The causes of the recurrence of yeast infection treatment


Good day! Very often tormented by thrush. Treatment is prescribed based on the sensitivity to antifungal preparations. poslednie — pills Rumiko, neo-penotran Foote. But after a short time everything is repeated. I understand that the problem with immunity. But how to help him to get rid of candidiasis? And what do You recommend to do and how to be treated?


Hello, Ian! To start I would like to note that the frequent recurrence of thrush indicate too weak immune system. Your body can not resist parasitic microorganisms that easily allows them to multiply, worsening your health, causing a variety of ailments, in this case it is thrush.

Before the treatment of this disease, the doctor is obliged to appoint a comprehensive diagnosis, to identify specific risk factors, only then to find individual therapies. If not eliminate the impact of negative factors, the treatment will not give positive results. Among the causes of thrush allocate the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, improper diet, and any inflammation in the body, chronic ailments, stress, overexertion, fatigue.

So the doctor is obliged to determine the risk factors, to assign a set of measures for their elimination, increase immunity.

So you need to consult a good, experienced doctor. Usually patients are prescribed these effective drugs against of thrush as Pimafucin, Clotrimazole, Itraconazole, fluconazole, Miramistin. But medicines are selected individually based on the analysis of the stability of causative agents of thrush to the different active substances with antifungal medicines. Treatment for can be as local (creams, ointments, vaginal suppositories) and systemic exposure (tablets). I suggest you quickly find another specialist with good reviews about his work experience, again to be examined to start treatment that you will be assigned.

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