Acatalogue dentures: benefits, price, reviews

New prosthetics – acatalogue dentures which, due to its cost and easiness of installation quickly gained popularity among patients of dental clinics.

In this article we will describe their advantages and disadvantages, analyze prices and reviews, let’s discuss the care of removable constructions, nuances of their production and installation.


What acatalogue dentures and what are the characteristics of this new dental material? Acetal or the due has several characteristic properties:

  • high stability;
  • perfectly treatable;
  • resistant to the action of natural solvents;
  • not erased, tolerates mechanical loads.

Based on these characteristics, it becomes clear that this material is well suited for the manufacture of dental prostheses of high quality. He belongs to the group of synthetic resin, has a biochemical origin and consists of chains of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

Features of the molecular structure make the material durable and resistant. But high strength combined with elasticity and ease of processing, which allows a reliable fixation of the prosthesis in the oral cavity.

It does not cause allergic reactions, thus, the chance of occurrence of complications after the installation is minimized. Besides, acetal resin dentures have about 20 shades, which allows you to choose the color of the teeth, gums or palate, it significantly increases their aesthetics.


Today in dentistry acetal is used quite widely: it is made as a separate crown, and the entire prosthetic construction. The dental products of this material are divided into several types:

  • clasp dental prosthesis is a construction that includes a frame in the form of an arc and elements that mimic the teeth. This structure allows you to evenly distribute the load during a meal , does not harm the periodontal tissues and the teeth-jaw system. It is secured using the attachments consist of two parts. One is in the frame, and the second in each artificial tooth or the tooth patient if it is used as a point of support for the entire structure. Until recently, frames of clasp dentures are made entirely of metal, but now widely used for these purposes, that is acetal. Its advantage is simplicity and ease of use, and installation. If you want a durable metallic design, and there is no way to make it from lighter material, acatalogue inserts used to create attachments, which facilitates the process of installation of the prosthesis;
  • dentures with the use of acetal is more resistant to stress and flexible, although the form does not differ from all other products of this type. Have a more aesthetic appearance, as is done with the use of color shades that are most similar to the natural color of the mouth. Recently create prostheses coated with a pattern of the capillaries, which, by itself, make it even more aesthetic.
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Indications of certain types of prostheses are given by the dentist depending on the condition of oral cavity of the patient. This applies both to the type of construction and the material from which it manufactured.

Acetal resin dentures due to their constructive characteristics and minimal risk of allergic reactions, are suitable to a greater number of patients. They are recommended to install if:

  • difficult or impossible implantation;
  • completely absent dentition;
  • takes place chronic periodontal disease;
  • it is necessary to hold a temporary prosthesis.


Method of manufacture

The manufacturing process is divided into several stages and carries out dental technicians and dentists:

  1. To determine the structural features of future prosthetic make volumetric prints of the teeth-jaw system of the patient. These impressions must be taken of both jaws, even if the prosthesis requires only one of them.
  2. Created full-sized model of the jaw with plaster.
  3. Using special tools, model set, maintaining the same distances that are in the patient’s mouth.
  4. On a special unit – the articulator, the wax model elements is replaced with an artificial tooth and create a temporary model of the prosthesis.
  5. From this model, already made the final version of the construction using acetal.
  6. Dentures are polished and are adjusted to the dimensions of the oral cavity.


Set acetal resin dentures on the same technology as the rest of the design. You will need to make a backbone for designs sometimes used for this purpose healthy teeth of the patient, and if not, then create an artificial support. It is noteworthy that the careful grinding of their own teeth of the patient is not required.

With the installation of such prostheses are able to minimize the likelihood of damage to the enamel of healthy teeth, mucous tissues of the mouth or changes in the bite.

Of course, the quality of the installation depends on the professionalism of the dentist and dental technician, but the use of acetal facilitates this task to the specialists, and reduce the discomfort caused to patients.

