Widex hearing AIDS (videx) — what are, how to choose, what are they good for

What you need to know about Widex hearing AIDS?

The ear of the person allows you to perceive different tones. Thanks to this ability is the human interaction with the environment and other people. Man is able to perceive sounds with frequencies from 16 Hz to 20000 Hz. This frequency range is called the acoustic or auditory. Hearing loss says about the weakening of the perception of sound frequency.

Often the cause of hearing loss is old age. Almost 50% of people 75 years of age, a deterioration of hearing. In addition, the factors of hearing loss can be heredity, injury, disease, etc. To serious consequences hearing loss can cause the airplane or allergies. With 3 and 4 degrees of hearing loss to give people the opportunity to live a full life, used hearing AIDS. In this article, we consider the well-proven hearing AIDS Widex (videx).

About hearing AIDS

A hearing aid is an electronic device that amplifies sound and is appointed by the specialist in various forms of persistent hearing loss. The device consists of a microphone, speaker and amplifier-microchip, food which happens due to small batteries. The microphone receives the sound and converts it into an electrical signal, which receives the amplifier and sends it directly to the speaker.

In modern devices, the microchips reduce background noise, thus highlighting it. Today, these devices can be so small that they are almost invisible. But this does not prevent to have these devices exceptional sound quality.

Hearing AIDS are quite varied. Depending on where the device is isolated:

  • custom products;
  • BTE;
  • pocket;
  • points.
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Functionally there are two types of hearing AIDS:

  • analog device;
  • digital (trimmer and programmable).

Read more about types of hearing AIDS you can read here.

Why choose Widex hearing aid (videx)?

The appearance of hearing AIDS Widex Danish production in the Russian market took place in 1997. Regardless of the prices of all devices of the company are designed so that quiet sounds are amplified, because it was seen as quiet, at the same time, loud does not rise above the level that can cause discomfort.

Devices of this company have a number of undeniable qualities:

  1. Quickly process incoming information, and significantly set it.
  2. Provide excellent sound that lets you hear a wide range of sounds from background noise to a whisper in the crowd.
  3. These devices meet all requirements of functionality and aesthetics.
  4. The device is universal and suitable to compensate for the 1-3 degree of hearing loss.

Help. World’s first digital in-ear hearing aid was created by Widex company.

Popular models of Widex and their features

The company produces digital models:

  • budget segment;
  • the middle category;
  • VIP class.

One of the most popular are the models of the series:

  • Clear;
  • Mind;
  • Menu.

Currently, there are a large number of series hearing aid company Widex, which can be found on the official website.

Wireless devices are a series of Clear custom AIDS and behind the ear. The devices have a natural sound, that is the perception of sound becomes considerably smooth and comfortable. Allow you to hear sounds from any direction, the sound is always clear, even when switching from a quiet situation in a loud.

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On the example of the line models Mind you can see how different between hearing AIDS of different categories.

BTE units Menu allows you to choose functions:

  1. Amplifier speech improves speech clarity and reduces background noise.
  2. Locator function HD allows you to understand speech from any direction.
  3. Range extender audibility allows to perceive high frequency sounds.
  4. System feedback suppression.
  5. Zen reduces the noise in the ears.
  6. This series allows you to easily and discomfort to change of acoustic situation, thanks to the voice messages, SmartSpeak.

Hearing AIDS are an effective way to solve hearing problems. Quality devices make it possible to reliably minimize the defects, without causing discomfort to the consumer.

In addition, a hearing aid from a reliable manufacturer durable that will allow you to use it in the long term. Also, for example, hearing AIDS videx is available on the official website of the company.