Yeast infection treatment at home: tips

Thrush is a common fungal disease faced by every man at least once in your life. Therefore, the urgent question of today: «How to effectively treat thrush at home?» In fact, yeast fungus all the time dwells in the human body, but its content is minimal. The immune system is able to fight yeast infection but when Candida begins to proliferate actively, there are the primary symptoms.

Is it possible to cure yeast infection in women forever?

The answer to this question is not investigated to the end, so none of the experts could not render a specific verdict. Even if the fungus family Candida was cured, no one is immune from relapse.

It is a disease of modern humans. Thrush has the ability to quite rapidly develop into a chronic disease. Often girls at primary infection symptoms buy at the pharmacy antifungals, which may not be appropriate, and this only compounds the problem. In such cases, vaginal discharge cheesy texture and discomfort bother women very often. How to treat thrush at home and familiar environment, you can learn from a variety of sources, but consultation is required.

Treatment of yeast infection in women includes 2 stages:

  • symptoms of candidiasis;
  • prevention of relapses.

Task of traditional medicine that require high quality resolution, is immune stimulating and antifungal therapy.

How to cure yeast infection in women, the traditional methods?

There are several effective methods that can cure candidiasis in women at one time or within a short course: the use of drugs Clotrimazole, Diflucan, but in this case, if the disease is not chronic that the diagnosis is correct. Symptoms can be similar to signs of other diseases and even such of them that are not fungal in nature. This treatment will be absolutely useless. Prior to treat thrush, you should visit your doctor and confirm the diagnosis.

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The correct and effective method of treatment depends on the type and stage of yeast infection:

  • In that case, if these symptoms appeared for the first time or form of candidiasis is light, can be cured vaginal candles Livarol, Gynezol, Macmiror complex, Nystatin. During pregnancy can be assigned Pimafucin and Betadine.
  • If the yeast infection is chronic, most often drug therapy is prescribed. It is more effective. Conducted a comprehensive therapy during which used pills and candles. Lack of treatment with tablets is that they have many contraindications. To treat candidiasis in women can be at home Mycosyst, Flucostat and Diflucan.

You need to keep in mind that one treatment is not enough. You must eat right, lead an active lifestyle and strengthen the immune system. Be sure before you begin treating candidiasis, you need to visit a doctor. The wrong treatment can exacerbate problems and lead to serious diseases. Traditional methods will help to reduce the symptoms if thrush has acquired recurrent in nature.

Decoctions and infusions

To cope with the candidiasis in women help herbal tinctures and decoctions. Yeast infection treatment at home often gives good results.


Take 1 dessert spoon of flowers pharmacy chamomile, calendula, juniper, eucalyptus, sage, yarrow and birch buds, mix. Then 1 dessert spoon of the mixture pour 0,5 liter of boiling water. The decoction should be wrap and insist 40 minutes. He was adopted 4 times per night for 2 tbsp for 50 minutes before eating.

Tincture of wormwood

It is necessary to take 15 grams of dried flowers and pour 0.2 litre of boiling water. Drink 3 times a day 1 dessert spoon.

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Cleaning and douching

Chamomile tea: take 3 tablespoons of the dried flowers and pour in 1 liter of boiling water. Capacity need to wrap and infuse for half an hour broth, then strain. To use for cleaning.

A solution of calendula and chamomile pharmacy: take 3 tbsp. l. dried flowers and pour 0.5 liter of sterile water. Put the mixture on the stove and bring to a boil, stand for another 10 minutes. Then the capacity to envelop and infuse the broth for 5 hours. Douching should be made before going to sleep.

Universal solution: take 1 dessert spoon of lavender, nettle and oak bark, the mixture is stirred. Then take 1 tbsp. l. collection pour and 0.2 ml of boiling water, let infuse for 3 hours, after poured in a bowl with grass 150 ml of boiling water. Apply the solution every time need water treatment. Nettles can be replaced with string.

Effective solution: take 1 liter of sterile water, bring to a boil, add 1 dessert spoon of baking soda and 10 drops of iodine. The solution can be used when cleaning and douching, preferably before bedtime.

Therapeutic irrigation: the need to take 2 tsp. of oils of calendula and tea tree. Mixture to enter the syringe into the vagina at night.

Sweet solution: take 1 dessert spoon of honey and 0,5 of water, mix well. Should be treated with a solution of the vaginal mucosa.

Alcohol blend: take 3 dessert spoons of dried calendula and pour 0,5 glass of ethanol. Stir and insist 1 day. You need to douche, spreading 1 tsp. of the composition with 1 Cup of warm boiled water.

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An effective method is the treatment kefir tampons. You need to use a tampon that is fully saturated with yogurt 0% fat. The course is 7 days, insert a tampon before bedtime. In the morning it should be washed away or spend douching infusion of chamomile.

To not only cure thrush but to prevent its return, you should change your way of life. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of complex carbohydrates and add it to the menu dairy products.

Note: good to eat garlic and drink natural carrot juice – these products are great fight with pathogenic fungi and dangerous infections.

A yeast infection in women — a common phenomenon. If you do not self-medicate and to promptly contact their doctor you can get rid of it forever.