Yeast infection treatment: folk remedies and pharmacy

A large percentage of women will experience itching and burning of the external genitalia, white discharge. All these symptoms indicate the presence of fungus. There is a high probability that it is — thrush or vaginal candidiasis. Each day, this disease progresses and symptoms are manifested all the stronger. Vaginal candidiasis is a disease that is caused by a fungus of the genus Candida. This disease can occur in women at any age. Such a delicate issue makes you think every woman on a difficult question – how to quickly cure yeast infection and what drugs are best to use.

The main and basic cause of this disease is albicans. This fungus multiplies in tissues containing large amounts of glycogen. Microorganism albicans a good «feel» and on the mucous membranes of the vagina. Large quantities of albicans turns into a dangerous fungus that can cause candidiasis. But to get rid of the disease permanently is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. As for the fungus, it is known for a very long time. Before albicans destroyed using traditional methods.

How to deal with yeast infection? The symptoms of the disease

Candidiasis is very difficult to confuse with any other disease. Thrush is characterized by the following features:

  1. Severe itching and pain in the external genitals, including the vagina.
  2. Dense and frequent allocation of white color.
  3. Candidiasis appears pain during intercourse and urination.

There are the following causes of candidiasis:

  1. Antibiotics.
  2. A weak immune system.
  3. The problems associated with metabolism.
  4. Inappropriate food.
  5. Hormonal disturbances.
  6. Substandard underwear (the predominance of synthetic material).

Finding the first signs of the disease, a woman or girl asks himself the questions: «Can you cure yeast infection?» and «What to do to avoid relapse?» Just want to note that drinking a pill or drugs taken only once, will not cure the disease and can not treat the body fully. Therefore, woman must know how to treat thrush properly.

Getting rid of the fungi of the genus Candida — the basis of treatment

Yeast infection treatment is in each case individually and is assigned only after a gynecological examination. The specialist will identify the stage of the disease, localization of the fungi of the genus Candida and will tell you how to treat yeast infection and what to do to prevent the disease never returned. To get rid of candidiasis are many approaches aimed at maximum reduction of the amount of fungus in women.

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This disease can have a mild form. In this case, it is sufficient to use only local treatment. Apply ointments, suppositories, vaginal tablets. In more complex manifestations of the disease treatment may be accompanied by intravenous injections. Only a comprehensive treatment of thrush can eliminate all symptoms of this disease. The treatment process is not difficult, much more difficult to detect candidiasis, and to prevent relapse. Drugs should be used strictly according to doctor’s recommendations. You need to follow the instructions. In the proper treatment regime can help developed doctor scheme.

How to treat thrush in women should be concerned not only with the girl. Her sexual partner should also undergo treatment. In the case of the constant return of the symptoms the woman is recommended to pay attention to food. Itching can be caused by eating spicy foods, drinks with dyes and alcohol. Vegetables, fruits and dairy products – those necessary products that should be present in the diet. Effective yeast infection treatment is possible if to avoid stressful situations and experiences. Stress is the main reason because of which quickly manifested disturbing symptoms of candidiasis. An important role in the fight against this disease reserved the immune system. It is the immune system protects the body from fungi of the genus Candida. We must remember that in a weakened body easily penetrates the microorganism albicans. Therefore, to strengthen the immune system specialists are assigned to probiotics. Personal hygiene increases the chances of getting rid of vaginal candidiasis.

Many women are concerned about how to quickly get rid of thrush. You need to know the main ways of treating candidiasis and find out in detail how to cure yeast infection without consequences for the organism. Treatment of fungus is allowed in the home. One of these options is homeopathy. Since the main cause of fungus is weak immune system, alone antifungal medications will not help. In this case, that homeopathy effectively cope with candidiasis. Get rid of the fungus can be permanently. Homeopathy – great destruction of the fungus in a short time. Such methods are perfectly combined with the basic means of treatment and accelerate the healing process of thrush. Homeopathy is characterized by the absence of any contraindications and complications of candidiasis.

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Homemade ways

To get rid of candidiasis can be in the home. This requires the use of complex treatment, and proper medicines will speed up the healing process. Naturally, yeast infection treatment is not one day, but after a month the result will be very noticeable. The drugs are selected strictly individually.

The use of honey candidiasis

As we know, honey is able to fight a variety of microbes, bacteria (this includes a fungus of the genus Candida) and remove the inflammation. The duration of treatment is usually 2 weeks. Treatment of candidiasis at home includes douching based on honey solution. Honey solution soaked swabs and a half hour are introduced into the vagina.

Herbal tinctures and decoctions candidiasis

At home possible to cure not only easy, but running form of the disease. But yeast infection treatment in these cases will be different in duration. For easy simply 1 month, and for the running case a few months.

Candidiasis is treated effectively collecting chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and sage. Decoctions of them not only destroy the infection but also warn that further development of the fungus. Such tinctures are also used as prevention. You need to wash several times a day.

For getting rid of fungi of the genus Candida you can prepare a decoction, which is based on calendula. Take one teaspoon of the herb and pour boiling water. After cooling, the resulting broth is used for irrigation or drunk as tea. To do this procedure you need 2 times a day. Candidiasis using calendula is very effective.

The infusion of chamomile is also used for douching with candidiasis. The use of herbal infusions for cleaning will help to forget about such a delicate problem.

Another effective tool that is prepared at home is carrot juice.

But before you get rid of the fungi of the genus Candida in the home, be sure to consult a doctor who will tell you how to treat thrush. Yourself to do it.

Local freedom from disease (drugs)

Today there are a number of tools that can help get rid of mold: tablets, capsules, creams and candles.

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Some pills can be bought without a prescription, other tablets and capsules are assigned a doctor. Each tablet has its contraindications, so you need a medical consultation.

The best result gives a candles and pills. Their introduction into the vagina is facilitated by special applicators. Each tablet contains anti-fungal substances. These drugs are able to remove all manifestations of the disease. One week of using the cream is able to deliver woman from itching. In addition, drinking a pill and a capsule will kill the fungus not only in genitals, but in the other systems of the body.

Some girls are of the opinion that the capsule is able to cure this disease without causing any harm and pain. But the capsule may not completely heal the female body. You need to pass a comprehensive treatment.

Treatment of candidiasis caused by this group of fungi, has its limitations. The tablets should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. Therefore, this category of women is constantly questioned as to cure yeast infection without harm to the fetus. The fungus thrives in the heat, and they tolerate the cold poorly. To get rid of fungi can ordinary piece of ice. The ice cubes must have an oval shape. For freezing ordinary boiled water or a variety of drugs, including Malavit (diluted with water). Also works effectively with candidiasis tea tree oil.

Some experts say that a fungus of the genus Candida is actively developing on the background of stress and depression. In their opinion, to get rid of the candidiasis will not only the pill, but in a good mood and positive thoughts. Properly combining the drugs to achieve the long-awaited healing. And then the candidiasis forever.