Bothering the symptoms of thrush


Hello. After intercourse with my wife, my body flushed and a bit swollen. The next day it seemed to bloom. His wife appeared thrush. How to conduct a proper joint treatment based on fluconazole?


Good day! Yes, the symptoms that bother you, is very similar to a yeast infection of the genitals. In men, the disease is usually manifested by congestion and swelling of the head, foreskin, specific cheesy secretions, a touch on the penis. Initially I want to give you advice is to consult a doctor-urologist. This specialist treats diseases of the urinary system. But, if in a smear will identify not only the causative agents of thrush – a yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, but also exceeded the number of white blood cells, and other pathogens that provoke the development of various infections, then you will be directed to the doctor-venereologist.

Your wife needs to go to the gynecologist also examined. Before experts will prescribe you yeast infection treatment, they are required to identify the specic cause of the disease, to further it was possible to take a set of measures allowing to eliminate their impact.

Yeast infection treatment

Fluconazole – a known antifungal drug used for oral administration. But, as already said, to select an individual therapy can only doctor. Therefore should not without his permission to resort to any self-regulation. Fungi of the genus Candida can be resistant to certain active substances of the drugs. In this case, therapy will be ineffective. In the first place when the acute stage candidiasis, resort to anti-fungal ointments, creams, solutions. The tablets are taken if a specialist sees a need, recommend for treatment.

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In addition to medication you need to avoid stress, exercise, eliminate bad habits, pay special attention to nutrition to include foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other useful components. Go to the hospital, be surveyed and properly treated!