With the silver drops in the nose for children from the cold: the name

What are drops with silver in the nose?

The third part of the patients coming to ENT complain of diseases of the paranasal sinuses and nose. Even simple stuffy and runny nose can greatly complicate a person’s life. The respiratory system is entrusted with many functions – humidification, warming and cleansing of the incoming air. Also, thanks to the nose can sense various odors.

But when injected into the nose infection or virus all these functions are impaired. Most often rhinitis and sinusitis affects children, as their immune system is not yet fully formed. If you experience nasal congestion and the appearance of mucus, patients are administered a variety of sprays and drops. But which ones are really effective and how to use them?

Varieties of nasal drops

According to statistics, 90% of people at least once a year suffer from respiratory diseases. So there are many types of drugs used for the treatment of rhinitis. Are the most common means of narrowing the vessels. They are used in any type of rhinitis, as they do not cure, but only to remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Also when cold you can use moisturizing products that support the normal functioning of the mucosa.

These drugs do not have a significant therapeutic action, but they are much more effective vasoconstrictor drops.

Even when cold used hormonal drugs to eliminate almost all symptoms, from swelling to purulent discharge. However, this group also medication does not treat rhinitis.

The next group of nasal preparations are drugs that contain natural ingredients. They soften and moisturize the nasal mucosa but do not have a meaningful clinical effect. Other types of nose include the following drops:

  • antihistamines – prevent the development of allergic reactions;
  • oil – moisturize dry mucous membranes;
  • antiviral – destroys viruses;
  • immune stimulating – stimulate the immune system begins to produce substances that prevent the spread of infection;
  • homeopathic – these tools are not classified as drugs, but they are in demand among parents in the treatment children’s runny nose.
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There are also nose drops, on the basis of antiseptics and antibiotics. They are used for destruction of pathogenic organisms, interfere with the normal operation of the respiratory organs. These types of drugs include nose drops based on silver. But what kind of medicine than effective they are and how to use them?

Drops of silver-based: their names and characteristics

The therapeutic effect of drugs containing tiny particles of silver, based on the fact that they exert a powerful antimicrobial effect. These drugs destroy pathogens and inhibit viral infection. Silver may precipitate proteins, forming on the affected mucous membranes thin film, accelerating regeneration and blocking the irritation.

Often prescribe such nose drops with silver ions from a cold as

  • Protargolum;
  • Sailor;
  • Collargol;
  • Argolife.

Protargol is a drug consisting of proteins containing silver ions. Due to the short shelf life (14 days), medium make to order powder from pharmacies concerned with the preparation of medicines. The advantages of the drug is that it not addictive and dysbiotic disorders. The tool is used in the treatment of the complications of rhinitis of different etiology – purulent rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, etc.

Attention! The active substances of the Protargol can trigger allergies and cause toxicity, so the solution should be used only for medical purpose. Special attention for pregnant women.

Medicine allowed to apply at any age. But the black nose drops for adults and children can differ in concentration of active substances:

  • 1% solution – up to 1 year;
  • 2% solution – 3-5 years;
  • 3% solution – for children from 5 years and adults.

Before applying the aqueous solution of protargol should lavage the nasal cavity. At a time in each nasal passage can be instilled to 5 drops. The procedure was carried out twice a day, morning and evening. The therapeutic effect will be felt after 2-4 days from start of therapy. The duration of treatment determined by the attending physician.

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Protargol do not use during pregnancy, and occurrence of Allergy to the active substance means and lactation.

The uncontrolled use of drugs often have Allergy symptoms.

This condition is accompanied by a rash, itchy eyes, itching of the skin, dryness of mucous membranes, dizziness and fatigue.

Therefore, the dosage, time and duration of use should be determined by the doctor.

The other name of Protargol is Sailor that is also often prescribed for the treatment of rhinitis in children and adults. In one pill, from which to prepare a solution with 200 mg Proteinate of silver and polyvinyl-N-pyrrolidone. The drug has a strong antiseptic, astringent and protective action. The drug is active against fungi, staphylococci and streptococci. It prevents the penetration of pathogens into the body through the formation of protective film of the nose.

To prepare a two-percent solution, 1 tablet of Salora dissolved in 10 ml of solvent supplied to the drug. The process of preparation of the drug:

  • the solvent is poured into the vial;
  • in the capacity of the added 200 mg of Salora;
  • the bottle is shaken for about 10 minutes until complete dissolution of the tablet.

The resulting solution has a dark brown color and a characteristic odor. Before using it you must wash the nose with saline, or herbal decoction, this is especially true of children. The medication is instilled three times a day, 1-3 drops in each nostril. The duration of therapy is 5 to 7 days.

Attention! According to doctors and most parents Protargol and Sealer is the best nose drops for kids with silver.

Contraindications to the use of Salora the same as when using the Protargol. Possible adverse reactions – burning and itching. It is worth remembering that the silver accumulates in the body and during insertion into the intestine it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, settling in various organs and systems. When argyria occur neurological disorders, disrupted digestion and the kidney.

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Even when cold you can use Collargol. Pure medication contains silver (70%) and albumin (30%) between the molecules of the metal and supporting them in a state of activity.

The drug has a therapeutic effect similar therapeutic effect Protargol and Valora.

Before use, Collargol, as in other cases, diluted with water.

The solution (1-2%) instilled into the nose when the adenoids, purulent rhinitis, rhinitis in children and adults. In such diseases the drug is especially effective, as it reduces inflammation and provides long-lasting antimicrobial effect.

Even for the treatment of rhinitis used a solution based on silver Argolife. The tool is produced in a dark bottle with a volume of 10 ml, which contains the solution of colloidal silver (0.05%).

The disadvantage of the medications is negligible therapeutic effect, due to its weak concentration. But on the other hand is a plus, allowing to use the drug to treat infants without worrying about side effects.

Preparations based on silver is quite effective. However, as their active substance can cause allergic reactions and can accumulate in the body, solutions are used only for advanced forms of rhinitis accompanied by purulent green discharge.

Also, before burying his nose in the silver-containing drugs, particularly when treating children, you need to consult with your doctor.