Why constantly stuffy nose, no runny nose: causes and what to do

Why stuffy nose, no runny nose

Nasal congestion in the absence of runny nose, colds, and for similar reasons — rather unpleasant symptom that not only brings negative feelings, but also affect overall physical health. Shortness of nasal breathing, especially if the pathology observed in for a very long time period, may cause headaches, dizziness, weakness.

The lack of timely treatment of nasal congestion can cause a number of very dangerous complications. The main aspect of the therapy is to identify the main reasons that caused pathology, as they are quite diverse, and careful study of the clinical picture, that is, the most pronounced symptoms of the disease.

The clinical picture

Classic nasal congestion in the absence of provocative signs, the disease is usually expressed in the manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • Poorly breathing nose, lays one part of the nose, then another. When this mucus is completely absent, or are present in insignificant amounts. The condition can get worse depending on the quality of air that the patient breathes. For example, at room conditions, the symptoms more pronounced.

  • Stuffy nose at night, runny nose not. In such a situation, shortness of breath provoked by the adoption of a horizontal position.
  • In the implementation of nasal breathing patient feels burning sensation and dryness in the region of the mucous membranes.

Common causes

Why is the nose constantly laid, even if not sick? There are many reasons that are most likely to result in such unpleasant symptoms, the main among them include the following:

  • Cold. If the patient has been attacked by virus, the congestion can manifest itself even in the absence of the characteristic secretions of mucus. Even if additional signs of an infection no shortness of breath may be present. However, the duration of the course of the stage of disease — no more than two or three days.
  • Stuffy nose during pregnancy. Mothers expecting baby, often complain of similar problems. In medicine there exists even the notion, not related to the official, the «rhinitis of pregnant». Usually swelling of the mucous membranes is enhanced in the evening and night. So why stuffy nose pregnant? The appearance of symptoms caused by changes in the overall hormonal levels, which result in the area of the intercellular spaces of the mucous membranes accumulates excess fluid, which provokes swelling.
  • Adenoids. If stuffy nose at night child no snot, this may talk about pathology. The growth of these formations can be triggered by a viral attack. The mucus in a patient is not observed.
  • If the adult or the child during sleep, a stuffy nose, there is difficulty breathing, which is absent at other times of the day, it usually means that in a room intended for sleeping, overly dry air.
  • Sinusitis. Despite the fact that for these diseases characterized by the accumulation of purulent masses in the region of the sinuses, mucus in most cases is not happening. Most often, the congestion is not the only symptom can also manifest itself by headaches, General weakness, pain in the forehead.
  • The lack of proper diet. The overabundance in the body of some substances produced by man of the consumable products can also cause swelling and, consequently, congestion. The list of such products should be attributed primarily sugar and preservatives.
  • If stuffy nose, lying down, night. The reasons in this case may be the following: Allergy to dust mites, which are in abundance in bedding, or too high room temperature.
  • A side effect of the treatment of other diseases with drug therapy. In other words, congestion can be caused by taking certain medicines.

Possible complications

If congestion occurs for a long time in the absence of adequate treatment, this may be the main cause of rather serious illnesses: sinusitis, sinusitis and other inflammatory processes. Accordingly, even if the difficulty breathing is periodic in nature, it is necessary to give the problem due attention and to identify the cause of the pathology.

You should pay the most attention to the presence of such symptoms as nasal congestion, worse at night and evening time, if it manifests itself in a child of younger age. Due to the physiological characteristics of the children often suffer from the specified disease. On the background of the absence of competent treatment, the disease can cause severe swelling of tissues and overgrowth of adenoids.

It should also be noted that often the complications, which are observed in some patients, are a consequence of nasal congestion, and the adopted treatment measures, not agreed with the doctor. It is necessary to address to the expert, to self-medicate is not worth it.


Why constantly stuffy nose, no runny nose? The reasons, as mentioned above, varied, there are many ways of correcting this condition. The formation of the final type of therapy totally depends on the reasons causing swelling and shortness of breath. For example:

  • Complaints most patients generated most often the following: «stuffy nose, when you lie down to sleep.» In such cases, you should pay attention primarily on the temperature and humidity of the air, as hot, dry air can cause swelling of the mucous membranes. By eliminating this cause one can get rid of congestion.

  • If stuffy nose at night in a horizontal position, this may indicate early signs of a cold. Accordingly, in such cases, a reception is not only antiviral drugs, but also tools that enhance the protection of the organism as a whole.
  • If the disease is triggered by an allergic reaction to any substance, we need to completely eliminate contact of the patient with a possible allergen. In addition, the necessary and antihistamines which one is optimal in a particular case can be determined only by specializing in this area the doctor.
  • For the temporary relief allowable to use specialized solutions for the implementation of the lavage of the nasal cavity. Usually the main component of such tools is salt water.
  • Constantly stuffy nose, what to do in such a situation? It is recommended to use narrowing blood vessels solutions and drops. Of course, their use is only a temporary measure. They can significantly improve the condition, but will not eliminate the cause of the pathological state.

Traditional medicine

Traditional methods of getting rid of the constant congestion is also quite diverse.

Almost all of them are based on the use of dry and wet heat. It should be noted that the use of these treatments, you must be careful enough making sure that the patient completely no contraindications to them.

The most effective method is the use of inhalation. As solutions it is better to use decoctions and infusions of herbs that have anti-inflammatory and healing effect. You can refer to them the following: chamomile, celandine, calendula.

The use of inhalation effectively eliminates congestion and helps to reduce dryness of the mucous tissues, prevents swelling, heals existing damage.

It is also valid to use at home for various heating with the help of special devices or improvised (you can refer to them common salt, is heated to the required temperature in the microwave). The heating element must be positioned in the area of the nose and maxillary sinuses.

Massage of the maxillary sinus should also be considered as the most effective methods of getting rid of congestion. In addition to warming in this case is improved circulation in the tissues, which accelerates metabolism and prevents the formation of oedema. Massage should be done gently, without exerting too much pressure on the inflamed areas.

However, traditional methods this time correction of the pathology. For full normalization of the patient’s condition required the appointment of medical treatment.

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