Fails to cure male yeast infection


Hello. I got a yeast infection. Has been going on since August. Periodically, then reappearing, then disappearing(temporarily) after the use of creams (clotrimazole, nystatin ointment 100,000 units).Help. Nearby qualified professionals not. Pills once again to stuff myself I do not want, not knowing what you need. Have already got. And so, prompt how to be treated spouse. Thanks in advance. With respect, Andrey.


Andrew, Hello! First and foremost I want to note that thrush in men is quite rare. This disease most often concerned about the fair sex. You, of course, it is recommended to find a good doctor, because self –threat, an incorrect method of treatment against thrush or any other disease. Before you start treatment, to be tested, to pass special tests that will tell the doctor. Based on their results it will be possible to make an accurate diagnosis, determine the risk factors that trigger disease development.

Undoubtedly, the recurrence of any illness will trouble, until will be taken some measures to eliminate the impact of negative factors. Your wife need to go to the gynecologist, is also not practicing self-medication. For the entire period of treatment it is better to avoid sexual contacts, observe measures of prevention. They concluded that, to avoid stress, overheating, hypothermia, do not visit saunas, pools, and other similar institutions. It is also very important is proper nutrition.

The diet should include foods that contain vitamins, minerals, protein, bifidobacteria. These include dairy products, vegetables, sour fruits, different kinds of nuts, herbs, cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice). Exclude from the diet should be foods rich in fast carbohydrates (sodas, pastries, cakes). Do not delay, rather ask for help the doctor!

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