Why does a tampon hurt to insert and how to avoid discomfort

A tampon is a special means of hygiene, which is common among young girls and Mature women. In most cases the remedy is used in cases when it is necessary to prevent the flow of menstrual fluid at the crucial moment. But sometimes a woman may feel some pain when you enter the means, therefore, in this article you need to consider why a tampon is painful to insert in some cases.

Features the correct installation of tampons

Today there are two main types of tampons are those which are equipped with special applicators and applicator without counterparts.

As for the first variety of the hygienic means, use varieties with the applicator is very convenient, because with its help you can easily control the desired depth of installation of protective devices. All varieties of tampons have cardboard applicators that are disposable and should be disposed of after entering personal hygiene products.

In order to properly install the applicator inside the vagina, you must enter with your index finger to the depths, until it reaches a full stop.

In that case, when you install a protective agent for the first time, you need to be attentive to this process of establishing. Insert the tampon needed at that time of menstruation, when the discharge is moderate. Then it is necessary to study all the instructions given in instructions for correct introduction in order to properly clean process.

After all the preparations made, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the hands in order to the vagina is not penetrated foreign germs that can be dangerous during the period of menstruation.

You can then sit on the toilet or put it on one leg and relax the vaginal muscles. This is because total relaxation is essential to the successful establishment of a tampon into the vagina.

Absorbent device should be exempt from disposable packaging and single arm in different directions to open the labia. The tool must be placed as you wish them to look rounded end in the direction of your vagina.

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To as comfortable as possible to make the removal of a tampon after a certain time, it has a special thread that after installing the tampon must be placed outside.

Enter a tampon you should use the large or middle finger at a certain angle of forty-five degrees. When the tool has reached the limit, you can assume that you have made him a good pasting.

If tool is equipped with a hygienic applicator, it is necessary to ensure that happened it clicks, it will indicate that the swab is fully inserted. If you are using a tampon without an applicator, you can enter the entire depth of the finger until there is no discomfort.

As for the discomfort after the introduction of hygiene, then this may indicate that it is not installed correctly. It can also be due to the shallow depth that can be corrected by a deeper entering of the tampon.

In order to fix this, you can use your finger to move it more deeply. Consequently, discomfort must disappear.

After you have entered the protective device and do not feel it inside, can be considered manipulation completed. It is necessary to consider that after the establishment must wash their hands with soap, to have everything hygienic.

With regard to the extraction devices, it is also quite simple process. It is recommended to take the same position as when you install and relax the vaginal muscles. At an angle of forty-five degrees must be pulling a specially designed filament, removing of vaginal hygiene products. Extract is imperceptible only in the case that hygienic item will be completely soaked in menstrual fluid.

Disposing of the used device, it is necessary to consider that this disposal is allowed to place only in the garbage container. To flush tampons down the toilet is strictly prohibited.

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It should also be noted that the tampons are designed for use during menstruation. As for periods between periods, it is not necessary to enter data hygiene, daily to replace the gasket.

The possibility of pain with the introduction of tampons

The use of hygiene products is a natural process, which uses a large number of the fair sex. This is because their use is convenient, as the swabs do not hold down motor activity, are invisible, as well as prevent the flow of menstrual fluid to the surface of a woman’s lingerie.

If you have health is all right, pain during correct introduction of one hundred percent excluded. If you experience discomfort, it may indicate that you are using the tool wrong or produced an incomplete introduction.

That with the right introduction, you do not feel discomfort due to the fact that in this part of the vagina has no nerve processes, which eliminates the sensation of pain symptoms.

If the tampon hurts to type, it may indicate the presence of pathologies in the reproductive system of women. However, it should be noted that to determine the cause of such pain is almost impossible, hence you should definitely consult a gynecologist who will be able to determine the cause of pain with the introduction and tell me how it possible to eliminate the symptoms.

Why painful tampon to insert may not cause much suspicion among some women, but necessarily this state should pay attention and consult with a specialist. This is necessary in order to exclude the presence of any pathologies which at first sight are not serious.

The most common causes of pain with the introduction of a tampon

If when you enter the hygiene products you feel unusual pain, then this may indicate an inflammatory process inside the vagina. Such pathological conditions can be the following:

  • the vagina may be sore due to the presence of any urogenital infectious processes. The most common of such infections is herpes, chlamydia and candidiasis;
  • disease in the form of inflammation of the uterus or appendages.
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As for the point where you need to enter a tampon, but this is impossible due to severe pain, it can also be caused by reasons that can not carry infectious nature:

  • a variety of traumatic processes in the uterus;
  • the States that are the consequence of tearing during labor;
  • malformations of the female genital organs;
  • the disproportionate size indices of the uterus and other genital organs;
  • pathology of urinary system.

The main contraindications to the use of tampons

Individual hygiene is of special appliances which are intended to ensure maximum comfort during menstruation. However, it is worth remembering that they need time to change. Therefore, the night should you refuse to use tampons, as you do not have the ability to make timely replacement.

It is necessary to highlight certain conditions under which one hundred percent prohibited the use of tampons:

  • inflammation of the uterus;
  • reactions of allergic nature;
  • dry the vagina;
  • the period after childbirth before fully restores menstrual function.

These cases include the rejection of the use of tampons, as this can be causing pain in their introduction, as well as the development of various pathological processes in the whole reproductive system.