Worried about the thrush, plus the herpes


Good day! Suffer from thrush for a long time, first encountered it three years ago, but the doctor I was not prescribed anything except the ointment «Clotrimazole» and drink buttermilk. I went to a private clinic where they took a range of tests, and in addition to Candida revealed herpes 1 and 2 types(which at the time was not yet evident) and cytomegalovirus, but expensive treatment there was no money and everything went as-that by itself and forgotten, but not for long. After a time, the thrush again appeared and was cystitis, also when I started living with a partner, have become worried about herpes every month. in connection with the frequent moving constantly watch one doctor I could not, accordingly, full treatment and aludeniya I did not get. Drank a course of a soon half a year, Savile variety of candles. about a year and thrush was not, but here she is again there in the summer.

Went to another doctor and describing the whole problem, I prescribe a regular weekly treatment(soon,trichopolum and terginan) after which with the advent of menstruation, all symptoms returned. Herpes also got me to drink acyclovir and cicloferon only for 10 days… and from yeast to re-spark the neo-penotran, Bifiform and clindamycin for 10 days…does it make sense to buy the drugs? after all, with such frequent relapses, more serious and long-term treatment?! the same acyclovir the manual says to drink half a year… tired of wasting money and time! Tell me, how do I deal with the problem or where to go for treatment that will really help?


First and foremost you need to stop self-medication, search for a really good specialist who will help to get rid of illnesses that overtook you. If thrush recurs constantly, besides you are concerned about herpes, you will not be able to fully heal, if the doctor does not establish the specific causes of diseases that negatively affect you, provoke the development of these diseases. When risk factors are identified, assigned a set of measures that can reduce their impact.

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Among the common causes of development of yeast secrete an unhealthy diet, lack of hygiene, any inflammatory processes in the body, chronic diseases, bad habits, stress, anxiety, overheating, hypothermia. By the way, herpes can also trigger thrush. So do not delay, rather look for a good doctor with positive reviews of his medical practice, show the results of all tests and inspections.

In order not to provoke the multiplication of fungal organisms, try to eliminate from the diet pastry, fresh yeast cakes, sweet fruits, processed foods, fast food, sausage products, products containing fragrances, preservatives, and other harmful substances. You will be able to cure yeast infection if you know what provokes her, begin to struggle with the cause, not the symptoms.