Actions at poisoning with food

Priority actions for food poisoning

Food poisoning is a very common phenomenon among adults and children, especially in the hot season. The source of disease be substandard or stale food that people consume food. Such intoxication is growing rapidly and wears out the human body. To minimize unpleasant consequences need actions at poisoning with food products was streamlined and clear.

The first signs of poisoning food products

Any food poisoning have similar symptoms, therefore to recognize this intoxication is simple:

  1. The person feels extreme weakness and General malaise.
  2. Worried about nausea, which quickly turns into uncontrollable vomiting.
  3. Develops diarrhea. Stool watery, foul-smelling, sometimes with mucus and blood.
  4. Fever. This condition is accompanied by severe chills and feeling of pressure in the skull
  5. Falls the blood pressure, the person strongly sweats.

Help for food poisoning

All actions for food poisoning to first aid, are divided into several successive stages.

Gastric lavage

The immediate step in food intoxications is gastric lavage. It was washed with a large volume of liquid. For the procedure, you can apply these solutions:

  • a solution of baking soda teaspoon without the mountains in a liter of boiled water;
  • salt solution – full teaspoon per gallon of clean water;
  • slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. Manganese is diluted in a little water and then added to the total amount to have my stomach pumped. This helps to prevent the burns of the mucous indissoluble crystals.

The procedure can be performed as long as the waste water will be clean, without food residue.

Washing is shown even in that case, if there is vomiting. The mucosa of the stomach needs to be cleaned well.


After gagging became less frequent, give any adsorbents that are at hand. It can be atoxil, enterosgel, Polisorb, smectite or activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of body weight. Children prefer to give a more modern sorbents, since the necessary amount of activated charcoal to a child will be hard to swallow. If after taking these drugs again resumed vomiting, repeated at the same dosage.

Adsorbents neutralize the harmful effects of toxins and facilitate their smooth removal from the body.


To cleanse the bowel with an enema is necessary to prevent absorption of toxins into the mucosa, and from there into the bloodstream. For cleansing enemas can be used different liquids:

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  • Starch water – a teaspoon of potato starch, brewed in one liter of water. This liquid coats the intestinal wall.
  • Decoction of chamomile – a tablespoon of chamomile poured into a liter of water, bring to the boil, infuse for 20 minutes and use as directed. The solution has anti-inflammatory action.
  • A solution of salt or baking soda – 0.5 teaspoon of a substance dissolved in a liter of water.

For cleansing enema use mortar pharmacy drug regidron, this tool helps to clean the intestines and prevents dehydration.

The liquid for the enema should be at room temperature or slightly warmer. You should not use hot water, which will contribute to the absorption of toxins in the intestinal mucosa.

Normalization of body temperature

Very often food poisoning occur with a strong increase in body temperature. It is a defensive reaction of the immune system penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. Prolonged hyperthermia adversely affects organs and systems, so it is urgent to take steps aimed at normalizing temperature.

Give the patient a tablet medication containing paracetamol, ibuprofen or nimesulide. The dosage of medication is standard, as indicated in the instructions for use.

It is not recommended to use antipyretic drugs in syrups, suspensions or soluble powders. All of these forms of drugs contain flavourings, colourings and flavour enhancers that are not very well reflected in irritable stomach.

Prevention of dehydration

With food poisoning the victim leaves a lot of liquid, which contributes to the development of dehydration and severe intoxication. To prevent dehydration, the patient frequently and in small amounts give a drink. It can be decoctions of raisins or dried apricots, compote of green apples. You can give the usual clean water, as long as it was without gas. For otpevanie use a solution regidrona. This solution give with caution, especially in children, it is very unpleasant taste and may cause vomiting. To remedy fluid of a patient with an intoxication can be used a solution of honey in water, the resulting drink has a pleasant taste and allows you to quickly restore electrolyte balance in the body.

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The key to a quick recovery after food poisoning, observance of a quiet mode. The patient is protected from all negative emotions, put into a comfortable bed and warm shelter. Can we close the curtains on the Windows, so the eyes are not irritated by sunlight.

Employees poisoning should lie on your side and always be under the supervision of the household – this will allow you to avoid zahlebyvayas vomit.

The organization diet

A rapid recovery of the poisoned person directly connected with properly organized diet. In the first days after onset of the acute phase of poisoning food, the person does not provide food, offer only a lot of drinking. For the affected day of fasting is not critical, it is not to the lunch, the more the appetite is completely absent. On the second day after normalization of gradually introducing products:

  • The first day the app crackers or cookies with a strong sweet tea. Baked apples green varieties, you can give mashed ripe bananas.
  • Second day – viscous porridge on the water with a small addition of salt and sugar. Use oatmeal, buckwheat, rice. Grits before cooking can be a little grind in a blender, then they are better boiled and quickly learned.
  • The third day broths of chicken, veal, rabbit. You can cook low-fat soup, added spices and tomato.
  • Fourth day – mashed potatoes with a little butter, steam cutlets of chicken.

Starting from the fifth day to slowly enter into the diet of dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt and bifidokefir. The milk is first diluted in half with water and boil the porridge and milk soups. From cottage cheese to make casseroles.

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For rehabilitation after poisoning, doctors recommend to drink bifidokefir. This delicious drink not only quickly restore power, but to fill the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial microorganisms. In the day you can drink up to one liter of bifidokefir.

During the recovery period, you must make preparations that contain bifidobacteria. They will help to settle the stomach and the intestine with beneficial microorganisms.

How to prevent food poisoning

Any disease is easier to prevent than to try to cure. This rule is especially relevant for the food poisoning. To protect yourself from poisoning, it is enough to observe elementary rules:

  1. Do not buy products in the spontaneous markets and with the hands in the non-trading areas.
  2. Well thermally processed meat, dairy products, fish and eggs.
  3. Do not consume expired products and products which the sealing packing.
  4. To prepare meals one or two times, especially in the summer.
  5. Wash your hands often, especially after using the toilet and streets.

Observing the rules of hygiene, you can protect yourself and your family from severe food poisoning. But even if trouble occurs and someone in the family was poisoned, you need to pull yourself together and quickly to provide emergency assistance.