A black stain in teeth in children causes and treatment

Reasons why you receive the ugly black stain in teeth in a child can be multiple. Black teeth in children are a source of chronic infection, may indicate a disruption of the body hypovitaminosis, hypervitaminosis, improper metabolism, pathology thyroid gland. The dentist will make your smile a healthy toddler. In most cases, black plaque and pigmentation in primary teeth, indicates the presence of carious process. If the examination confirms the absence of diseases of the dental units and gums, parents will be given recommendations on which doctor to contact for further observation.

Maintaining the health of the mouth in toddlers

On reception at the dentist, the parents of the babies wonder why the children blackened teeth?

There are the most common reasons are:

  • Violation or complete absence of oral hygiene. Most young mothers and fathers believe that dental units. 1, 2, and often 3 years to clean not necessarily. Parents say that dealing with children is very difficult. It is simply impossible to teach correctly, to care for the oral cavity of these babies. However, this belief is mistaken. Hygiene measures should begin from the moment of the birth of a small miracle. Surely all parents spend cleaning nose, rubbing the eye in newborns. But a very small number of people from birth to care about oral health of the baby. Proper hygienic measures carried out 2 times a day using a sterile gauze swab and boiled water. After wetting wipe the baby’s tongue, inside of cheeks and lips. Since the advent of the cutters, get the first brush and toothpaste. Hygiene measures are more thorough since the introduction in the menu of foods. 1 year baby is big enough, and will gladly try to implement interesting and useful for the cleaning procedure yourself. Up to 3 years hygienic manipulations are carried out under the supervision of parents. After the procedure, the adult conducting the final cleaning yourself. If you teach kids to care for our body from birth to 3 years of crumbs will successfully carry out hygienic procedures efficiently and without assistance.

Why is the baby black teeth? Lack of hygiene leads to the emergence and accumulation of plaque and formation of pigmentation. In addition to the violation of aesthetics, bacterial plaque leads to the development of cervical caries and gum disease. To make the crumbs beautiful smile, then visit Dr. and perform professional hygienic cleaning.

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  • Caries — pathology, common in preschoolers and schoolchildren. It is the most common reason why blacken the teeth. The initial manifestation is the appearance of white spots. At this stage, with the disease successfully compete without the use of the drill. With primary or secondary caries characteristic symptoms: pain sensitivity to sweet, hot, sour, cold foods, violation of the integrity of the enamel. The naked eye is visible cavity in the dental unit. With the defeat of the dentin, parents find that darkened teeth from a child and begins to break down. The carious process in babies occurs rapidly. The task of the dentist is to identify the initial process and to relieve its symptoms. For the treatment of molars is used successfully by fissure sealing.
  • The lack of calcium and fluoride little restless. In the case of pathology the dentist advises to carry out the mineralization of tissues with calcination and fluorination. Inside designate vitamin complex that contains the necessary elements and minerals. In the case of beriberi, the kid sent for examination to the pediatrician to identify the primary causes. In some cases you will need to consult an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist.

Additional factors, development of oral pathology

Why do kids teeth turn black?

The reasons can be very diverse:

Fluorosis. One of the pathological causes. In this case, the fluoride enters the body of the little man with food or water, which contain life-saving item in huge quantities. It tends to accumulate. In infants born in areas with exceeded levels of fluoride in the water erupt is already affected by a pathology of the dental unit. The enamel in young children, there are brown stripes, black dots.
Injury. Frequent companions of kids. In the first 3 to 4 years of life, they happen with little naughty due to the high mobility of crumbs and inability to coordinate their movements. After a jaw injury, can disrupt the integrity of the dental units, in the future, they blacken and spoil.
Bad heredity. In this case, a more responsible approach to the implementation of hygienic measures. If necessary, it is advisable to undergo the remineralization of enamel, sealing of fissures. Toddler with hereditary predisposition to diseases of the oral cavity in a mandatory manner under the supervision of a dentist.
An improper diet. Great content menu of sweet products, leads to the activation of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms and the development of caries. To a number of pathologies of the oral cavity decreased need to follow the diet. Compulsory foods are: raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy products, meat low-fat varieties, fish, seafood.
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Sweets growing body needs. However, their number is strictly dosed. Candy, pastries, baking is recommended to use after the main meal. Do not forget about the careful hygienic measures, after which it is forbidden to eat any food.

Night-feeding babies older than 9 months of formula milk lead to the development of caries. The amount of salivary fluid during sleep is reduced. Baby falls asleep with a bottle of delicious porridge in the mouth, sticky sweet liquid sticks to the teeth and remains on the surface for a long time. Mouth formed the perfect environment for microorganisms.

Breastfeeding unlike the night feedings from a bottle is not harmful and stimulates the proper development of milk bite.

Black the teeth can cause certain medication. In the annotation of some drugs there is a warning about a possible darkening of the enamel and appearance of pigmentation. Why blackened teeth in a specific case, tell the dentist, after visual inspection.


A dark plaque on the teeth, the child destroys the beauty of a smile can become a cause of conflicts in social sphere. To help her beloved son or daughter — a direct duty of loving parents.

To solve the problem, you need to go to the dentist. He will hold examination, identify the cause and make a treatment plan. Therapy of caries in little man is to cleanse the affected tissues with the help of a drill and boron, conduct antiseptic treatment, closing the cavity with a filling material.

Black plaque on primary teeth looks ugly, attracts the views of others. Aside from destroying the aesthetics, education harm. Gingivitis is a disease of the gums, accompanied by pain, bleeding gums, unpleasant smell from the mouth. A chronic infection lowers the immune system, prevents the harmonious development of the little man. To get rid of the blackened units, carry out professional cleaning at the dental clinic. Depending on age, the doctor uses permitted methods and drugs. What not to do? It is strictly forbidden to attempt to remove the dark coating by using folk remedies. Acid or abrasives injure delicate enamel, lead to the development of caries in the damaged area. Do not try to scrape off the dark spot with scissors or a needle. A sharp object will cause damage and can cause cuts. If mom or dad will be able to save the baby with the help of improvised means from the visible pigmentation, it does not mean that the problem is solved. In the near future black will appear again, with greater force.

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Help your favorite little one

To preserve the health of the baby and prevent disease, you must:

  • To teach your son or daughter to correctly carry out oral hygiene;
  • Conduct a survey to the dentist every 6 months. Upon detection of the primary disease, you need to treat it;


To enter into the diet of healthy foods: carrots, apples, quinces, cucumbers, plums, radishes, cabbage, radish. Hard vegetables and fruits help to clean the mouth, chewing movements have a massage effect on the gums.

A natural source of calcium are: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and dairy products. Meat low-fat varieties, fish and seafood should log-in required weekly menu kid. Food enriched with vitamins, will help to prevent the development of pathologies of dental pieces and gum.

  • To protect a small child from injuries and injuries;
  • To conduct an independent inspection of the oral cavity have a son or daughter.

If the child blacken teeth, this is a reason to immediately contact the dentist. Maintaining the health of kids is an important task of loving moms and dads. Approach this task responsibly and toddler grant you a happy and healthy smile.