe cases, babies buried corticosteroids.

They relieve inflammation in the nasopharynx of the child. In the treatment process do not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor.

In some cases the kid is sent for cryotherapy?

Stringy snot from a baby can be a sign of inflammatory diseases of the throat. Thanks to cryotherapy to cope with symptoms lesions of the tonsils. The procedure is to destroy the affected tissue with liquid nitrogen.

Cryotherapy promotes cell renewal of the mucous membranes, however, conservative methods do not help everyone patients. In the absence of positive results, kids direct the operation. The surgeon makes the removal of inflamed adenoids.


White discharge from the nose can indicate infection of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. Such people are prescribed antihistamines.

To eliminate the symptoms of the common cold patients are advised to rinse nasal passages salt solutions. To cope with pathogens patients prescribed antibacterial drops.