Video: acutally prosthesis — fabrication stages in the laboratory.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like other dentures, acatalogue have their pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • accessibility — unlike implants they are much cheaper, allowing them to be fitted to a wide range of patients;
  • the use of advanced scientific technologies in the production process and improvement of structures;
  • lightness and elasticity, which facilitates installation and speeds up the process of getting used to, due to this effect, they are more reliable fixed in the oral cavity.
  • save your own teeth the patient because they are not susceptible to the harmful effects of grinding and mounting structures;
  • minimal risk of allergic reaction or bacterial infection;
  • high strength material and design;
  • compactness — they do not cover the entire sky and use a much smaller area of the mouth;
  • due to the peculiarities acetal no risk of changes in the taste buds and the emergence of diseases such as galvanos. Symptoms of this disease are frequent headaches and the constant taste of metal in my mouth.
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There are the following disadvantages:

  • some time after installation, between the prosthesis and the gum is formed space, which occurs due to the shrinkage of the bone tissue;
  • expensive movement of structures in the oral cavity in the event of changes in the structure of the teeth-jaw system;
  • sometimes aesthetics is violated because of the color differences between the natural teeth and the prosthesis, it is due to the gradual formation of plaque on the artificial teeth;
  • due to the high flexibility in the mealtime design may slightly move in place, so it is recommended to make artificial limbs more than fat.

Ecatalogue design knowingly becoming increasingly popular among patients and dentists. The number of advantages much more disadvantages. Ease of installation and use, the combination of price and quality make them a serious alternative to expensive dental implant procedure.

How to care for acatalogue dentures?

How to take care of these structures and how to clean them? To serve you for a long time and were in good condition, you must perform the following recommendations:

  1. Regularly carry out standard oral hygiene: twice-a-day teeth brushing, use of mouthwash, dental floss. Remember that all hygiene products must be adapted to the care of dentures.
  2. To remove at least once a day for cleaning in a special solution. These procedures are brief, but will help to prevent darkening of the design, will prevent the accumulation of malicious organisms in the mouth and clean dentures better than a toothbrush.

Tips for addictive

Should follow these recommendations:

  1. Special attention is paid to the process of eating — for the first 3-4 weeks after installation, to eat, you must be careful, the prosthesis may slightly vibrate and move in the mouth. This is due to the characteristics of the structure design and its relative ease and flexibility.
  2. The rejection of too hard food: nuts, seeds, raw carrot. Do not use them at least for two weeks after installation.
  3. Don’t forget to take proper care of prosthesis and oral cavity.
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Aciclovir the cost of dentures depends on place of installation and features of a structure dentoalveolar system of the patient. The number of missing teeth and your individual preferences determine the complexity of the work of the dentist and dental technician, increase the final cost.

The average installation will cost no more than 30 thousand rubles. This price includes the cost of all of the work except for the preliminary treatment of the oral cavity from diseases that prevent the installation of structures (if any).

Video: what is partial acetal resin dentures.


Anastasia, 47 years

Set acetal resin dentures 2 years ago. Before the dentures are not worn, so difficult to compare… Worn pretty good, much discomfort after the installation did not cause, but after a year began to notice that they were dark. Like and was cleaning them twice a day, and the solution is rinsed, but the difference between your teeth and the artificial is becoming more. Maybe I’m wrong to care for them?

Oleg, dental technician

Today’s technologies create dentures by way of injection molding, use acatalog inserts is a big step forward. With proper production and care – thermoplastic dentures one of the best options at full or partial destruction of the dentition.

Alla, 52 years

Wear the second prosthesis (made it again for a few years). Surrounding him did not notice, but I have some discomfort still feel. In place of fixing my tooth formed defect of the enamel that had to be treated at the dentist. Used to it quickly, only had a Lisp for about two weeks.

Eugene, 55 years

I have acetal resin dentures, your upper and lower teeth not to maintain, was in very poor condition. Dentures are light, beautiful, and no one can say that this is not my… the Evening was removed, washed, morning set, although you can not remove. Hard to get used to the first two weeks, and then everything is fine. But there they are of different quality, and yet we need to remember this.