A chronic form of oral candidiasis


Hello. My son has chronic Candidiasis of the oral cavity, please tell me what the testing and treatment we need to do? We suffer for 15 years.


Good day! Usually chronic forms of candidiasis of the oral cavity are treated much longer and more complicated acute forms. First of all, you need to contact the doctor. He will prescribe the necessary diagnostics (blood test, microscopy of scrapings from the surface of the affected mucous membrane, blood sugar levels, other types of examination). Treatment is designed strictly individually for each patient depending on extent of lesions of the oral cavity by opportunistic fungi from the specific type of pathogen, other details.

You don’t have to wait 15 years, and when the first symptoms to go to the hospital, to take measures in order to avoid various complications that can negatively influence not only the mouth but also the health of the whole organism.

Rather take your son to a doctor, let him fulfil all recommendations of the specialist. For the treatment usually prescribed antifungal agents for the local treatment of the mucous membrane of the mouth, for oral administration, vitamins, minerals to strengthen, improve immunity. Treatment this type of candidiasis is engaged in the dentist or periodontist.

With worsening of the course of disease pathogens begin to rapidly multiply, spread to the internal system and organs. Then the treatment of candidiasis should lie on the shoulders of the mycologist or an infectious disease doctor! Let your son cares for his health!

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