Prompt prevention and treatment of thrush for men


Good day! Thrush manifests itself throughout the year. Periodically there is an unpleasant odor and plaque on the glans penis. Hiking to the venereal diseases do not give a complete recovery from the disease. Assigned to ointment pimafutsin for 10 days and receive flucanozole (150ml) 1 time. After the symptoms appear again. The doctor would recommend a circumcision, which I don’t. Tests for sugar, all the indicators are normal. Now resorted to folk remedies in search the treatment of the disease. Please tell me how you can once and for all to eradicate this disease.


Hello! A good and experienced doctor is able to choose individual treatment of candidiasis, so to start I suggest you to find another specialist. Must pass physical examination, the results of which will help to establish the specific cause of the disease, to know which active substances of modern medicine the disease is stable. Because in this case revealed no specific risk factors, they continue to have a negative effect on the body, to provoke the development of thrush. Treatment appoint a doctor, so start searching for a good specialist.

If we talk about folk remedies that are applied with the aim to suppress the number of fungal agents are effective herbal teas and tinctures of juniper, chamomile, calendula, oak bark, and other herbs. Detrimental impact on fungi of the genus Candida have a solution of baking soda, a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). But all of these funds are in addition to drug therapy.


Recommend that you adhere to a proper diet (to include in the diet plenty of foods rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements that are extremely needed by the body), give up bad habits, if any, to avoid stress, less worry, intelligently allocate time for work and rest, exercise regularly, avoid overcooling, overheating. An important measure of prevention is compliance with General and personal hygiene. It is possible to get rid of yeast infection, most importantly to eliminate the influence of negative factors, provoking the development of the disease, to adhere to prevention, to take the correct drugs for treatment.

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