What to take for Candida urethritis


Hello. I have candidal urethritis, I’ve definitely figured out (when I eat white flour vydelyayutsya substances in the urethra) of the penis in normal condition, no external manifestations.

Help of ointment in this case? I drank for 3 days pill Fluconazol 100 mg 2 times a day — did not help, should I increase the dose for example up to 400 mg?

What to do,please list the medications? Please help. Parents can not say, will get, in addition, quite a grown man,want to solve the problem. looking forward,thank you.


Good day! Candida urethritis is a disease that may not manifest itself within a few weeks of development. But after some period the disease begins to show its characteristic symptoms. These include heavy discharge from the urethra, which has an unpleasant smell, slimy texture, whitish-pink color, the feeling of itching and burning, worse during urination and after it. The symptoms that bother you, very similar to Candida urethritis.

But do not forget that the diagnosis is only concerned with the doctor. Therefore, rather contact your doctor, get tested, which he will prescribe, proceed to treatment. Treatment of the disease lies not only in the administration of drugs for systemic effects (for example, Fluconazole, which you were treated), but also the application of the procedures of local impact. These include the installation of the urethra a one percent aqueous solution Miramistina Clotrimazole (that is, the funds to suppress the number of fungi – agents of candidal urethritis). Installations represent drip into the bladder or in the urethra of solutions of medicines. If to speak about external therapy of candidal uretiti, i.e. for the treatment of the skin foreskin, glans penis, a doctor may prescribe 1% cream Clotrimazole.

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Know that before the diagnosis of the doctor must find out the specific cause of the disease, to prescribe a set of measures aimed at removing their negative influence. Eliminate from the diet or significantly limit the amount of consumption of bakery and confectionery products, soft drinks, sausages, semi-finished products, other products containing a lot of sugar, flavorings, preservatives, and different harmful ingredients. Take care of your health, contact your physician for diagnosis, treatment of candidal urethritis.