Why sore ear cartilage on the outside after bedtime are the main causes

Why hurt ear cartilage?

Yet man will not touch any trouble, he basically has no clue about the existence of such. Viewed various forums suggests that quite many are familiar with the phenomenon of pain hryaschikov ear.

At first glance, like strange wording and a forum as it were at first very hesitant to speak out for fear of being ridiculed. But in fact, they find understanding and «friends in misfortune». So why pain in ear cartilage? Consider in more detail the phenomenon and its causes.

What is ear cartilage

Cartilage is the basis of the ear of the person. What he relief depends on the appearance of the outer ear. It’s worth noting, the organ of hearing in human individual, as well as the pattern on the fingers.

The cartilage is almost entirely composed of specific tissues, which is based on components of 2 types:

  • cell;
  • non-cellular.

It should be noted that the basis of the cartilage tissue are acellular elements that represent the most important functional element. In addition, the components are divided into the following types:

  1. Structure (collagen and elastic).
  2. Substance is the basis.

If non-cellular components of the ear cartilage is considered the first fundamental element of this fabric, the matrix is considered as the second level of importance and necessity.

The matrix is the intercellular space between fibers and cells, United in a system of a kind of channels. Due to the processes occurring in the matrix tissue of the ear cartilage are provided with a full metabolism and biomechanics.

As for cellular components, they are directly involved in building cartilage, as well as in the continuous regeneration and subsequent recovery.

Help. Cellular and non-cellular components of the cartilage of the ear as if floating in the main substance of the consistency resembles a gel, which is a metabolic environment. The function of this substance is in the buffer and integrative action.

Familiarizing the reader with the characteristics of cartilage tissue, let us consider the question of why it hurts the cartilage of the ear.

Causes of painful ear cartilage

Reasons hurts the ear outside the cartilage and there are plenty, and caused they can be a variety of factors. It is noteworthy that any type of pathology provokes a reaction because the body is trying to reject the disease that violate its normal functioning.

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Consider the common culprits which cause pain the ear.

Important! Studying facts offered, nevertheless, it is worth remembering that only competent and qualified technician can diagnose the true cause of disease and prescribe the necessary therapy.


The cartilage of the ear can hurt if he is injured.

Puncture cartilage or strong shock may cause bruising, damage to tissue or inflammation.

Injury to the cartilage can occur due to the negative impact of environmental factors.

It may be strong gusts of wind, and burns, and frostbite, as well as contact with the skin to different harmful chemicals.

Here is an example, perhaps familiar to many unpleasant tingling of the ears and tip of the nose in the frost. This is the damage caused by one of the environmental factors.

Help. Inflammation of the cartilage of the shell may lead to lesions of the outer ear.

Among the obvious causes of acute pain in the cartilage is a serious injury to the auricle, such as a partial or complete separation. Such cases are not uncommon, due to the fact that the person is not insured from accidents.

The only right decision in this situation is urgent surgical intervention, designed to save the life of the victim and his ear.

Allergic reactions

Sometimes the source of why it hurts the cartilage of the ear, may be the most unexpected.

Allergic reaction to any stimulus may provoke an unpleasant tenderness of the cartilage, besides, adds and itching.

The influence of such factors in more vulnerable people who suffer the presence of dryness in the ear canal caused by the lack of formation of sulfur.

Also, the hypersensitivity reaction may occur under the action of fungi that can easily get into the ear and begin to multiply there.

The development of allergic reactions, provoking pain of cartilage, can become excessive accumulation of sulfur in the organ of hearing. In addition, sulfur can cover the ear canal, resulting in significantly reduced hearing.

Soreness of cartilage and a feeling of tightness in the cavity of the ear can also be caused by allergic rhinitis or sinusitis.

Neuralgia and pathology of the jaw joint

Sometimes the ear cartilage hurts because of the inflammation of the trigeminal, or glossopharyngeal nerve, intermediate.

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If you are experiencing occipital neuralgia, pain syndrome appears in the external part of the organ of hearing.

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which is often only one-sided, it is noted the manifestation of pain in the parotid region.

In that case, if the inflammatory process develops in the nerve trunks near the face, the hearth of the pain syndrome within the cartilage of the ear. While this inflammation is characterized by such manifestations:

  • the pressure in the cavity of the ear;
  • severe pain in wide mouth opening
  • the appearance of herpetic lesions appearance some days later.

As for the inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, the pain syndrome appears first in jaw and then spreads to the ears.

The jaw movement causes pain in the cartilage from the inflamed joint, but with a wide open mouth heard a loud click.

Help. Synovial arthritis is quite easy to treat, what can be said about deforming osteoarthritis, which greatly hampered the movement of the jaw, and there is a pronounced tension and pain in ear cartilage.

Inflammatory and infectious diseases

Inflammation of the organ of hearing person may develop in its various departments:

  1. Inner ear.
  2. Middle ear.
  3. The outer ear.

Most often it otitis externa provokes pain in the cartilage and the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the ear.

The cause of pain – a different kind of pathogens entering the ear and causing the development of inflammation.

This pathology as perichondrium, which is an infectious lesion of the cartilage tissues that can cause severe pain not only the cartilage but also the entire outer ear. In addition, pain in the ear cavity and of the cartilage can occur due to such ailments as sinusitis, parotitis, rhinitis, etc.

The people involved in swimming, quite often the pain occurs in the cartilage of the ear. This is due to the fact that the ear is almost always interacts with the water and under its influence the skin becomes soft and swells, resulting in various infections much easier to penetrate into the cavity of the ear and cause inflammation shells, cartilage or ear drums. Medicine this phenomenon is dubbed as «swimmer’s ear».

Why hurt the ear after sleeping

This phenomenon was noticed by many of us, when after relaxing for some strange reason starts to hurt the ear and, as a rule, one. If you do not see any symptoms of the above diseases and with ears all right, you should pay attention to some factors.

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Maybe you have the wrong rest or not matched those sleeping arrangements? Whatever it is, in any case you should reconsider the following points, among which may be your cause of ear pain after sleeping:

  • too hard pillow, or the absence thereof — in this case, it can be very hard to press and the wishbone, and the entire auricle. No wonder that on the morning of the diseased ear will be felt;
  • incorrect posture for sleep is quite often the case when tired after a busy day a person falls asleep «legs» and while it does not follow as it is. And, incidentally, the ear shell may be wrapped in the opposite direction, covering the ear canal that will respond in the morning, aching pain;
  • violation of microcirculation – it may be the case, if the person is a long time lying in one position, in this case on the side. To the ear, under constant pressure, the blood began to flow, resulting in developing pain.

If such factors are absent in your life, it is best in this case to visit a competent specialist that will help you to deal with the problem.

Whatever the cause of pain in the ear cartilage to self-medicate and fix the problem not worth it. The close proximity of the brain and optic nerves – this is the reason why it is necessary to obtain qualified medical assistance to avoid permanent damage.