Yellow secretion from nose: causes and treatment

How to treat the allocation of yellow color from the nose?

The appearance of yellow nasal discharge can be a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection. Patients start to complain of headache and swelling of the mucous membranes. Before choosing a treatment option, you need to understand the causes of the disease.


You can highlight several factors that trigger the formation of secretions yellow.


Mucus can be a symptom of cysts of the maxillary sinus. The patient may not be aware of the benign tumors. The disease is detected after passing diagnostics.

To recognize the cyst is possible on the following grounds:

  • you receive a stuffy nose from the cysts;
  • the patient when tilting the head produces mucus yellow, which is the serous contents of the cyst;
  • man begins to complain of headache.

To get rid of the cyst can only be surgically removed. Conservative treatment does not allow to achieve positive results.


A symptom of the disease is an inflammatory process which occurs in the sinuses. There are acute and chronic sinusitis. The patient from the nose mucus of yellow-green color, which has an unpleasant smell. Causes yellow discharge from the nose affects the intensity of the color of pus.

In the process of the body’s fight against pathogens in the mixture appear dead leukocytes, which give it a distinctive shade of mucus. If untreated, the pathology leads to further spread of infection.


Yellow discharge from the nose can indicate the development of sinusitis. The patient complains of fever and severe headache. The patient has a cough that intensified at night.

Bright yellow secretion from the nose in an adult indicates a large concentration of dead blood cells that are formed during the neutralization of the harmful bacteria.

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In case of sinusitis the patient is prescribed a vasoconstrictor drops. They contribute to reduce swelling and make breathing easier. To destroy the infection patient is prescribed antibiotics. Drugs prevent the development of inflammatory process.

The antibiotics help to clear nasal passages of yellow mucus.

Allergic rhinitis

Some patients suffer from allergies to certain substances. The reason may be cat fur or feathers in the cushions. Note the time of year, when it starts cold.

Often the disease manifests itself when flowering of some plants. Many people suffer from bouts of allergic rhinitis, the appearance of poplar fluff. However, these symptoms are temporary. To help in this situation can antihistamines.


The secretion of yellow mucus may be due to cigarette smoke which gets into the sinuses.

Nicotine has irritant effect on mucous membranes.

With mucus the body tries to get rid of harmful components.

Patients with these symptoms will have to put a lot of effort to get rid of yellow discharge from the nose.


The nozzle can occur due a long stay in the cold air. With mucus the body tries to protect the respiratory system from exposure to low temperature.

The situation may worsen lowered immunity due to the presence of the inflammatory process. To boost immunity it is recommended to take immunomodulators.


When the yellow snot need to go to the audiologist. First you need to understand the causes of the disease. Specialist examines a swab of the sinus to determine the type of harmful bacteria.

Treatment of nasal discharge of yellow color depends on the composition of mucus, which accumulates in the sinuses of the patient.

When cold the patient is administered vasoconstrictor drops (Naphazoline, not call). Chronic administration of these funds is addictive.

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Before backfilling, flush the nasal passages of accumulated mucus.

To suppress pathogens and to remove highlighting, you can use products based on sea water (Akvamaris, Salin).

To perform the wash procedure can home.

To eliminate swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose it is recommended to use antihistamines (Tavegil, Suprastin). They help patients suffering from allergies to certain substances.

Effective means to combat harmful bacteria is Protargol.

The active ingredient of this drug is proteinit silver, which kills fungi and pathogenic microorganisms.

To stop the inflammatory process may be due to broad spectrum antibiotics (Ceftriaxone).

If severe headache help painkillers (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen).

Thick yellow nasal discharge indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. Active multiplication of microorganisms occurs on the background of reduced immunity. To increase the body’s resistance to harmful bacteria can be, if you take immune-boosting drugs.

Conservative treatment does not help all patients. With the progression of the disease, the doctors resort to surgery. In the nasal septum of the patient is made small puncture. It is designed to remove purulent discharge.

Traditional methods

Among the effective methods of alternative medicine include:

  1. Warming up the nose area with the help of salt. Before the procedure it is necessary to heat the pan. Then salt poured into the pouches and apply to the sore spot.
  2. To get rid of pus you can use essential oils (eucalyptus, pihtovoe, etc.) are used to conduct inhalation. Be sure to consider the possibility of allergic reactions. Warm mucous membranes of the nose by inhaling air over the hot potatoes.
  3. Benefit patients suffering from cold, bring the washing procedure. You can use herbal teas made from calendula, chamomile or nettle. They have bactericidal effect and can replace medications.
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Education yellow discharge from the nose can be a symptom of serious disease. You need to contact the audiologist to determine the cause of the disease. Only after medical examination and obtaining the results of the survey, you can begin treatment.

Most often, the pus yellow color is formed due to the development of viral or bacterial infection. To ease breathing of patients prescribed vasoconstrictors.

Deal with harmful bacteria by using antibiotics. In allergic rhinitis patients prescribed antihistamines. If the medication does not bring positive results patients are referred for surgery.