Flaxseed oil capsules: the benefits and harms, how to make

The benefits and harms oil flax seed capsules

In recent years the chemical compound of the drug gradually give way to raw materials of vegetable origin. Increasingly, the composition of medicines can be seen, medicinal plant extracts, various extracts and oils. Linseed oil is widely used as in composition of medicines, and independently for the treatment and prevention of many ailments. The benefits and harms of Flaxseed oil in capsules is a topic that should be discussed in more detail. The usefulness of this drug depends on the person’s lifestyle and what effect he expects to get.

The drug

Linseed oil is obtained by cold pressing, and the degree of cleaning is determined by the color of the resulting product. Light yellow color characteristic of high purity, and can be observed in the capsules, and the brown color is inherent to liquid Flaxseed oil, which is cleaned less thoroughly.

The largest number of essential vitamins, fats and minerals contained in flax oil. A large number of vitamins of groups A, b, E, K, and of saturated acids is not the entire list included in the oil nutrients.

Its main advantage over other vegetable oils is the presence in the complex of polyunsaturated acids omega-3 and omega-6, from which the drug is 90%.

In flax oil (and only it) contains the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which fully satisfies the need of the human body in them.

The benefits of Flaxseed oil capsules

Just because there are BAD acids omega-3 and omega-6, regular admission, there is a significant improvement of exchange processes between men and women. In addition, its use has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, strengthen blood vessels, improves heart. Besides linseed oil frees the body from cholesterol. With regard to the reproductive system, the flax oil cures sexual dysfunction in men, and in women taking it positively affects hormonal balance and normalizes menstrual cycle.

In addition to the flax oil capsules has a positive effect on all systems of the body, it also helps to cure many diseases such as:

  1. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of this drug restores the function of liver, removes heartburn, reduces acidity and gives a laxative effect that helps with constipation. Besides, it is a good choleretic and antiparasitic agent.
  2. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The flax seed oil in capsules is used to normalize pressure, gentle cleansing and strengthening blood vessels, ischemia, and atherosclerosis. For people who regularly take the drug, reduced the risk of stroke and blood clots in the blood vessels.
  3. Problems with the thyroid gland. The linseed oil restores the balance of hormones secreted by the gland, and helps to eliminate problems in its functionality, but only if the situation is not running.
  4. Skin diseases. It is known that by restoring hormonal levels and boost metabolism, the skin is cleansed and transformed. This happens because the drug enriches the body with vitamins and microelements. So taking flax seed oil is recommended in diseases such as acne, dermatitis, acne and failures in the sebaceous glands.
  5. Diseases of the nervous system. Due to the action of omega-3 and omega-6 employees feel vigor, irritability goes away and you receive energy and life force. Flaxseed oil helps to relieve depression and irritability.
  6. Immunity. The drug has immunomodulatory action. With frequent viral respiratory infections, bronchitis and tendency to colds, Flaxseed oil capsules helps not only to recover, but also to run the body’s defenses to avoid permanent recurrent infections infections of the respiratory system.
  7. Reproductive system. Linseed oil affects the hormonal glands and regulates the secretion of hormones, and, as we know, all diseases of the reproductive system due to their imbalance. For women flax oil is good, as they restored the, it takes the irritation and pain during PMS. Men improvement of erectile function.
  8. Weight. As len prevents the deposition of cholesterol, the metabolism is improved and the weight can slowly decline. Diabetes can also be consume this drug, as it has a good effect on the pancreas.
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How to take flax oil

The drug should be taken not only as collateral in the treatment of diseases but their prevention. In this case, to apply the capsule should in a month. To determine the optimum dosage will need to consult a doctor. In the absence of contraindications, the drug can be taken according to the scheme: 3 capsules two time daily, once in the morning and the second after dinner.

For weight loss

Flax seed oil is safe since it is a product of vegetable origin, so its regular use does not threaten the man, but quite the contrary. There is a perception that obesity is a disease, which is caused by overeating and lack of exercise. This is true, but only partly. If a person has impaired metabolism, even limiting the consumption of foods that consist of simple carbohydrates and fats, will not help with weight loss. Many people who for years couldn’t lose weight, evaluated the effect of this drug, as it is not fast, but high quality struggling with this problem.

