A cold sore: how to cure

Sore on lip — it is always an unpleasant phenomenon. Such sores may appear in the corners of the mouth, or inside the lips.

Causes and symptoms zaedy

Zayed is sore on the lip that looks like small bubbles. This trouble usually appears in the corner of the lips from the outside. Zayed is accompanied by itching and discomfort. When exposed to come the bubbles burst, bleed, then they form a crust. When a person eats or speaks, this crust can also burst, and in this case, the disease is aggravated.

Scientific name zaedy — which restores cheilitis. Pathogens — microorganisms that are constantly present in the mouth. Under normal immune system these microorganisms did not bother humans, but it is ill or reduction of the immune defense, they immediately rush to attack. Causes Zayed is considered to be hypovitaminosis, colds, seasonal phenomenon, iron deficiency, diabetes, fungal infection, lack of proper hygiene.

The disease diagnosis is carried out in the laboratory, the diagnosis, just after examining the sore, it is impossible. The first thing to eliminate candidiasis, find out levels of hemoglobin, sugar, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, white blood cells. Cheilitis which restores often accompanies diseases such as syphilis and HIV.

In the treatment of liberty must proceed not from the symptoms, and the causes that called it. Or soon will have a relapse.

If Zayed is caused by a virus, it will help Acyclovir or Root. If it provoked a fungal infection, then it is necessary to be treated with Clotrimazole or Taste. When bacterial infection helps Tetracycline or Trimester. Patients must take vitamins Vitrum, Ascorutinum, vitamin e with regard to national treatment zaedy, it is widely used bee products, onion, Echinacea, various herbal extracts, which help strengthen the body.

Effective treatment at this time, it is undesirable to lick my lips, smoke, paint them with lipstick, is also good diet: do not eat sour and spicy, it is recommended to eat more foods that contain Riboflavin.

Herpesvirus infection

One of the reasons jumped sores on the lips is a herpesvirus infection which is transmitted directly from the carrier of the infection, and items of General use, sometimes the disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.

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Acute disease with vitamin deficiency, low immunity, during the cold time of the year. Stress, disorders in the endocrine system, sharp change of climatic conditions can also trigger the disease. Hypothermia, overheating in the sun also negatively affect the condition of the lips.

The herpes virus is incurable if he was in the human body, it is immediately embedded in the cells and to get rid of it no way. Today almost all of the world’s population are carriers of this virus. And even if he appears not at all, it does not mean that it is not. This means that the immune system works well, and once you fail, the virus will make itself felt. And although to cure herpes is impossible, it is possible to significantly suppress its manifestation. For example, using ointment Acyclovir, Zovirax, Warpfire. These ointments bring noticeable relief and promote healing of wounds. It is important to closely monitor their health and to prevent the decline of immunity, otherwise ulcer on the lip will appear again.

Traditional recipes are offered for the treatment of herpes use mint toothpaste or apply a cotton swab with valocordin or aloe. In the early stages of the disease, you can try rubbing the lips with garlic. Herpes doesn’t like the heat, so as soon as one feels that the lips appear its symptoms, you need to attach to the lip of the heated spoon.

Some positive about the treatment of herpes earwax on, the other is used for the treatment of honey and Apple cider vinegar in equal quantities are mixed and a smear of the sores as soon as they appeared. What absolutely can not do is to knock over the crust or squeeze out the bubbles, thus opened wide the gate to other infections that will be harder to treat.

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Causes and symptoms of stomatitis

If the lip sore appeared on the inside, then perhaps this is the stomatitis. The reasons why there is a stomatitis may be poor cleanliness of the mouth, various intestinal diseases, such as gastritis or colitis. Stomatitis can be the result of a burn or chemical exposure, injuries, problems with the endocrine system, etc. If the stomatitis has emerged as a distinct disease, then we can talk about his treatment. Under the condition that its occurrence is influenced by other diseases, you should treat them, not symptoms. How to treat sores on the lips, tell the dentist. In addition to medications you can use folk remedies, but before their application it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Folk medicine recommends when the time came to prepare an infusion of chamomile (1 tbsp.) and boric acid (5 g). To moisten in the solution a cotton pad and apply to the sore every 4 hours.

In the treatment of stomatitis, the main task is to eliminate the inflammation and disinfect wounds. This will help to cope decoctions St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula. Per Cup of boiling water should take 1 tablespoon of raw materials to insist the remedy should about a day, then strain, add 1 teaspoon boric alcohol. Better part of the means to pee into a small container, and the rest store in the fridge. Because of drugs use a solution Furatsilina, they need to treat the surface of the wounds twice a day.

Sores on lips of child

How to cure cold sore in the adult, the principle is clear, but what to do if a sore has popped up in a child? Not only that, the baby is cranky, and not all drugs can be used. First and foremost, what parents must do is to consult a specialist and find out the cause of sores.

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Maybe it’s just a cold. In this case, the lip will appear red bubbles, they are then combined in groups and can bleed and crusty. The child may have a fever, swelling lymph nodes.

Some doctors believe that cold on the lips is herpes. If the family has somebody some time ago had on lips herpes and inadvertently kissed the baby or gave him to drink from his Cup, wondering where the kid came from this infection, it’s silly. For the treatment of herpes viral infection of the small patient Acyclovir is not a contraindication, it is also possible to apply the ointment Alpizarin and be sure to antihistamines.

To ease the child’s condition, it is possible to do lotions of tincture of myrrh. Traditional medicine offers for the treatment of herpes in children the juice of Kalanchoe, for older fit the juice of garlic mixed with honey and Apple cider vinegar. Means should be wrapped in a bandage and apply to the lip.

If sore the child is on the inside lip, it is stomatitis. However, if this sore occurs in an infant, then it is a thrush — candidiasis. Mom needs better care for the oral cavity of babies. With stomatitis, the treatment prescribed by a doctor, mostly antiseptic and painkillers. If the case is neglected, you may need antibiotic therapy.