Fails to cure the yeast infection within a month


Hello. I have this problem — can’t get rid of thrush for a whole month, saw the nystatin, put candles clotrimazole for a few days lull and then the new. But allocations per se, just wash when you feel a cheesy plaque.


If you are unable to recover a listed medication, so the doctor was a bad choice for the treatment of yeast infection or not determined the exact cause of the disease. Before assigning therapy, the specialist must find out what factors have a negative impact on the body, encourage the growth and development of fungi of the genus Candida representatives of conditionally pathogenic flora. The factors provoking yeast infections, are a significant weakening of the immune system due to antibiotics, hormonal drugs, chronic illnesses, poor diet, inflammation in the body. So find another doctor, who has much experience, which has many positive reviews. It is important to follow preventive measures so as not to contribute to the development of thrush, worsening of the condition. Such measures include:

  • correct, a healthy diet (eating curd, sour fruits, berries, nuts, lean meats fish and other
  • rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals products);
  • timely treatment of any disease by the doctor.
  • regular exercise;
  • avoidance of stress, hypothermia, overheating.

Drugs for the treatment of yeast infection the doctor must be individualized for each patient based on the results of the analysis of the stability of pathogens to the different current components of modern medicines.

In General, I advise you to find another specialist, again examined, to begin treatment he will prescribe. Do not forget to adhere to preventive measures.

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