Tell me how women get rid of yeast infection?


Hello ! Not a yeast infection. As half of the year. Walked 5 gynecologists and nothing! First drank candle terginan, the second doctor — hexicon, the third doctor said that the healthy, the fourth — what is dysplasia, and 5 , discharged a candle Girasol!
Everything helps , but not for long.
It is also painful to have sex, something far inside hurts when the partner offends.
Early detect a cyst, but said she will be.
What it could be and how to cure it? Thanks for the advice in advance.


Good day! Very strange that none of the doctors have not figured out the specific causes of thrush. Candidiasis is a disease that can disturb any person, if there are predisposing factors. For example, among the common causes of the disease there are chronic illness, of any inflammatory process in the body, including those relating to the genital organs, disruption of the endocrine system (a vivid example – diabetes). Also trigger yeast infection can bad habits (alcohol, Smoking), lack of vitamins, minerals, diet, consisting mainly of the bad foods (sweets, pastries, carbonated beverages, fatty, fried food).

Do not be discouraged, ask around from friends, relatives, maybe they know a good gynecologist. You should undergo a comprehensive diagnosis that will enable the physician to supply you with a precise diagnosis, individually select effective drugs for further therapy. With regards to sexual intercourse, it is recommended to definitely exclude to not transmit fungal infection to sexual partner. Especially sex with a yeast infection does not bring any pleasure, only discomfort, agree. Suggest to your partner on time to see a doctor, get tested. Thus it will be possible to start treatment in the presence of yeast infection or to take measures to prevent the disease.

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