Acutally denture: dentures

Currently consulting with dentures is very popular. This is due to the fact that technology is not standing still, and now for the production of such prostheses is not used medical hard plastic, and very plastic and high-tech medical materials.

This material is acetal. Especially popular are currently bugel prosthesis from acetal. In this article we will tell you about the benefits of acetal, and that is why the construction of it is currently gaining more and more popularity.

Features aciclovir dentures

This technology appeared in the dental practice recently, but has earned a huge number of rave reviews from patients. This is because products made of acetal, are of high quality and durability. The prostheses have high aesthetics. Also when installing them, the patient does not feel any discomfort.

What is an acetal

Professionals this material is also called due, Polyoxymethylene or Polyacetal. It is a created in a special way synthetic resin, which has high stability. It consists of such elements as oxygen, carbon and hydrogen arranged in a chain. A significant advantage of this material is that its manufacture does not use any additional additives. The products of acetal are considered safe for humans and can cause exacerbation of allergic reactions.

It should be noted that acetal resin dentures have several important advantages:

  • they do not break and deform in providing a large mechanical impact on them. Due to this property the product is able to withstand large amount of stress;
  • are resistant to various types of friction;
  • do not deform when exposed to organic acids contained in the food;
  • in the manufacture they can easily acquire the desired shape;
  • have a wide range of colors, easy matching for each patient individually.

The advantages of dentures acetal

The dentures made of acetal, has a number of significant advantages in comparison with similar structures of other materials. These include:

  • acetal is compatible with other materials and adapts well in the mouth of a patient;
  • they have high strength, which properties can be compared with the products of metal, but having a good plasticity;
  • recorded in a person’s mouth with clasps acetal. Their distinguishing feature is that they are not noticeable to others;
  • products made from acetal are used for the full restoration of the dentition, and are also used in the absence of one or more teeth.
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Clasp dentures acetal

At their base is a single cast design. She is building up artificial teeth.

Acutally clasp prosthesis consists of the following main components:

  1. Curved frame, which is the basis;
  2. Basic fundamentals, which in form follows the topography of the arc of the dentition;
  3. Clasps. With their help, the consolidation of structures on the teeth which will serve as a support.

Partial dentures can also be made of different materials, but it should be noted that clasp dentures acetal differ from the others by its ease and complete lack of patient discomfort when using it.

Advantages of bugel prosthesis from acetal

Clasp dentures acetal have a number of significant advantages.

These include:

  • have light weight and good elasticity;
  • a period of adjustment, the patient takes a short period of time;
  • promotes even load distribution around the jaw apparatus. This person does not appear atrophy of the jaw muscles;
  • prior to installation of this design the patient is not required to grind the abutment teeth;
  • in the product clamp does not hurt the enamel and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity;
  • the finished design can be used without removing for several days, but it should be remembered that it is desirable to periodically remove design to commit oral health;
  • acutally clasp prosthesis is not inferior in their mechanical properties, metallic products. A distinctive feature of these constructions is that the basis is arc cast from metal.

Disadvantages of immediate dentures aciclovir

The experts noted that along with a huge number of advantages this technology has significant disadvantages. These include the following:

  • thanks to the good flexibility may reduce the correct stabilization of the system in the oral cavity. For example, design can change your location at the Commission of human chewing action or during a call. The result is irritation of the oral mucosa and development of atrophy of the jaw. It should be noted that this problem may arise from inaccurate manufacture of the prosthesis or long-term operation of the structure;
  • the material constituting the prosthesis has a porous structure. With little care for its surface to accumulate a large amount of bacteria and plaque and Tartar.
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Features of technology of manufacture of clasp dentures acetal

This method is in the technical part is one of the most difficult. The right way to make such a prosthesis can only be a specialist of high qualification using modern technology, equipment and materials.

Stages of manufacturing of immediate dentures acetal

All the technology in the manufacture of the prosthesis from acetal conventionally divided into combination of two basic stages — clinical laboratory:

  1. Impression from the upper and lower jaw with the use of modern impression materials (A-silicones, C-silicones);
  2. Then the casts are sent to a special laboratory, where it cast a plaster model. Nasosnyy cushions are made of wax;
  3. Patient was invited nakushite wax cylinders, where the doctor will determine the ratio of the teeth and the height of the bite;
  4. A laboratory model the basis of the wax and set him on the artificial teeth;
  5. Fitting basis for detection and correction of inaccuracies;
  6. Fabrication of the prosthesis from acetal;
  7. The final installation in the clinic, where the doctor makes recommendations for the care and use of prosthesis. It should be noted that for the first time will probably need further correction of the new prosthesis.

When to install the prosthesis from acetal

Installation of this design assigns a specialist based on the inspection and diagnostics carried out. Your doctor may recommend the patient to installation of this design in the presence of allergies to other dental materials and to use other methods of prosthetics.

Contraindications to the installation of dentures acetal

In addition to a number of indications for the installation of the prosthesis from acetal also, there is a group of people who are installing these products is not recommended. These include:

  • patients suffering from high degree of mobility of the abutment teeth;
  • if the patient has a temporary prosthetic constructions in the oral cavity;
  • when the patient has various anomalies in bite;
  • in the absence of the patient’s teeth or lack of teeth necessary to secure structures;
  • when the patient’s alveolar atrophy of the jaw bone;
  • if the patient has increased sensitivity in the soft tissues of the jaw.
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The care of partial prosthesis from acetal

It should be noted that the data structures require regular hygiene care at home. The patient is required to follow the normal daily oral hygiene. It is necessary to remember what to use to clean the oral cavity it is recommended that a low-abrasion paste. In that case, if the patient is not able to carry out cleaning of the oral cavity after every meal, use mouthwash.


When odor, plaque doctors recommend to use special means to care for removable dentures.

Thus, by following these simple rules can significantly increase the service life of the structure.