The constant recurrence of thrush


Hello. I want to appeal to you with a problem. Live in a small city where only one woman’s advice. The entry a month in advance, so timely to address the issue. To pay the doctor for a full examination to go very expensive, while this is not possible. Until this year, the thrush I had, but rarely. Once a year, sometimes less. It all started this year. My husband want a baby, so I decided to go a complete examination in Invitro in January on anything that may affect pregnancy. All the tests were clean, the only thing I have found cytomegalovirus in the inactive stage. Later imunolog allowed us to get pregnant. Just in January to complete all the tests in Invitro began discomfort in the vagina (itching, burning, discharge). The doctor who took swabs and said that similar to colpitis. To the gynecologist I went, bought the candles pimafutsin and cream. Symptoms are gone, but the cream is a little inflamed mucosa. But after a while symptoms appeared again. Became uncomfortable to walk, there is a stabbing discomfort, they lasted quite a long time. Came to the reception to the gynecologist, she prescribed Terginan.

It helped, but not for long, soon the symptoms began again. I used terginan again. But again the same story. As we were actively trying to get pregnant had to be treated with pimafucin. But it all comes back. So I am suffering for more than six months. Tried to be treated together with the husband (although he has no manifestations). I was treated candles Pimafucin, he cream Pimafucin 8 days, at night and drank Flucostat. I healed again and we tried to set up an experiment. After treatment, both waited weeks 2-2,5 during which excluded the unprotected PA. Then tried again and the thrush began again. All this time, the pregnancy fails. Once we understand was a spontaneous miscarriage in the early stages (delay 10 days), recently, history repeated itself (a delay of 8 days). All this time since January, limit sweets, fried, do not eat heavy food. Wash only with water and Skin sometimes. Shower every day, linen is changed once or twice a day. Sometimes wash with herbal decoction and soda. But nothing helps. Since trying to get pregnant do not want to undergo heavy antibiotics and other things. I’m ready for a longer treatment, but «easier» drugs. Or may be the prevention to do a few times a year. Can be you something prompt. Thanks in advance for the answer.

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We understand that trips to doctors in the modern world have considerable value. But you have a very serious situation, don’t joke with your health, rather look for the good doctor. Can friends or girlfriend tell you a gynecologist who has helped to heal them. Remember that if you’re looking for, be sure to find.

You definitely need to pass the various examinations to take many of the tests that help the physician to establish you an accurate diagnosis and that is also very important to determine the cause of the thrush. At the moment, unknown cause of illness, not taken no action to eliminate its impact on your body, so the yeast easily multiply, worsen health.

But in the absence of the treatment of thrush pathogens can cause all sorts of complications for internal organs and systems. So do not waste time, look for a specialist! Right that you follow preventive measures. Only apply if cleaning, do it regularly and several times a day. Make sure you have no contraindications to the use of certain folk remedies.

Remember that drugs for the treatment of thrush and other diseases are selected individually, so do not self-medicate. Definitely advise you to give up sex for the entire period of treatment not to transmit the infection to your spouse.