Why children scratch their ears constantly or frequently itchy — what’s the problem?

Why is the child scratching his ear?

The behavior of children, especially infants, can speak volumes. Surely you have noticed how your child is constantly scratching his ears, and had no idea why this is happening. Usually the baby is much rubs the ear, and resulted in this area irritation.

Knowing the cause of itching can significantly ease the uncomfortable state of the baby. In addition, if you leave everything as it is, the child gradually, even in a dream without stopping to scratch the itchy area, will scratch his ear till it bleeds. Listed wound in the mud, the infection can cause serious diseases.

Why children scratch their ears

Conventionally, there are two main factors that can provoke this phenomenon:

  • the development of the pathological process in the body, in particular, striking the organs of hearing;
  • causes associated with the processes of life.

What diseases may indicate

Many childhood diseases can be expressed by itching in the ears. If your child is frequently scratching his ears, it may be associated with the development in the body following diseases:

  • inflammation of the hearing;
  • getting into a ear infection, virus, pathogenic bacteria, against which one develops pathology of ENT-organs;
  • hypothermia;
  • overheating;
  • hormonal failure on the background of bad heredity and, as a consequence, the development of related diseases;
  • dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • diathesis;
  • shingles;
  • allergies;
  • fungus;
  • malfunctions of the nervous system;
  • lice;
  • ear mites.

Help. Many chronic diseases of endocrine, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract can provoke a rash on the skin, including behind the ears.

Other reasons

In addition to chronic and emerging pathologies of the child has itchy ears and other fairly banal reasons:

  • poor hygiene of the ear;
  • getting into the ear foreign object;
  • the formation of cerumen;
  • an insect bite;
  • minor injury in the ear
  • the ingress of water into the ear canal;
  • prolonged medication is causing side effects.
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In fact, the child is scratching his ear inside and outside very often because he just wants to sleep, but something interferes with sleep. This causes the presence of external stimuli – noise, moisture. For example, when a child is in a dirty room with a large accumulation of dust near chemicals or cosmetic products that are sprayed in the room periodically (perfumes, fragrances).

Help. Irritation and itching in the ear can provoke soap, shampoo, that the child is not suitable for individual reasons.

How to determine the cause of the itching and fix it

To determine why the child is scratching his ear, sometimes you can own. Enough to carefully consider the auricle, auditory meatus, to look inside and try to see where possible a foreign object, an insect bite. If nothing like that parents could pull out and correct yourself, it is urgent to show the child specialist – pediatrician or otolaryngologist.

Special diagnostics will identify any developing pathology of hearing in the initial stages of development. The doctor will prescribe appropriate medication, physiotherapy treatment. In the event allergic reactions will need to change the diet, eliminate the allergen and undergo the appropriate treatment prescribed by a specialist.

A foreign body will also help remove doctor. In the case of bites, ringworm, head lice, psoriasis and other factors, the specialist will advise you on how to reduce the sensitivity of the baby, to relieve him. Will prescribe an appropriate course of treatment. Own in case of disease the parents to help the child not be able. After all, ear wash, to remove sulfur in this case is not enough. Need the right treatment to eliminate the underlying pathology.

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Knowing why the child has itchy ears that provokes such unpleasant symptom, parents should take all possible preventive measures to prevent a ear itching:

  • correctly and in a timely manner to remove sulfur clusters, without breaking and without stretching the eardrum without damaging the ear canal;
  • to prevent hypothermia, overheating;
  • to cure all diseases;
  • minimize the risk of Contracting viral infectious, fungal disease;
  • to make sure the baby didn’t fall, didn’t hit my head, nothing stuck in the ears;
  • leaving on nature, treating a child with special preparations, excluding insect bites;
  • to eliminate the dip in the untested waters.
  • carefully select the tools for personal baby care (shampoos, Soaps, gels).

When it comes to children, never to self-medicate. Any drug, selected parents incorrectly can cause not only irritation, ear pruritus, and serve as the basis for the development of severe chronic disease.

You can never neglect the advice of a specialist if you want the baby was healthy. It is important to ensure proper nutrition of the baby, which also plays an important role in development, the whole organism.