Why burning right ear — diseases, signs of people

What does it mean when my right ear burns?

Our ears not only for hearing, in many ways they are a mirror of the physical and emotional state of the human body. And such comparisons are found in people with an ulterior motive: ears — one of the organs exposed to others. It is often the ears «issue» interlocutors our inner state, people are often worried about flushed ears during important negotiations.

But sometimes our ears «lead» completely unpredictable, reminding myself itching, sudden redness or even burning. And then many have a reasonable question about why you are experiencing these unusual feelings, because no one doubts that such processes are not accidental. As always, medicine and folk wisdom have their point of view on this issue.

Why burning right ear

Often people have a burning right ear, while the left do not like about ourselves strange sensations. Similar behavior is also characteristic of the left ear: in both cases one can observe the redness of the ear and noticeable burning.

These visual and tactile changes of the ear may be short-term, and can stir up a person for a long time. Depending on how often the body «reminds» the owner of a burning sensation, you can determine why burning right ear in each situation.

Folk omens

The people believed that if your right ear burns, it testifies to positive conversations regarding this person.

It is believed that the alleged auricle «lights up» when someone voiced about the person accolades, talks about it from a positive point of view.

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In other words, the signs of people associated the fire with good conversation.

In addition, it can «light up» and on the eve of important events, while complex cases.

Figuring out why is burning right ear in the evening or in the morning, you should remember about its agenda: as considered in the people, this is the «symptom» promises the successful resolution of cases.

Asking ourselves about what it means when lit the right ear, you must also think about their loved ones — according to the signs, right auricle may «remind» me when someone important people (close friends, relatives, colleagues or business partners) unsuccessfully tries to contact him.

Particularly relevant this sign in cases where someone has recently changed the phone number, address or place of work.

The medical opinion

Figuring out why the ear is burning and where it can lead, from a medical point of view excludes the mystical aspect of this question. From a scientific point of view, burning right or left ear is due only to several reasons.

It should be noted that the medical position on this issue is very relevant and true: often «burning» the organ of hearing for a long time really nothing like an excuse to go to the ENT or dermatologist.

At the initial examination, the doctors, explaining to the patient what it means when lit the right ear, reduce the problem to the following reasons:

  1. Allergic reaction. Burning sensation in one or both ears is one of the symptoms of ear allergies. In particular, nowadays a lot of people in the period of seasonal exacerbations can even get allergic otitis media, which accompanies the burning sensation, and pain, liquid discharge, often with itching;
  2. The mental strain. The human body is a complex mechanism which, like the computer, can signal problems or stress. Some scientists that in a moment of mental strain to the ears rushes more blood: many people experience a burning of the ear in the exam, in awkward situations, in moments of difficult negotiations. However, such an assertion is questionable, because the effect of «flaming» ear in similar situations feel not all people;
  3. Overheating. Medicine is not excluded that the authority may «light up» simply because of too high temperature in the room — in this state, the body «camouflaged»;
  4. Chapping, frostbite. Often the body begins to «burn» when people in the cold season goes without a hat: when you enter the room he can rastreskatsya not only the ears, but cheeks and nose.
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Thus, in most cases, the burning sensation in the ears is not a serious cause for concern: elimination of effect is often enough to relax, «let go» emotionally complex situation.

However, if this situation with the ears of the concerned person very often (or even continuously), it is a significant reason to visit the doctor, it is quite possible that the effect of «flaming» ear came on the background of allergies or ear diseases with a high potential in the absence of adequate treatment unpleasant (or even life threatening) consequences.