Sore Breasts after breastfeeding


Hello, couple days ago noticed that night after feeding the baby, breast feel pain (strong tingling and tingling), which lasts several hours. This pain occurs only in one breast, the second is all right. Feed the baby for almost a year, not seen anything like it. Nipples are normal color, the skin no rash no.


If lactating women arises and develops thrush on the nipples, they tend to become wet, they form vesicles. Among the main symptoms of the disease also produce breast pain, itching of nipples, they are burning, bright color pink. Sometimes the pain feels quite deep in my chest. In most cases the unpleasant sensations disturb the woman through the whole process of feeding, and the more strenuously they occur immediately after it. It is important to note that the nipples may be completely normal, undamaged, but hard enough to hurt, to cause discomfort.

Causes of thrush

The most common risk factors for nipple thrush are:

  • Welcome moms of antibiotics, hormones contraceptive preparations.
  • The presence of injuries on the nipple, any microcracks.
  • Disruption of the hormonal system after delivery.
  • High levels of humidity, which is a nutrient medium for yeast pathogens thrush.
  • A weakened immune system from mom, baby.
  • Improper care of the Breasts.
  • Vaginal thrush in women, and infection in the mouth of a child or distribution of any parts of the body.

Recommend you immediately go to the doctor. He will conduct a visual inspection, assign a diagnosis, which will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe appropriate therapy. Breast tenderness often appears on the background of other serious different diseases, inflammatory processes. So do not be put off going to the doctor in order to avoid worsening the situation, the emergence of all sorts of other complications.

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For the therapy to be effective, more rapid, you need to focus on proper nutrition, strengthening the immune system. Recommended to eat fruit, vegetables, other foods that contain large amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals. For treatment of nipples doctor prescribe soda solution (2%), potassium permanganate, and a special anti-fungal ointments, which are selected individually. During the treatment, doctors advise to refrain from breastfeeding to avoid transmitting the infection to the baby.