Good result for weight loss Flaxseed oil provides because come to normal metabolic processes. You do not need to starve and exhaust yourself exhausting sports. Just need to remember this simple rule that the day should begin and end with taking the capsules. If you need to lose weight Flaxseed oil capsules should be taken twenty minutes before Breakfast and after the evening meal. The course is two to three months. At first, you need to take two capsules, and when the body adapts and gets used, you can increase the dose to three or four capsules. However, it should be understood that to achieve the goal we need a comprehensive approach – diet and little exercise, and taking the oil.

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After 2 weeks you can see a small weight loss. You can see that some have lost up to 10 pounds in a month, and it’s really a stunning result. However, there are those who have not received the result from taking this drug. In any case, it is necessary to take into account the individual person’s reaction to a drug.

Before using the drug to lose weight, it makes sense to consult with a specialist on the subject of how to organize diet and combine it with taking SUPPLEMENTS. Usually eat recommend grains, cereals and vegetables as well as roasted meat and fish. With this menu, you can not worry about the result, as these products are not simply interfere with action oils, a great help to achieve the desired goal.

During pregnancy

Another advantage of the drug is that it can be taken by pregnant women. For the female body is pregnancy is stressful. He gives the fruit of much effort and should not only contribute to its formation and growth, but also to protect it against external infections and other threats. Flaxseed oil accumulates protective forces of the maternal organism and does not allow bacteria to penetrate. In addition, the reception of this money contributes to the proper development of the nervous system and brain of the baby.

In this case, however, as oil is taken and whether it, tell a midwife who watches a woman during pregnancy. Only a doctor can evaluate the risk and benefits and to determine the dosage for a pregnant woman.

For the recovery of nails and hair

The flax seed oil capsules or regular rubbing it into the scalp improves hair growth and appearance. After two weeks of the course the roots of the hair are saturated with vitamins, and curls Shine with beauty and health. The tips look more alive, leaving them dry and brittle.

To improve your hair, you need to take 1-3 capsules twice a day, morning and evening. It is better to undergo a forty-day course, not only to receive but to fix the result.

Nail plate after two weeks of taking SUPPLEMENTS also grows stronger, your nails cease to exfoliate and break down, and growth is accelerating. Would be appropriate to take the drug while dieting, not to lose the beauty and health of nails and hair due to lack of mineral elements.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Like any other drug, Flaxseed oil in capsule and liquid form has contraindications with some diseases and conditions of the body. The drug should not be used:

  • if the detected stones in the gallbladder;
  • hepatitis;
  • if diagnosed with cancer or benign tumor;
  • when taking oral contraceptives, tranquilizers, antibiotics, interferon and other antiviral drugs;
  • diseases of the circulatory system.
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In addition, caution should be exercised when taking this medicine:

  • pregnant or nursing;
  • allergies;
  • children under 14 years of age;
  • the elderly.

If a person has any chronic disease or deterioration in the drug, should consult a specialist.

Convenience method of production of the flax oil capsules

Having made the decision to take a course of purification and recovery of linseed oil, some thinking about which option to choose: liquid oil or in capsules. It is worth to pay attention to what the reviews are dominated by a particular manufacturer.

Release form of Flaxseed oil capsules has its advantages, as the capsules do not have the bitter aftertaste. Besides, it is convenient to use anywhere, just swallowing and drinking plenty of water.

Experts ‘ recommendations on taking the drug

There are certain guidelines for receiving linseed oil, which is worth a listen:

  • to withstand small time interval between the drug intake and consumption of caffeine-containing beverages;
  • not snack drug hot food;
  • not to combine the intake of oil with the use of slimming teas and laxatives;
  • to wash down the capsules with plenty of water;
  • per day do not take more than 14 ml or more than 8 capsules media.

In capsule is only a purified oil is cold pressed. Since they have a gelatin shell, their shelf life is much more than oil in liquid form.

Flaxseed oil since ancient times took pride of place among useful dietary Supplements. Prevention is better to take a course 2-3 times a year. When losing weight, capsules will not only help reduce weight but also to maintain the health of hair and nails, but it is worth noting that score the hunger capsules is unacceptable as it will not lead to anything but constant diarrhea. In various diseases of linseed oil, too, often gives a positive effect, but it should be taken only with the permission of the doctor. Anyway, proper intake of this medication usually encouraged by the positive dynamics and improvement of the patient’s condition.