Why is swollen and sore ear: what to do to eliminate these symptoms

What to do when swollen earlobe?

About the role the human body plays earlobe, back in the ancient days described in the works of the great scholars Hippocrates and Avicenna. She has a close relationship with the Central nervous system and cerebral cortex.

Therefore, if the swollen earlobe, has inflammation and itching. To ignore these signs is not necessary, because these phenomena may indicate the origin and development of the disease. Next, let’s talk more details about these symptoms, their cause and methods of treatment.

Causes of swelling of the ear lobe

Why hurt the earlobe? A fairly common question in the modern world. Today, there are several factors causing the pain and swelling of the lobe.

And if one can cause the development of serious pathologies with late treatment edema lobe, others are peculiar to a short-term nature.

Factors, which swells up the ear lobe, are the following:

  • puncture of the ear lobe – inflammation happens due to the violation not only of the integrity of the skin, but also a failure in lipid-lipid balance. As a result, excessive or insufficient production of sebum leads to clogged ducts. Sometimes inflammation can be the result of bacterial contamination in the wound;
  • allergic reaction to jewellery – if the swollen earlobe, you should primarily pay attention to the jewelry. Most people have observed allergic to various metals. Therefore it is better to wear earrings of silver or gold;

  • an allergic reaction to the irritant is to cause a General reaction of the organism, in which there is itching and inflammation (most often affect the ear lobe) can a variety of allergens from pollen and animal fur to medicines and household chemicals;
  • inflammation of the ear, sometimes pain can take reflected the nature, that is, when otitis media pain syndrome is localized in the ear, but may shift to the lobe, thereby forming a false picture of the disease;
  • atheroma – a benign tumor that consists of fat cells. It is painless, but there is a risk of contamination of tissues, because the contents of atheroma – a good environment for development of pathogenic microflora. When infected sebaceous cyst becomes painful and inflamed;
  • hemangioma – a benign tumor. There is swelling of the ear lobe and the appearance of small brown spots similar to birthmarks. Visit a doctor in this situation is obligatory;

  • insect bites – swelling of the earlobes may appear suddenly after a walk, and the reason for this may be the bite of an insect (beetle, mosquito), in which there is an injection under the skin substance. It causes inflammation, redness and soreness;
  • injury usually injury the ear occurs because of jewelry: an earring caught on the collar of the shirt or it was accidentally pulled baby. In such situations, it may appear swollen, painful inflammation, sometimes with suppuration.

Important. Regardless of the factor of occurrence of swelling of the ear lobe, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate such unpleasant symptoms.

Swollen earlobe: what to do

The treatment is carried out on the basis of the reasons which provoked the development of such phenomenon.

Commonly practiced by local therapy with the use of drugs or surgery.

Drug therapy includes the following groups of drugs:

  1. Antibacterial drugs are prescribed only in cases of development of infectious inflammatory process.
  2. Antiseptics for local disinfection. This is usually boric alcohol or peroxide.
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications should be applied on the inflamed area to relieve swelling and inflammation. Are used comprehensively with other drugs.
  4. Antihistamine medicines are prescribed in order to eliminate the effects of allergies.
  5. Ear drops in the case of otitis for the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Attention! Self pick up drugs is not necessary, because the wrong actions can only aggravate the situation.

But for the treatment of atheromas and other neoplastic tumors need surgical intervention, which can occur in two ways:

  • «classic» — during surgery, the surgeon performs a small incision;
  • minimally invasive – is performed by means of puncture.

However, when a malignant tumors a puncture is not used, since the main goal is the complete or maximum removal of damaged tissue.

What not to do

If swollen and reddened ear lobe, a house by yourself trying to eliminate, while not knowing the basic rules.

In order not to harm yourself, you must know the following:

  1. Do not attempt to squeeze out the Wens and ulcers. The fact that these formations are special capsules and exposed to it is broken and the contents beyond. But if we take into account the purulent contents, this leads to further spread of infection.
  2. Don’t need to heat the affected area. Heat can cause exacerbation of the inflammatory process.
  3. It is unacceptable to choose to take drugs. Even the local use of drugs can threaten the development of adverse reactions or complicate the course of inflammatory process. The exception in this case hydrogen peroxide, iodine, boric alcohol and «brilliant green».

It follows that if the ear lobe is swollen and itchy, there was redness and pain, it is not worth the risk, and best to immediately contact a medical institution for qualified help.

What to do if your ear is swollen after piercing

Quite often women complain of soreness of the lobes after their perforation.

Besides this unpleasant condition often accompanied by inflammation that can cause various complications.

In order to avoid all these symptoms and quickly lead to the right ear lobe, it is necessary to carefully care for them for a certain time.

So, for 3 days after the puncture it is necessary to treat the wound with cotton wool or sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide, then apply antimicrobial ointment. And for 5 days it is not necessary to wet the shells of the ears.

Help. You should be patient, because all the channel after the procedure is formed only after 1 month.

If there is soreness and itching, it may indicate rupture of the soft tissues. This is due to the fact that today is very popular began to perform stretching earlobes bulky and quite heavy earrings. If such a procedure is a violation of blood supply of tissues and will result in the death of skin cells.

With the appearance of pain after stretching earlobes, you have to remove the ears of the jewellery, treat the wound with antiseptic preparation and to consult a specialist to carry out the necessary therapy.

However, it is better not to go on about the fashion and to protect their health and appearance. Classic gold or silver jewelry is beautiful and secure.
Whatever the cause of swelling of the ear lobe should immediately be taken for its determination and resolve, because delay could cause a number of complications.

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