Yellow snot adults: causes and treatment how to treat

How to treat yellow snot in an adult?

Many people have a runny nose for a serious illness do not consider, not give it great importance and some even neglect the treatment. But as practice shows, this attitude can lead to negative consequences. A person may develop headache, weakness and lack of breathing.

In this disease great importance is the color of the mucus secretion from the nostrils. For example, yellow mucus may indicate purulent inflammatory process and prolonged cold. Upon detection of these symptoms should immediately visit a physician who will provide expert help, otherwise the illness will be launched and it will be difficult to cure.

Causes of yellow mucus with a cold

In a healthy person from the nose in small quantities, occur mucus clear color.

If you experience any of the pathological process it is painted in a different color. Many wonder – why is snot bright yellow? The fact that during infection, in the fight against pathogens, healthy white blood cells to die, thereby coloring the slime oozing from the nostrils.

Thick yellow snot occur for several reasons. Take a closer look.

Allergic rhinitis and viral infections

People with allergies yellow mucus appears during any of the allergen (hair, pollen, etc.). Basically, the aggravation takes place in autumn and spring.

In the morning, yellow snot adults occur most often in may, during flowering of plants that cause allergies.

When injected into the body of pathogenic microorganisms, the human immunity decreases.

The symptoms appear as weakness, cough, runny nose.

In the absence of effective treatment viruses and bacteria multiply rapidly and spread, striking nearby organs. This leads to bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious diseases.

Tumors in the nose

  • Cyst. If the color of snot bright orange, this is the first sign of the presence of tumors in the sinuses. With intensive blowing the nose or straining cyst bursts and secreted together with mucus from the nostrils.
  • Oncology. In rare cases the appearance of this pathology on the background of serious disruption of the body.
  • Inflammation of the adenoids. Most often this disease affects children, but this problem may also occur in adults.
  • Adenoide is accompanied by a flow of mucus from the nose dark yellow that also flow down the rear wall of the nasopharynx.
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The healing process

Transparent yellow snot can indicate that the disease recedes, and through the nose out the remains of the pathogenic microorganisms. In this case, the mucus from the nostrils is not allocated continuously and does not accumulate, making it difficult to free nasal breathing.

In most cases, bright yellow snot from one nostril or two indicate inflammatory disease of the maxillary sinus. This happens due to the advanced stage of rhinitis, colds or respiratory diseases. If an adult human secreted mucus from nose yellow-green hue, it indicates the presence of sinusitis, viral and bacterial rhinitis or tracheitis.

Other reasons

A lack of humidity in the living space, i.e., dry air can trigger for yellow mucus from the nose.

In the absence of symptoms of colds and flu, smokers snot this color are the main symptom of the harmful addiction and abuse tobacco products.

The reason for this is the deposition of nicotine on mucous membranes.

With the constant flow of nose, reduce the number of cigarettes or completely quit this habit.

Methods of treatment

The appearance of this pathology arises a question – than and how to treat yellow snot an adult? First and foremost you need to seek help to the doctor – the otolaryngologist, who after carrying out certain tests (ultrasound, x-ray, etc.) will determine the nature of the disease and prescribe appropriate therapy.

Important! If the causative agent of the disease was a bacterial infection, analysis of blood taken and a swab from the nose to study the microflora of the mucous membrane.

Treatment snot this color will be effective, if carried out combined therapy. Designate the following medical drugs:

  1. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs. They need to be taken if the causative agent of this disease is a viral infection.
  2. Antihistamines. Prescribed for allergic rhinitis after identifying the allergen. They relieve swelling, eliminate inflammation and normalizes nasal breathing.
  3. Vasoconstrictor medications. Designed to alleviate the symptoms of this disease. According to the enclosed instructions you can use them no more than 5 days and at the prescription of the doctor otherwise you can get negative effect, the swelling of the nasal mucosa.
  4. Antibiotics. If the disease is protracted, the duration of which more than 7-10 days, it is necessary the use of these drugs. They have detrimental effect on the source of the infection and prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria into nearby organs (ears, nose, throat, brain).
  5. Adjuvants. One of the reasons for the appearance of mucus from the nose, yellow in color and is reduced immunity. Such tools are recommended to use with other medicines. Also, the patient must increase the body’s immune system through proper and healthy nutrition, work, rest and avoiding harmful habits.
  6. Painkillers. They are appointed if the cold is accompanied by high body temperature, headache and General weakness.
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During therapy runny nose this procedure must be performed nasal lavage. This method promotes more rapid recovery, as it eliminates mucus from harmful microorganisms and hugs the breath through the nose.

To perform this procedure, use a saline solution that you can do yourself or ready mix buy in pharmacies.

In addition to wash the nose with herbs possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect (chamomile, sage, calendula, yarrow, St. John’s wort). But do not often use this method because some plants have a drying effect.

Attention! When the yellow mucus is often recommended to ventilate and to perform wet cleaning of residential premises.

Therapy yellow mucus alternative medicine

Many people resort to treating the common cold with simple folk remedies. The most effective ways are:

  1. Instillation of nose with a juice of carrot, beet, onion, garlic, juice of aloe with honey. To do this, the selected component to dilute not hot boiled water, observing the same proportions. It is necessary to drip 1-2 drops. The duration of the procedure should last no longer than 3-5 days, the number of drops per day up to three times.
  2. Steam inhalation with the addition of eucalyptus essential oil and purified or boiled potatoes. This method of treatment will quickly resume free breathing through the nose.
  3. Warming. This procedure is done with a hot common salt, wrapped in cotton cloth and applied to the sinuses. To perform such a method is possible only in the absence of purulent process.
  4. Abundant fortified drink. Herbal teas of chamomile, rose hips, Hypericum, fruit drinks and fruit drinks made from black currants, cranberries and blueberries will help you fight inflammation and increase protective functions of the body.
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Causes and treatment of yellow mucus in the adult — concepts are interrelated, since identifying the causative agent of this disease, will be assigned an effective therapy.

In advanced cases, cold can acquire a chronic form of the disease and completely cure it will be difficult.