Actual metal, ceramic braces: price, reviews

The most common, long-standing and classic options remain the actual metal or ceramic braces. Their price is most affordable for patients, and reviews say about the effectiveness of the system of the bite correction.

With all the variety of modern orthodontic products is quite difficult to choose. It is important to listen carefully to the doctor and follow his advice, since he knows which of them will fit in each case.

Design features

Ligature bracket system – what is it? This is a classic treatment of the bite and uneven teeth. This product consists of the standard elements, and the distinctive detail are the ligature fastening the arch to the plates on the tooth.

The whole system consists of the following parts:

  • Directly braces, that a plate with snaps that are placed on each tooth and fixed with dental adhesive. They have a special design and mounting location depending on problems number. Their shape, size and placement of consider specially established plan of treatment and are marked in a special way so as not to confuse the installation process.
  • The arc is a wire stretched through the slots in each of the plates, and due to her natural desire to straighten up the teeth are drawn in the allotted space. To facilitate the patient’s sensations can do from elastic materials, and the extent of treatment every time you pull or replace it with another.
  • A ligature fastening element in the form of small wires or elastic rings. They are designed to connect the two previous elements of the system – arcs and plates. It alloys and are all the difference in building construction, although the principle of treatment is not changed.

For various aesthetic effects such elements may be colored white, silver or fully transparent. How to pick the right depends on the design and the material from which it is made.

Interestingly, as the white shades of ligatures and yellow usually accentuate the yellowness of teeth. But blue and purple are versatile, able to decorate the tooth row, and also to hide the imperfections of operation – the stuck pieces of food, unpleasant tone enamel and staining system from food.


Alloys can be installed in almost all brackets, which themselves are quite different. For example, at the location they are divided into:

  1. Vestibular – normal the classic version, in which all plates and arcs are placed on the front part of the dentition. They are visible to others, but much cheaper than all the others.
  2. Lingual – designed for those patients who cares what it looks like smile and want to hide any elements. They are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, thereby completely hiding from view.
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If to speak about a wide variety of braces, here often referred to the materials used to create the design:

  • Metal – the most simple and cheap, but very noticeable when wearing. Due to durability they are hard to break, quickly correct the bite.
  • Ceramic colour can match the color of natural enamel, due to which they are almost invisible on the teeth. However, some patients notice that such material is sometimes stained from colored foods or drinks.
  • Braces made of sapphire is considered to be the most expensive and beautiful. Due to the transparency they are not visible while talking, and any food not able to paint the material and changing its properties. This system is very expensive and not available to everyone. In addition, release and fragility of this design when used carelessly.
  • Plastic is used quite rarely, as they are very fragile, and treatment with them is much longer. But the price and invisibility is the most acceptable to patients.
  • Combined – provide an opportunity to improve the outcome of treatment, partly to save on materials and make the design almost invisible to others. Putting on the front part of the dentition ceramics, and side – to-metal can achieve a good compromise in price and quality.

With all the variety of braces, the alloys are selected depending on the type and complexity of treatment. Color more oriented material. For example, to choose only clear sapphire crystal, and metal products silver.

The pros and cons

Despite the appearance in dentistry, various self-ligating systems correction of the bite, doctors do not refuse from the classic variants. And all because the ligature of braces has its obvious advantages:

  • Some defects of occlusion and dentition, it is impossible to align any other systems, in this case, they are irreplaceable designs.
  • Such elements lead to good results of treatment in a relatively short time, since additional mounting reinforce the impact on the dentition.
  • When choosing a ceramic or sapphire options, you can easily change the color of the bands, stopping on a transparent or white shades.
  • The affordability of braces is one of the main criteria for most of the population.
  • Color variety is very popular with the children and teenagers, as it gives the opportunity to emphasize your individuality and decorate the dentition.
  • Installation of the rubber elastic ligatures facilitates the process of wearing designs.
  • When metal fasteners the speed of treatment is significantly increased, which reduces the total time of correction.
  • Even if the ligature stained from food, the doctor often changes to a new, completely updating the look.
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However, the disadvantages of such systems are also observed:

  • sometimes there is additional friction between the arc plates, which can delay the healing process;
  • by stretching the rubber elements, they often have to be replaced;
  • the presence of ligatures complicates the care of teeth and braces;
  • using iron wire mounts you can count on the acceleration correction, but it will be painful sensations in the patient;
  • rubber alloys susceptible to staining from food, but as we mentioned, they are often changed, so it’s not a critical factor;
  • due to the many elements the structure is cumbersome and causes additional discomfort, particularly in a period of adjustment.

The principle of operation of ligature of braces

It is worth noting that regardless of the presence of ligatures, their types or complete absence, the main function of the product is not changing. Most important in this regard, the spring element is arc, which is set in all cases. It is due to her desire to straighten the dentition is in place.

The importance of regular visits to the dentist during treatment is that you need to periodically tighten the arc itself, or install another. How often change alloys? They also need to be reinstalled, but it will depend on their variety. For example, a metal so strong that they can carry the entire period of treatment. But the rubber elements of the doctor changes with each visit.

In any case, you need to prepare for a long period of correction and not to violate the dentist, because otherwise the wearing of the braces to nothing will lead. There are the following stages of treatment of malocclusion with the help of actual systems:

  1. First necessarily need examination and additional x-ray diagnostics. At this point, the doctor determines the complexity of the defect is the treatment plan. Also on this step you select the design. The patient may only define the material from which it is made and shade themselves fasteners.
  2. Then need to undergo a series of remedial measures in the form of removing tooth decay or inflammation and professional cleaning, as the process of treatment will last for several years, and dental care will be difficult.
  3. The most important stage – installation of each bracket in its place. For this lab they are marked depending on which tooth needs to be fixed. From the accuracy and precision of a doctor will depend on the outcome of the treatment.
  4. After installation give General advice on the care system and to prescribe the frequency of visits to the dental office to control the correction process and periodic tightening of the arc, or replacement of ligatures. To ignore such techniques should not be!
  5. To consolidate the results after removing the braces, the patient is prescribed a special plate retainers. Their function is to hold the new position of dental units in place to immediately after treatment they returned to their previous state.
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Popular manufacturers

Almost all companies that deal with production of orthodontic appliances, have in their assortment the actual options. Each dentist prefers to work with any proven products and will offer you a limited number of them. The most common and well-established are:

  • Sprint;
  • Maset;
  • Victory;
  • Marquis;
  • Pilot;
  • Tiger;
  • Alexander.

The whole principle of the structure of the data structures of firms and their operation is similar, and the quality of elements and materials has a high level.

Video: changing the alloys on the braces. What color to choose?


The total cost of braces consists of several points:

  • the professionalism of the doctor;
  • the choice of material;
  • methods of attachment;
  • the location of the structures;
  • the complexity of the defect.

So to determine how much actual braces, you need to know more, at least, they will be vestibular or lingual, or ceramic, metal or even the sapphire crystal.

The average price range is around 3500 $ for one plate with the ligature. But it should be understood that the lingual or sapphire system will be two to three times more expensive metal.