Again, a yeast infection after your period


Please tell me. I was treated 10 days liveroom. Yeast infections after menstruation reappeared.


Good day! If you were self-medicating without a diagnosis, visiting a gynecologist is wrong. In this case, you need to probably go to the doctor to be examined and to start the right therapy. Causes of thrush quite a lot, they need to know in order to avoid the growth of fungal flora. Favorable conditions for germs – moist environment. Such conditions are formed, for example, when wearing fitted pants, tight skirts, due to the use of pads, tampons, another of linen, towels, occasional changes of underwear, a lack of intimate hygiene.

In addition, fungi of the genus Candida, the causative agents of thrush, a very sweet environment, so a diet consisting mainly of foods rich in fast carbohydrates, provokes their growth and reproduction. Contact your doctor to determine the specific risk factor, to find out why you are concerned about thrush. Treatment with «If» would not benefit because of the resistance of pathogens to the active ingredient of the drug. To cure to be effective, it must appoint a doctor based on the results of special analyses.

Features of treatment of thrush in women

Always, especially during menstruation, women should maintain hygiene of the genitals, wearing underwear made of natural fabrics. Your doctor may prescribe topical application of intravaginal suppositories as well as tablets for oral administration. At the present time a popular, effective means are Pimafucin, Terzian, Ketoconazole, Miramistin, Diflucan, fluconazole, and many others. Their action is aimed at suppressing the number of fungal microorganisms. Forget about self-treatment, follow to the hospital to see the gynecologist!

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