Canesten of thrush


In MENA molocnica I vzhe Yak 2-3 month wilkowice not mozhu, probovala lculate kanestrom Bo so porekomendoval likar, ale nichogo not dopomogli.


Hello! Before the treatment of candidiasis, the physician should prescribe tests, to give direction to the passage of a particular diagnosis, which will be required in your case. If the treatment that you have used, did not bring positive results, then the doctor negligently treated his work, has not established the specific cause of thrush did not reveal whether the fungal microorganisms are resistant to certain active substances of antifungal medicines. I suggest you to find another, really good professional who will help to cure yeast infection.

For the therapy to be most effective you need to adhere to the preventive measures, that is, to observe hygiene, not to succumb to stress, do not overheat, do not SuperCool, to refuse sexual contacts during the period of the disease, time to heal any ailments. Special attention should be paid to nutrition. The reproduction of yeast fungi contribute to confectionery, honey, jam, pastries, other products containing large amounts of fast carbohydrates. Therefore, it is prohibited to use. Fall under the ban of canned, paste, fast foods, any foods that contain dyes, preservatives, and other harmful components. Take care of yourself and your health! Find a good gynecologist, don’t practice self-treatment!

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