Why child eats boogers out of your nose: what if there are boogers

Why do people eat boogers out of your nose?

Human activity to extract from the dried nose mucus it is a harmless phenomenon, unless it becomes a habit. According to statistics, more than 93% of the adult population with pleasure picking my nose, cleaning it from insects.

Often behaviors person may experience a lot of oddities, particularly eating the same dried mucus safely removed from the nose. Is this process medical symptom and why people eat snot? A bear picking and eating boogers unwanted effects, in addition to the judgement of others?

Picking your nose with the point of view of physiology

Our nose needs daily hygiene. If we consider the nature of cauteloso reflex, we can conclude that this kind of mechanism to clear the nasal cavity from the accumulated in it dried mucus and other microscopic particles (e.g., dust).

To ensure normal functionality of the nose, namely the unhindered breathing and smelling, in contact with nasal mucosa of foreign particles, triggered the principle of irritation of sensitive receptors, so the person starts to sneeze and the process of self-purification of the nose.

Starting from the regularities of the functioning and regulation of human biological systems – picking or mechanical cleansing of the nose is quite natural and necessary procedure. What can be said about eating boogers from his nose, and if with children, this process is quite understandable, it is a bad habit in adulthood difficult to explain.

Bad habit or self-knowledge?

Virtually every parent has found their child during the process of «tasting» the dried secretion from the nose. An explanation of why the child eats boogers out of your nose is quite logical. All of the kid objects and things, will sooner or later become the object of his study.

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Thus, children gain new experiences and knowledge. The basis research activities of the child are gustatory and tactile ways of knowing. No wonder when he’ll start to learn your body and realize that with simple manipulations of the nose can get «interesting subject» — will immediately try it out.

The first successful experience can lead to the generation of habits.

Fact! Removing a dead secret in children may be a symptom of disorders of attention or be a symptom of hyperactivity.

Harmful if there is snot (boogers)?

Some scholars, trying to explain the appropriateness of children’s behavior, saying that eating boogers is good.

On the contrary, this process has a stimulating effect on the immune system of the child, as a dead secret present as many different bacteria, and a sufficient number of immune protective factors. This hypothesis is virtually unprovable.

In turn, the most qualified professionals interested in meet the parents, what will happen if there is snot. If the child has developed a regular habit of eating snot, then you need to do it otoczeniem. And it is not in the aesthetic perception of the process.

Rationale – during colds, the habit of eating boogers isn’t going away. Snot green that appear during the illness and eaten by a child, can increase the recovery period by at least a few days.

There is also the opinion that the eating of Koszul may provoke complications and infect the gastrointestinal tract a weakened immune system of the child. The relationship «costumery» and the spread of infection in the body not scientifically proven, and this version is too controversial. At least to date, from this lesson, no one has died.

Important! The boogers may contain helminth eggs, which when released in the digestive tract safely take root there.

On the other hand, it’s a harmless habit, it may lead to a breach of the protective barrier of the nasal mucosa. The systematic extraction of Koszul nose child pulls the cilia (tiny hairs), which trap bacteria, viruses, toxins and dirt before the emergence cauteloso reflex and self-purification.

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Pulling micro hairs contributes to the penetration into the respiratory system of a larger amount of impurities, thereby reducing the natural level of protection.

Moreover, the mucous membrane of the nose is localized, a sufficient number of microorganisms. Regular picking can injure the mucous membrane and to provide favorable conditions for the penetration of bacteria into the wound.

Because, before cleansing nose children do not always wash their hands, which in sufficient quantity is inhabited by microbes, the risk of infection increases, so this habit must be fought.

What happens if you swallow snot, find out here.

How to wean a child?

In most cases, the cause of high education boogers in the nose is dry air. By performing simple actions, you can reduce the amount of education of the Koszul nose:

  • it is necessary to provide in the premises a sufficient level of humidity;
  • daily wet cleaning;
  • not less important aspect in the fight against harmful habit is the exception of possible allergic rhinitis.

Every parent should develop an individual approach to your own child when dealing with a bad habit, as practice shows, talk about the fact that these manipulations do not bring pleasure to others, does not always work.

Important! Before berating the baby for another attempt to scratch his nose, you should exclude the possibility of the presence of a foreign body. If suspicions were confirmed, you need to seek professional medical help. Self-extraction of the subject is fraught with aggravation of the situation.

Can not do without the help of a neurologist or psychologist, if the picking is neurotic in nature, caused by problems of the psychological plan.

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Purchased manner to pick your nose in adults

When the habit of picking your nose is preserved in the adult, is not always indicative of a wrong upbringing and demands judgment. If the process of picking your nose, consciously controlled, special reasons for concern.

When the habit cannot be kept unchecked and the man picks his nose, this phenomenon testifies to anxiety disorders and nervous tension (rhinotillexomania). To help in the solution of this problem is psychotherapy with the use of neuroleptic drugs.


It is impossible to clearly answer whether it is helpful is snot. Specialists ‘ opinions diverge enough, and the existing hypotheses are not scientifically proven.

Moderate picking your nose is a natural physiological process, but the eating of boogers is a purely personal matter, calling others unflattering opinions.