Is it possible to treat yeast infection during menstruation?


Hello. I’m treating a yeast infection only three days and started my period. What do I do. To continue treatment or terminate the on time of the month? Thank you


Good day! First I would like to know, do you ever go to the gynecologist, being treated with the drugs which he was appointed or decided to carry out therapy on their own, picked up the drugs that are considered necessary. There are plenty of drugs to fight thrush. Some of them are forbidden to use during menstruation and some are not.

Therefore a diagnosis, then begin treatment with medication, which will appoint a gynecologist. It is also important to monitor the hygiene of genitals, ask a doctor about folk methods of treatment. Effective methods are soda baths, bath of decoction of chamomile, juniper, marigold and many other plants. Go rather to the doctor, ask for all the moments that soon cure yeast infection.

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