Acute dental pain: what to do at home?

Very disturbing for a person of a signal is a severe toothache. What to do at home to alleviate to a trip to the dentist?

Before you go to him to cure the pathological process, often have to wait a few days. We will talk about how during this time to remove the pain of different methods. To use them you can even at home.

Causes of acute dental pain

Acute bursting pain in the tooth can be caused by different reasons:

  • a chip or crack on the enamel — painful impulse occurs as a result of denudation of the nerve, or simply as a reaction to the destruction of the natural protection of the dentin. The symptom appears because of trauma, caries, a few months later or immediately after mechanical impact;
  • pulpitis always combined with a sharp unpleasant sensations that occur in waves, subsided for a while. If the disease is serous-purulent, signs occur after a temperature exposure (cold air, hot food, etc.). Feelings strong, cutting, sharp;
  • advanced forms of caries is not as strong but long and aching pain. It usually appears only after direct exposure of the carious cavity, hit it anything. In pregnancy, the dentin becomes especially fragile, so in this period it is desirable not only to visit the dentist, but also to drink vitamins;
  • periodontitis also may be associated with mechanical action. The symptom appears dramatically;
  • neck of tooth exposure, the most sensitive part of it.

The child has acute pain is often caused by the process of teething. This occurs even in adults, when they begin to grow wisdom teeth.

Pills for pain

Perhaps one of the best ways to get rid of the debilitating pain is to take medication with the analgesic effect. It is preferable to NSAIDs, as they also reduce inflammation. Considered to be the safest tools such as:

  1. Ibufen.
  2. Ibuprofen.
  3. Ibuprom.
  4. Nurofen.

The drugs on this list are allowed to use and during pregnancy. To this period stronger to reduce the risk of possible side effects, you need to take the pills after eating.

Help to remove the pain and other medicines:

  • Analgin is one of the most known medicines, good idea to help relieve dental pain;
  • The tablets refers to the category of combined means, therefore, together with the pain relief not only reduces inflammation, but also heat. Rapidly absorbed through the caffeine. It also includes such components as Aspirin, citric acid and Paracetamol. It is not recommended to use it longer than 5 days, and the dosage in this period should be minimal;
  • Ketanov, and Ketorol Ketorolac all have the same active ingredient, so you can take any of the funds currently in the medicine Cabinet. Pain will go away after 40-50 minutes, for 6-7 hours pills continue to operate. An important advantage is to eliminate they can even unbearable pain. Only here to use them during breastfeeding or pregnancy is prohibited;
  • Paracetamol is one of the most available analgesics, and in many advertised drugs it is the main component, so it makes sense to use this tool. Should not be taken only when severe pain. But children and pregnant women at therapeutic doses, harm, it does not cause;
  • Tempalgin is faster as described above analgesics — only 30 minutes is necessary to relieve the exhausting feeling in the tooth;
  • Nise component nimesulide pain medication even when the symptoms are acute. Like other medicines, it also has a number of contraindications, so only take it is not recommended during pregnancy, but diabetes, heart disease.
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Analgesics are best used as a measure of first aid, and not to use them constantly. You need to remember that this is just a way to relieve the symptom, although temporary, and the therapeutic effect pills do not have at all. Long-term use of painkillers only postpones the required treatment, therefore, to resort to the use of tablets should only in the absence of the ability to visit dentist.

Severe toothache — what to do at home?

Acute toothache you can try to remove the people’s means. Popular thanks to its effectiveness, are the following recipes:

  1. Rinse for a few minutes mouth with salt solution. Some prefer to replace it with the cucumber pickle, a glass of adding 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar 9%.
  2. The imposition of an application or compress on the aching tooth. Moisten bandage in the eucalyptus tincture, Valerian or propolis. These same tools are valid and simple to handle carious hole. They can still be repaired as a temporary measure, propolis material.
  3. To handle the swab of essential oil and place it in the hole for 15 minutes. For this purpose, fir, clove or tea tree oil.
  4. Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol and apply to the hole. Alcohol helps to relieve pain, so the vodka added to the water, sprinkle 1 tsp of salt, and after mixing rinse your mouth.
  5. Applying ice compress for a few minutes.
  6. Crushed plantain pour over boiling water, slice and put in 1 layer of the bandage, and then apply on the tooth. It is permissible to use the plant leaf, which is held in the place where it hurts.
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One of the interesting ways to remove the unpleasant symptoms is to conduct acupressure. For this hand placed the edge of his hand and massage the area at the base of the thumb. It is advisable to do this before the emergence of mild discomfort. It is forbidden to use this method during pregnancy. You can still massage the area above the upper lip closer to my nose. You need to avoid applying pressure to only do a light circular motion in both directions.

Than take the risk of re-occurrence of the symptom? If it provokes the food, it is better to refuse solid food, not to use excessively hot or cold beverages. To flush out bacteria that accumulate in cavities, better constantly, because it will prevent the pain. Suitable solution Furatsilina or other antiseptic. Rinse mouth and decoctions of herbs with anti-inflammatory or analgesic effect — thyme, sage, mint, calendula, oak bark, oregano.

What you should not do?

Toothache is one of the most painful, many are concerned it is very sensitive. What to do is prohibited, so as not to worsen your condition?

  1. To take a horizontal position, as enhanced blood circulation in the head will aggravate the pain. If you want to relax, it is better to do this half-sitting.
  2. Apply hot teas for rinsing.
  3. To apply a heating compress or a warm salt to the cheek. Local warming only stimulates blood circulation, which can lead to increased symptoms.

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Where to go at night?

Toothache often surprised at the weekend or at night. If she’s not strong, that to wait on pain meds until the morning work, but not all are able to endure the persistent and bitter attacks. In such cases you should look for dental clinics that operate round the clock schedule. Many of the private institutions open their doors even on a Saturday.

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Emergency call will not give the desired effect, but to call the Manager still stands, as he tells about working in this period dentist. To find this information you can try the Internet.

Before leaving home it is advisable to bring:

  • money;
  • OMS policy;
  • passport.

In a public institution finances are not always needed, but in a private clinic not useful already the policy of the MLA.

Further questions

► Code for ICD-10

According to the international classification of diseases has the code K08.80.

► What to do if nothing helps?

If neither traditional recipes or the pill didn’t work, then it is better to try to change the analgesic to more powerful. However, to get addicted to painkillers are not worth it, otherwise, it will only cause side effects. Prolonged acute pain, it is advisable as soon as possible to go to the clinic. This is especially true when it is supplemented by the swelling of the face, fever, body aches.