Harmful if condoms for women and men

Is there any harm from using condoms

Daily condoms protect millions of people from deadly infections. In addition, in comparison with oral contraceptives that affect hormonal balance, they do not interfere in the internal system of the body and give a fairly high percentage of protection from unwanted pregnancy. Harmful if condoms for men’s and women’s health and is there anything you do not know about them, the consumer?

The exchange of hormones and mental health

Sexologists claim that during unprotected sex partners exchange hormones that are necessary for the health of both. Woman gives male estrogen, and he, in turn, nourishes her body with androgens. These hormones maintain the balance of hormonal background of both, the lack of them is threatened by the emergence of irritability and decreased libido.

Furthermore, estrogen promotes the growth of muscles and supports cholesterol in men in the normal and regular flow of androgens in the female body helps to reduce the growth of hair and prevents the appearance of rashes on the body of the fair sex. In addition, the exchange of hormones to support the cardiovascular system and protects against dangerous diseases, such as ischemia and hypertension. In any case, these hormones are present in organisms of both sexes, but with regular sex with a condom, they begin to produce incorrect, often in excess.

In addition, it is believed that the human body is programmed to have unprotected intercourse, because nature has that its main purpose is reproduction. Psychologists believe that the morale and wellbeing of those couples who does not use condoms, much better, than those who for many years use them. During protected sexual intercourse man and woman experiencing insufficient intimacy, as it is harmful to mental and emotional health. All this is logical, but some significant dangers of condoms on the basis of these assumptions, however.

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Intolerance to latex and other harmful substances.

Now should talk about the dangers of literal. The material from which condoms are made modern, can harm human health.

  1. Allergies. Up to 3% of the population are allergic to latex. The use of condoms causes them itching and redness, so it is contraindicated to use these contraceptives.
  2. Carcinogens and hazardous substances. After using substandard contraceptive in the body remain harmful impurities, such as aluminum, ammonia, sulfur and others. However, their number is so small that health it may be reflected, only if you use 10-20 pieces of condoms a day. If there is such a need, then most likely, there are constant partner, so it’s best to think about alternative methods of contraception.

Obviously, the damage that can cause condoms to physical health, minimal. Allergy is quite rare, and the amount of harmful impurities in the product is negligible. However, it is better to choose the pharmacy most quality and expensive contraceptives, because the savings are irrelevant.

The use of condoms

The dangers of condoms is negligible, if you use quality products and do not skimp on their purchase. Anyway, this is the only method of contraception that protects male and female from a variety of genital infections. Use of condoms is obvious:

  • they are 90% protect against many sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis and many others;
  • they’re 98% protection from unwanted pregnancy;
  • in semen contains a lot of protein, and in some women it causes itching and discomfort in the vaginal area after unprotected sex, so condoms are the only salvation;
  • in the presence of contraindications to hormonal contraceptives use of condoms is the only way.
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Condoms are mainly designed for unplanned sexual intercourse, and then their importance can not be overemphasized. It is an indispensable means of contraception for casual partners, why give it at least unwise. When the child reaches a certain age, parents just have to tell him about the importance of their use, because it is one of the main aspects of sexual education. From errors nobody is insured, especially at a young age, and forewarned is forearmed.

Alternative types of contraception

The biggest misconception young and inexperienced partners that the best defense is the interruption of sexual intercourse. In fact, it is much better to wear a condom. First, half-cocked until the end of sexual intercourse does harm to men’s health, not to mention feelings. Second, it does not give an absolute guarantee that the partner won’t get pregnant because the sperm is released during intercourse. Thirdly, significantly reduced fertility and many couples who used a condom so several years, then was unable to become parents.

Therefore, if there is a constant reliable partner, should consider using alternative means of contraception. If the couple trusts each other, to fear of infections is not necessary, but family planning has not been canceled. As a means of protection in family life is perfect spirals, hormonal ring and oral contraceptives. By the way, gynecologists claim that the correct use of birth control suppositories (candles) gives the same percentage of protection against unwanted pregnancy, like a condom.

Thus, the conclusion is that a condom is an indispensable means of contraception with casual or temporary partner. It protects against many sexually transmitted infections and the quality of the product is absolutely harmless for health. At the same time, the couple should move on to another form of contraception. First, for completeness of sensations and mental health, and secondly, not to create obstacles to the exchange of hormones.