What appeared candidiasis in the ears


Hello! I have chronic otitis media, started a year ago purulent discharge, went to the doctor, made a bacteriological analysis, discovered Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 5 times passed antibiotic therapy, nothing helped. Today I received the result of the analysis, and again pseudomonas aeruginosa and plus gandida albigans. Please tell me what should I do? The doctor prescribed Flucostat 50 mg-2 times a day, a course of 14 days.


If your tests have identified a yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, then you are gradually beginning to develop the disease, which is called otomycosis. The main symptoms of the disease are itchiness in the ears, their congestion, swelling of the ear canal. Many people don’t pay much attention to suspicious symptoms, think that they are concerned about the accumulation of sulfur, respectively, ignore going to the doctor, have been trying to clean the ear. In the end, increases the risk of injury to the skin, the penetration of fungi of the genus Candida.

During the acute stage the patient may notice a peculiar discharge from the ear canal. Most often a fungal infection confined to the skin of the outer ear, but those who suffer from diabetes, high probability of its spread to the middle ear. There is also another kind of disease, called fungal meningitis. In this case, the fungal microorganisms and affect the eardrum. Recommend you to go to the hospital again, to pass two smear — culture and microscopic. Perhaps even better would be to go to another doctor.

Flucostat – modern antifungal drug, treatment which is very necessary when fungal disease. So be sure to only this treatment by Flucostat. But in addition to drugs for systemic effects there are also resources for the local treatment of the ears affected by Candida. Which of them will suit you I can only say the doctor after receiving the results of culture, microscopy.

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