A toothache and an Earache at the same time

Cases where a sore tooth, and with it the sore ear, is frequent. This is due to the relationship between the oral cavity and the organs of hearing, which is provided by trigeminal nerve branches which go from the temple to the outer ear, organs of the upper and lower jaw. Therefore, when dental disease the pain may radiate to the ear and Vice versa. To determine its cause can only specialists with a comprehensive survey.

The main causes simultaneous pain in my tooth and ear

The feeling that a sore tooth and ear at the same time, can be caused by inflammatory processes of different localization. To determine which body affected, and medical treatment should consult a dentist, neurologist, or otolaryngologist, depending on the cause of the disease. Usually these symptoms are typical for the following diseases:

  • The otitis. Inflammation of the middle ear sometimes found the combination of ear and tooth pain. The patient may be wrong, suggesting that the cause of discomfort — the development of the disease in the oral cavity, while it struck the organ of hearing. Otitis media often occurs in toddlers due to specific structure of the Eustachian tube in this age. In this case, you must seek the assistance of the audiologist.
  • Simultaneous pain in the ear and in the teeth — a frequent occurrence when inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. In this disease disturbing symptom may be expressed as a continuous aching pain, and a sudden, sharp pain. When it may become red areas of the face which is affected by the inflammatory process the nerve.

For the treatment of the disease need immediately to address to the neuropathologist.

  • Radiating to the ear and temple dental pain can bother with pulpitis — inflammation of the neurovascular bundle that is located inside the tooth. Temporarily eliminate it will help his pain meds. But we should not delay the treatment of pulpitis — this disease can lead to the formation of purulent cysts and other complications. In order not to lose a tooth, the dentist.

What other reasons cause simultaneous pain in the mouth and ear area

There are other pathology, pain which may be felt simultaneously in two places. Can the patient independently to determine what’s causing the discomfort? To identify the cause without medical examination in such cases is difficult. At the same time hurt ear and teeth can when diseases of the brain, spine, disorders in the nervous and cardiovascular systems, mental disorders.

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Trigeminal neuralgia

Another disease, which is characterized by the sensation of tooth pain experienced in the ear, is neuralgia. Soreness in this case, a short — felt from a few seconds up to 2 minutes, but very sharp and painful, it is often compared to electric shock. At the time of attack may be visible jerking of the facial muscles, increased salivation and lacrimation.

Treatment of the neuralgia involved neurologists, applied conservative treatment and physiotherapy, if necessary — surgical methods.

The influence of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity

The defeat of teeth caries often leads to unpleasant consequences, while doctors have noticed some patterns to note the symptoms. The development of the disease in canines is usually accompanied by pain in the temple, with the defeat of the upper incisors pain in forehead, if the inflammatory process is located in the region of the lower jaw, the patient is in pain, covering his head, and not a certain part. To the emergence of migraine can result in malocclusion. Headaches are often marked and inflammation of the tonsils, untreated stomatitis. If both of them felt the taste of metal in his mouth and disturbed salivation, it indicates the development of galvanism — the appearance galvanically currents due to the presence of dentures, which used various kinds of metals.

Diseases of the temporomandibular joint

Discomfort and pain observed in diseases of the temporomandibular joint, internal dysfunction and inflammation. Dysfunction can cause a change of the elements of joint inflammation arthritis, injury, malocclusion, bone fusion and other reasons. The main symptom of the illness: the patient is difficult to open or close the mouth. When moving the lower jaw in any direction in the joint hear the clicks covering the pain may radiate to the ear.

In some cases it lasts long and is aching in nature, in others the opposite appears dramatically and quickly. If the temporomandibular joint is affected by inflammation, pain, worries constantly, giving not only the ear, but in the temple. The disease occurs as a result of prolonged mastication on one side of the mouth, malocclusion and other teeth defects. The ears may also be ache in the sinus, cyst, soft tissue injuries of the jaw after dental surgery.

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Complications that accompany the growth and development of wisdom teeth

Often, strong pain brings the eruption of the eighth teeth. If its growth is accompanied by inflammation of the gums, the intensity of the pain increases significantly, it is hard to swallow, to speak, the possible rise in body temperature. The spread of the inflammatory process to nearby lymph nodes and muscle tissue is sometimes not only a sore tooth and gives the ear, but appear sharp headaches. The development of septic process manifested by edema of the cheek, deterioration of General condition. There is a risk of coverage by inflammation of bone tissue and nerve fibers. In any case, you should not delay going to the hospital, as the consequences of this condition can be very serious.

To improve the health before visiting of the doctor are carried out rinsing the mouth with infusions of herbs (chamomile, oak bark, calendula, sage), antiseptics (Chlorhexidine by Furatsilinom), with a solution of baking soda and salt (200 ml warm water 0.5 — 1 teaspoon of each component). To reduce the intensity of pain can take pain medication.

Sometimes the ear may be sick and after removal of the wisdom tooth. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor-otolaryngologist. If you find that the organ of hearing is healthy and the cause of pain is tooth extraction to resolve the dentists suggest to use cold compresses. Their action is based on lowering temperature in a region of damage to the gums, reduces sensitivity of nerve endings. Cold compresses can be applied only during the first days after the removal of eight.

How to improve your condition before seeking treatment

To relieve the pain can analgesic technique, rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions, soda or salt, decoctions of herbs. Patients suffering from chronic otitis media to relieve inflammation should use previously prescribed ear drops. But do not self-medicate, it may further aggravate the problem and complicate the subsequent diagnosis of the disease. Turning to the specialist to cure the disease in a short time, preventing the development of severe complications. When you visit a doctor tell me in detail about all the disturbing symptoms and the tools that were used to relieve pain.

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For toothache and ear pain is undesirable:

  1. to use antibiotics in its sole discretion, without medical prescription;
  2. to try to relieve pain by picking your teeth with a sharp object;
  3. squeeze swollen gums;
  4. applied to the cheek or ear region warm compress;
  5. if symptoms allow to suspect development of neuralgia, you need to avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, energy drinks, Cola.

Preventive measures


All diseases are better treated at an early stage. With regular visits to the dentist, about 1 every 6 months can prevent the development of caries and other disorders. An important condition of healthy teeth is oral hygiene. Carefully pick up toothbrushes and toothpaste, sensitive gums should use soft means.

In the care of the teeth it is advisable to use dental floss, efficiently removes food residue from interdental spaces, irrigators, additionally providing massage gums. The application of mouthwash helps to eliminate bacteria and cleanse the mouth from particles of food.

Infectious diseases must be cured fully, following the recommendations of a physician. If treatment is not completed, the risk of complications, one of which is otitis media, is considerably increased. The causes of neuralgia are very diverse, which complicates its prevention. Often it is a consequence of trauma, stress, malignancy and other diseases. To prevent the development of strengthen immune system, avoid fatigue, nervous stress, hypothermia. Stick to a balanced, diverse, rich in vitamins nutrition. Useful moderate exercise, rest in the nature.