Acetone taste in mouth: causes and treatment

Taste of acetone in my mouth – a phenomenon that causes great discomfort in the process of communication and evidence of the complex needs of the body.

What causes this disease and how to treatment? What threatens the taste of acetone in my mouth health? Details description of the disease.


During the breakdown of fats in the human body produce large amounts of various elements, one of which is acetone. As a rule, it is excreted in the body naturally and not cause any problems, but if this function is impaired, the unpleasant smell will be one of the first signs of illness.

An overabundance of acetone in the body adversely affects its condition, is actually acting as a poison. There is a characteristic, not the most pleasant breath, and in urine will be an increased content of this element.

To check whether the smells from the mouth, you can use the following technique: breathe on the inner side of the palm of your hand and immediately smell it. If the problem really takes place, you will feel not strong, but distinct odor of acetone. What does acetone burp? Read more…

Causes of taste of acetone in my mouth

Why am I experiencing this uncomfortable problem? It can be caused by various diseases:

  1. Disorders of the liver and kidneys.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Of thyroid disease.
  4. Diet and power outages.
  5. Bad habits (Smoking, alcohol).
  6. Infectious lesions of the body.

Stands separately to explain the mechanism of occurrence of acetone odor in each case.

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  • during diabetes, the body at an accelerated rate processes fats and side effect of this process is the increase in the quantity of acetone in the body, this tendency is characteristic of the disease in first and second degree. In the second stage, at least there is a shortage of insulin, but the smell of this element is still present;
  • it is necessary to abandon low-carb diets, which serious disruptions in the body. When he begins to look for the missing elements in the fat reserves, then activated the mechanism of increasing the amount of acetone. But the unpleasant smell is not the biggest problem, the possible brittle hair, nails, complex disorders of the digestive system. A list of low-carb diets that can cause disease: the Kremlin, the French, the protein of the Atkins diet and Protasov;
  • malfunctions of the thyroid gland — high production of hormones that promote the breakdown of fats and hydrocarbons, will cause an acetone smell. This is often observed in people with hyperthyroidism – increased production of thyroid hormones;
  • this concerns and problems with the liver, because it affects the functioning of all systems of the human body, one of the characteristic symptoms of the disorder of the liver is the taste of acetone in my mouth and throat. To such problems often leads to excessive use of alcohol;
  • disruptions in hormonal balance of the body occur in women during pregnancy, this condition can affect the liver, pancreas and thyroid. Brittle nails and hair, accelerated growth and decay, chipped teeth, an acetone smell is a direct consequence of this provision;
  • increased lipolysis with subsequent odor occurs during dehydration caused by infectious diseases. It should be noted that increased concentration of acetone in the body negatively affects not only fresh breath, but also on the part of other secretions. Reduced the indicators of pH in the human body.
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As the smell of acetone breath is a symptom of a more serious disease, then they should be targeted at the cause, and to accurately set the should consult your doctor and tell him about your problem.

He will prescribe you a blood test and urine tests that will show the number of element in the body and help you to find the source of the problem, or the elimination of an unpleasant smell is only temporary in nature. You can use chewing gum, mouthwashes and other refreshers.

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To eliminate the acetone flavor will suit and traditional methods, but they, naturally, will not help to get rid of the disease at all, such funds have only a temporary effect.

  1. Mint infusion, take 2 teaspoons of mint leaves, fill with boiling water and leave for 20 minutes under the lid. Rinsing mouth with a decoction is recommended 3-4 times a day.
  2. A solution of hydrogen peroxide — use this tool only(!) after the consultation with the doctor. To rinse you need to mix 3% peroxide with boiled water in proportion 1 to 1. It is not recommended to rinse your mouth with a mixture 1-2 times a day.

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