Relapses of thrush four or more times a year


Good day, I had a yeast infection 6 years ago and receival more than 4 times a year. Since September of this year I drink, and I DIMIA dostinex prescribed for their recovery cycle and for the second month thrush persists. The last swab showed Candida more than 10 in 4 degrees. I prescribed suppositories livarol (5 pieces) and Rumiko (3 days), but it didn’t help. On the other illness I took nothing detected. Please help.


Try to go to another specialist. Ask your friends, acquaintances, maybe they will tell you a good doctor-gynecologist. Before you start a treatment, the physician must determine the specific causes that trigger the disease. Very often, the drugs to restore the menstrual cycle, contribute to the emergence of thrush.

If relapses were observed more than four times a year, then you have a yeast infection occurs in the chronic form, which is treated much harder and longer than acute. You need to most likely get checked out by a good specialist, to find out what factors provoke the multiplication of fungal organisms.

Among the common causes of yeast infection distinguish the presence of inflammatory processes, any chronic disease in the body, lack of hygiene, hormonal drugs, antibiotics, corticosteroids, malnutrition (prevalence in the diet of confectionery, a variety of sweets, sausages, frankfurters, other foods that contain preservatives, flavorings, colorings).

To prevent you recommend to give preference to foods that are rich in vitamins, trace elements, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. These include cheese, yogurt, yogurt, natural yoghurt, sour fruits, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, garlic, walnuts, peanuts, eggs, lean meat, fish, seafood. Keep an active, healthy life, don’t practice self-treatment!

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