Prevention candidiasis throat, genitals


I was prescribed ginalgin for the treatment of flora. I suffer from thrush of the vagina and the throat how to protect myself, she didn’t show up? Now I don’t have it. But after the abolition of ginalgin it may appear.

What to take for prevention?


Good afternoon, Lyudmila! You want to start by saying that thrush, like any other disease requires the correct approach to its treatment. If you turned to good, experienced, you would have already known the cause of the disease, measures to eliminate its effect on your body. If you are concerned about yeast infections in two places – in the throat and vagina, then you have greatly weakened the local and General immunity, you need to urgently seek doctors examined and treated.

Not necessary to independently assign itself those or other drugs as self-medication is a dangerous method of therapy, which can lead to negative health effects. We can introduce preventive measures.

Prevention candidiasis throat

To protect yourself from this disease, you should:

  • To refuse the use of different mouthwashes for the oral cavity because they contain substances that can disturb the balance of the microflora of the mouth, to provoke the appearance of thrush.
  • Hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • Eat less confectionery, preserves, other sweets, pastries, drinks containing yeast.
  • To stop Smoking, other harmful habits.
  • To take vitamin, mineral supplements that strengthen the immune system.
  • Regularly (about 2 times a year) visit the dentist.

Prevention of vaginal candidiasis

List the main preventive measures for the fair sex.

  • It is necessary to observe genital hygiene, to abandon the use of gels, soap for cleaning that contains flavorings, and other harmful substances.
  • Women should wear underwear that is made of line, cotton, and other natural materials. Synthetic also forms the environment of high humidity, thereby creating favorable conditions for the life of the causative agents of thrush.
  • To abandon irrigation, often change pads during menstruation, eat right, avoid stress, exercise.
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Do not engage in treatment, refer to a good specialist who can help you! We wish you a speedy recovery!