Why burning face and ears: causes that and what can be dangerous

Why burn your face and ears?

Every person in his life he experienced a phenomenon like burning face and ears. In people, this is because in that moment about the person who thinks or says. It is believed that the ears catch not only sound waves but also the energy that comes from other people.

Perhaps this has some truth, as the energy of interaction between people is not yet known. However, the true causes of these phenomena may be due to the physiological problems of the body, therefore, we consider the question of why burning face and ears, from a medical point of view.

Provocateurs process

To say exactly why burning face can not, because the reasons are very many. They are divided into the following groups:

  1. Psychological stress.
  2. The physiological processes.
  3. Disease.

Most of us still half-jokingly believe in people’s stories, but, unfortunately, to alleviate the condition of the signs can not. When lit the face and ears, the person feels fever in the ears and on the cheeks.

It is a physiological reaction to certain influences. His cheeks and ears due to the increased blood circulation, changes its natural shade, taking a red color. Let us consider under what situations this happens.

Mental causes

These include:

  • stress;
  • depression;
  • shyness, shame, fear, panic attack;
  • sudden and strong emotions of any plan;
  • emotional experiences and anxiety.

Any stressful situation the human body reacts to the adrenaline rush, which ensures expansion of blood vessels in the face, and fever.

All the above factors may make the condition of constant or recurring stress, but mostly they are temporary, and then leave on their own. In any case, after emotional turmoil, you should restore emotional balance.

Regular stresses with an internal conflict occur not only in burning cheeks ears, but as chronic diseases of the joints, accompanied by a desire to douse yourself with cool water.

Physiological effects

To any external influence, the body also reacts by expansion of small subcutaneous vessels. During the blood flow to the ears, the temperature in this area of the body increases and there is a feeling of discomfort like burning sensation. This can happen due to the following:

  • the use of medications. If this occurs, antibiotics, and incidentally burns a person, you need to stop treatment and contact your doctor, as there is an allergic reaction. The ear may swell, what to do when swelling read here;
  • if you change the hormonal background, for example, in women before the onset of the climatic period or pubertate in adolescents. But in pregnant women «unmotivated» a rush of blood to face a widespread phenomenon, it does not signal about any abnormalities;
  • during intense mental work. As a rule, this phenomenon is visible in children during the delivery of the control;
  • when Smoking, taking alcohol, spicy food, coffee. Alcohol has a toxic effect on blood vessels, causing blood circulation in the capillaries. To the irritation of first reaction vessels of tip of nose and earlobes, and prolonged intoxication is swelling with redness protracted nature;
  • after exercise, sports training;
  • if there is a squeezing of the ears, hat or headphones. When accessories are worn for a long time, circulation occurs;
  • exposure to heat and sunlight. Being in this situation, you need to wear a hat, don’t forget to put on the skin cream to protect from UV rays;
  • the influence of ambient temperatures on the skin. Overheating can occur in a hot room. The blood rushes to the ears than enhances heat transfer, thus, the body cools. If a baby has red ears, it could indicate that he’s hot because is not fully formed heat-exchange system.
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If you’re wondering why every night burning face and ears? Perhaps it may be due to the change in the weather. In any case, if the cause of the «burning» of the ears is physiological, then you should not hesitate, it is better to consult a doctor and pass a comprehensive examination.

Please note that sun exposure or prolonged mental load can also cause the blood flow not only to the ears but also on the cheeks. In such situations, lefties have observed discomfort in right ear and right side of face and right – handed people- Vice versa.


If there is a face and ears, the reasons can be the following:

  1. Are allergic to redistributed food, cosmetics, insect bites. Bake and swollen face because of heavy discharge of histamine, to any stimulus. If you look closely, you can see the support reactions as rash, tearfulness of the eyes.
  2. In the cervical spine occurred pathological changes. As a rule, a sharp inflow of blood to the head that is accompanied by low back pain and cramping.
  3. Carcinoid syndrome is manifested in neuroendocrine tumors. A vasodilator having an excess of serotonin produced by the tumor.
  4. Hypertension. Usually along with burning of the face are observed headaches in the occipital region and «flies» before the eyes.
  5. Pathology of the heart. Atherosclerosis or heart failure. In such situations, the hot flashes should be treated very seriously, because it can be a symptom of heart attack, stroke.
  6. Retrotechie or red ear syndrome – a disease caused by cervical spondylosis. In this pathology there is redness and burning pain in the ear.
  7. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  8. Infection. If the ear burns and itches for several days, perhaps, the presence of infection or fungus in the inner ear. How does otitis media look here.
  9. Systemic lupus erythematosus.
  10. The lack of water in the body. Usually ears are burning, people suffering from
    vascular dystonia. Slips normal blood flow and nutrition to the brain is not carried out in full.
  11. Rosacea — a disease of uncertain nature, while his face takes the color of scarlet, burning ears. The premise is often spasm of the vessels, which must be sought in the area of the V pair of cranial nerves mixed type (trigeminal nerve). Also on the cheeks skin rash is observed. The disease is treated by decoctions of Linden and healing chamomile.
  12. The failure of metabolism or lack of certain vitamins. You should review the usual diet.
  13. Streptococcal or staphylococcal infection. Bacteria cause erysipelas of the face and lower extremities, the skin begins to burn, appear red color of the skin.
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As you can see, the reasons may be not only harmless, but also develops into the symptoms of serious diseases. To eliminate prerequisites and also of the diseases require consultation with a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe the right medication.

Many people wonder why burns left side of face and ear. The reasons for this, according to doctors, the same. In addition, there is no difference on which side of the burning ear. All treated alone. A burning sensation arises solely due to the expansion of the cutaneous vessels and blood flow.

In most cases, unilateral presentation is typical with increased motor or mental work, when one of the parts of the brain functioned to a greater extent than the other. This theory is based only on the conclusions of some experts and not supported by any serious scientific research.

Individual characteristics

To establish why burning face and ears, you need to analyze the available additional features, including the General condition of the patient. When the phenomenon is not accompanied by other symptoms, and the human condition does not change, worry about this is not worth it.

Redness and a burning face and ears can be due to the individual characteristics of the organism. That is, the structure of the skin completely affects its color and ability to change color. So, the person with the thin sensitive skin to be more prone than thick-skinned.


Of course, to solve the question of what to do with a sense of «burning» it is only necessary from a medical point of view. If we are talking about physiological reasons, among extra ways you can identify – wash with cool water.

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As a General recommendation you need to conduct a correct way of life. Remember, please: if the discomfort bothers often, for a long time, without any reason, then you need to pay a visit to the doctor.